What is a Pastoral Preacher? Tom Hicks answers

preach1Tom Hicks:

There has been a good deal said and written about “expository preaching,” “Christ-centered preaching,” “redemptive-historical preaching,” etc., but very little has been said about “pastoral preaching.” Pastoral preaching is certainly expository, Christ-centered, and it always takes redemptive history into account, but it goes much further. Pastoral preaching is intensely personal and directed to a particular local church. It requires Christlike holiness of the preacher and aims to shepherd a church in the same. Consider some of the following qualities of a pastoral preacher.


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1. The pastoral preacher’s sanctification is his main task in sermon preparation. 


2. The pastoral preacher’s first responsibility during sermon delivery is his own personal holiness.


3. The pastoral preacher trusts that the effectiveness of preaching depends on God’s sovereign grace alone. 


4. The pastoral preacher preaches to the particular local church in front of him. 

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