Why James White is thankful to be a Reformed Baptist

Dr. James R. White
Dr. James R. White

James White:

I am thankful to be a Reformed Baptist for many reasons. Today, being an elder in a Reformed Baptist church means I get to mt and minister with some of the best preachers and teachers I know, men like Jim Renihan, Richard Barcellos, and Sam Waldron. I have the honor, and the privilege, of ministering in sister churches all across the landscape, and our unity of spirit and faith is encouraging. But the main reason I am thankful to be a Reformed Baptist comes from the work to which the Lord has called me. Over the past nearly two decades now I have engaged in over sixty formal, moderated public debates with the leading apologists representing Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Oneness Pentecostalism, and of late, Islam. Those debates have forced me to engage objections to the Christian faith on every level, from biblical sufficiency to the Trinity to the cross to justification and everything in between. And that is why I am thankful to be a Reformed Baptist. Why? Because of the consistency of our faith. One’s apologetic can be no stronger than the consistency of the faith it defends…

So the next time you eye the big fancy church down the road on your way to your Reformed Baptist church, consider this: the value of the consistency of divine truth, the treasure of having a firm foundation upon which to live a God-honoring life, is truly priceless.

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