You may now watch the “Through the Eyes of Spurgeon” documentary free on YouTube [2 Hour Video]

The crowd-funded documentary on Spurgeon, that we’ve been keeping y’all up to date on, is now available to watch for free on YouTube [2 hours] (previously just Vimeo).

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon YOUTUBE

The lives of millions of Christians around the world have been changed through the ministry of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. But how much do those of us who esteem him so highly really know about Charles Spurgeon, the man?

What were the events that shaped his life and made him the man who would be known as the Prince of Preachers? Through the Eyes of Spurgeon invites you to explore with us where and how Spurgeon lived, to follow his steps, to embrace the legacy he has left us.

Join us in seeing the world of Charles Spurgeon through his eyes.

You may still obtain a digital download for $10.

comingsoonPlus, an extended edition is expected for those who pre ordered a DVD:

…pre orders will also include a new extended edition digital download!

This extended edition will be roughly 30 minutes longer than the regular and will contain lengthened interviews and other footage that is incredibly interesting, but just won’t be able to make the final 90ish minute cut.

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