“Which soteriological view is taught in Romans 9?” James White vs. Leighton Flowers debate AUDIO & VIDEO now online


Rich Pierce @ Alpha & Omega Ministries:

flowers debateWhile this is definitely an interesting exchange, it is not a very good debate. The topic was supposed to involve both sides presenting a positive exegesis of Romans 9 so that the audience could compare and decide for themselves. Professor Flowers chose to make a presentation on Total Depravity (which was the topic he had originally suggested), and then make some surface-level comments about how his position would be relevant to particular sections of Romans 9. Hence, the formal debate was basically uncontested, but the secondary debate (total depravity) was only partially contested, as James did not get to make a positive presentation on the topic. Despite this (all too common) problem, the discussion is very useful in comparing Reformed theology and exegesis with what calls itself “traditionalist” Southern Baptist views.

The audio can be purchased for $7.50/$9.00 here.

Update May 12, 2015: James White gave his report on the debate in a portion on today’s Dividing Line [video | mp3]

He also posted his Final Observations on the Leighton Flowers Discussion (With Addendum).

Update May 13, 2015: First Video of Romans 9 Debate Posted [video]:

Update May 31, 2015: 174 min. audio now available from SermonAudio [mp3]:

Here are some pictures from the debate via social media:

3 Replies to ““Which soteriological view is taught in Romans 9?” James White vs. Leighton Flowers debate AUDIO & VIDEO now online”

    1. Consider how much time is put into debate preparation (books, time, etc.) , travel (transportation, food)… I know for myself that the Internet has led me to think that I am entitled to tons of stuff for free, but in the end someone pays for it. These brothers have to eat too :) 1 Timothy 5:18
      That said, there is supposed to be video footage coming soon, but no word yet on the cost of those.

      1. I guess if it goes to paying for both debaters travel, lodging, etc, but I always assumed that was covered by the host of the debate.

        I want to hear it even more now that the description seems to hedge, offering an explanation for why White didn’t come out on top. I personally don’t buy calvinism or arminianism, but i’m always excited to hear two smart people go at it.

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