What is the Importance of Believer’s Baptism? Fred Malone Answers [5 min. VIDEO]

Institute For Reformed Baptist Studies:

Dr. Fred Malone

Dr. James Renihan interviews Dr. Fred Malone on the importance of Believer’s Baptism. What is baptism? Who is to be baptised? How are they to be baptised? And what role does baptism play in the church?

5 minute video:

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2 Replies to “What is the Importance of Believer’s Baptism? Fred Malone Answers [5 min. VIDEO]”

  1. Thanks for posting this helpful video! One question I have though concerns something Dr. Malone says around the 1:00 mark… He says that “what we see in the New Testament is that our Lord Jesus Christ baptized disciples…” this statement has me a bit baffled. Where do we see that in the New Testament?

    I would agree it may have been possible that our Lord baptized disciples, but to my knowledge it is not recorded anywhere in the NT that he did… the relevant passages seem to be John 4:1–2 ; Matt.3:11,14.

    I wanted to use this video as a conversation starter with some Presbyterian brothers but I think the first thing they would jump on is this statement… any clarity? Thanks!

    1. Based on his book, Baptism of Disciples Alone, he says it is important to note that when Jesus instituted baptism he instituted that it be disciples only… he says this 30 seconds after that 1 minute mark… think he just misspoke there is all. :)

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