What does it mean when the Bible says “you are gods”? James White answers

mormon broJesus quotes the Psalmist and declared “you are gods” (John 10:34; Psalm 82:6). What does that mean? James White explains:

The use of this passage in LDS literature is widespread. “I said, you are gods” is used to substantiate the idea of a plurality of gods, and men becoming gods. Yet, even a brief review of the passage demonstrates that such is hardly a worthy interpretation, and some of the leading LDS apologists today avoid trying to press the passage that far, and for good reason. The unbelieving Jews seen in this passage, with murder in their hearts, are hardly good candidates for exaltation to godhood. What is more, the Lord Jesus uses the present tense when He says, “You are gods.” So, obviously, He is not identifying His attackers as divine beings, worthy of worship by their eventual celestial offspring! What, then, is going on here?

Read his answer from pages 155-158 from his book “Is the Mormon my Brother?”

Update May 7, 2015: Here is another pastor’s view of this.


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