What are the Distinctives of a Reformed Church? Malcolm Watts Answers [Book Snippet]

Watts_reformed_church__77913_zoomReformation Heritage Books posted a 3-part snippet from Malcolm Watts’ “What is a Reformed Church”. It begins:

In our day, the term Reformed is used freely and without thought. Great variety exists among churches that claim this title. In many cases, the term means little more than some adherence to the “five points of Calvinism.” The term has lost its great historical richness and depth as the struggles of the Reformation have faded into distant history. The stand taken by the Reformers is virtually forgotten, and many consider it irrelevant today. If, however, we have a true and earnest desire to maintain the faith and fight the adversaries of God’s Word, we would do well to look back to those who so clearly searched the Scriptures and stood firmly for the great truths of the Word of God…


Today, when the term is so loosely used, it is important to consider what these common distinctives were, and to understand that these essential attributes of a Reformed church are what make a biblical church.

He goes on to explain each of the following marks:

  • Scripture Alone
  • God’s Transcendence
  • The Way of Salvation (T.U.L.I.P.)
  • God’s Covenant of Grace
  • Proclamation of the Gospel
  • Malcolm Watts
    Malcolm Watts

    Consecration of Life

    • That is the spirit of the Reformation… If a church is really biblical and Reformed, its members will be fully committed to Christ. The time has come for self-examination. Do we sincerely love the Lord? What kind of service do we offer Him? My friends, could it be that we are Reformed in name only?

Here is the 3-part series:



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