Weekend Roundup: Everything Else That We Didn’t Get Around To Posting

Westminster Conference 2013The Westminster Conference 2013 by Jeremy Walker via Reformation21 Blog

The Westminster Conference is taking place on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th December at Regent Hall on Oxford Street. This year, the topics are, I hope, particularly timely, speaking to current issues and pressing needs in the church of Christ, and bringing the wisdom and experience of the past to bear on the immediate present. Six papers are given, with discussion afterward…


Disney v. Benjamin Keach via All Things Expounded

“In 1664, Benjamin Keach, a Baptist pastor, published 500 copies of The Child Instructor. It was an innocent manual devoid of theology that alarmed the dour Thomas Disney, who ordered the author pilloried at Aylesbury, ‘with a sign on his head saying: For writing, printing, and publishing a schismatic book.’ Disney also burned the entire edition. In some measure, he need not have bothered, for in two years the entire city of London went up in flames.”


Journey Books Make Great Chrsitmas Gifts by Keith Throop via Reformed Baptist Blog

If you are still looking for a good Christmas gift, consider starting someone out on the Journey series of theological novels by Dr. Richard Belcher.


In this series Dr. Belcher has sought to combine teaching theology with the ongoing story of a man’s life, beginning with his first encounter with Calvinism in Bible college and following his career as a pastor and eventually a seminary professor. They are informed by the author’s own extensive ministry experience from many years of faithful service.


How to Make a Confession and Extend Forgiveness by Thabiti Anyabwile via Pure Church

It seems God is pleased to teach much of the evangelical world how to make confessions and to extend forgiveness. From comments made in panel discussions about Christian hip hop to radio confrontations over proper citation of written material, we’ve seen a lot of calls for apologies and opportunities for practicing the difficult discipline of forgiving.


This morning I woke up thinking about one of the most helpful and simple set of guidelines for making full confessions of wrongdoing in the hopes of being forgiven and extending complete and joyful forgiveness of the same. It’s called “The Seven A’s of Confession” and “The Four Promises of Forgiveness” published by Peacemaker Ministries. You can read more about these principles at the Peacemaker website or in Ken Sande’s book, The Peacemaker


Andrew Fuller Center“That He Might Find Access To Their Souls” by Evan Burns via The Andrew Fuller Center

In a sermon delivered at the Old Jewry Chapel, London, on December 27, 1797, Andrew Fuller unpacked the implications of soul prosperity from the book of 3 John:  “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (3 John 2).  Fuller’s sermon demonstrates his uncommon ability to wring out of a simple text every drop of biblical import and implication.  Outlined here are his observations of the prosperous soul:


Namibian Reflections and Challenges at the End of 2013 by Joachim Rieck via A Reformed Baptist in Namibia

I  am in the process  of  completing  24 years of  pastoral  service   at the Eastside Baptist  church – the only church that I have really known and loved  as a pastor. I will be turning 55 in December 2013   and I am  truly desirous  that whatever time I have left  in Christ’s service on earth, that I should be a good and faithful servant of Christ, whose call I have  followed since June 1978.

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