What is common grace & how is it manifest? The Decablog’s “Rhino Room” panel answers

The Decablog has setup a new feature on their blog called The Rhino Room. They describe it as follows:

rhino roomEach week, we will ask a question of a panel of ministry leaders from different parts of the world, and they will have 150 words or less to answer. We hope the varied perspectives will provide a comprehensive overview of each question, and offer ample material for discussion in the comment section of the blog.

The questions will cover a wide spectrum to include systematic and biblical theology, culture, history, pastoral theology, etc. Each week’s question and answers will be posted on Tuesdays and, we hope, the remainder of the week will be filled with discussion…

Since they announced that last week, this Tuesday brought on their first question which was, “What is common grace and how is it manifest?” 


Here is just one of the eleven answers they got from Reformed Baptist ministry leaders:

matt-foreman1-198x300Matt Foreman (Pastor, Faith Reformed Baptist Church of Media, Pennsylvania)

Common Grace is God’s general goodness, loving care, and providential influence for all of His creation, especially in humanity. By common grace, God retains his image in humanity, influences their consciences, restrains their sin, and manifests his goodness and gifts in their lives, irrespective of their faith or its lack. God can be at work, manifesting goodness, in and through even unbelievers and unbelieving cultures. However, God only shows special, saving grace to his elect.

Check out the rest of the answers.

Feel free to send your burning questions to the blog admins. I may even send the backlog of “Ask a Reformed Baptist” to them! :D

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