What is Holiness? Legalism? + more [20 Short VIDEOS on Holiness] feat. Botkin, Brown, Dohm, Horn & Pollard [NCFIC]

Sanctification VidIn light of their upcoming national conference, the NCFIC has released several short videos regarding holiness. 

You may view them all on their blog.

Here are just the ones from fellow 1689’rs:

Holiness Captures Everything About God

What is Holiness?

Highway of Holiness or State of Holiness

Holiness – an Error Identified

Loving your Neighbor

What is Legalism?

Sanctification is a Marathon

What is the Sign of a Pharisee?

A True Experience of Grace

The Happiest People in the World

The Holy Spirit Who Sanctifies

Holiness and Pragmatism

Hypocrisy, Legalism and Phariseeism

Holiness – God’s Master Attribute

The Law For Believers

How Sanctification Works

​The Law Drives Unbelievers to Christ

Without Holiness No One Will See the Lord

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