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Theology of Martin Luther – [16] Video Lectures via RBS News

In the sixteen free video lectures below, Pastor Mark Sarver, a professor of historical theology for Reformed Baptist Seminary, highlights some of the prominent characteristics of Luther’s theology, which he classifies as biblical, doxological, existential, and dialectical. Then he surveys several of the major theological topics that Luther developed, including the knowledge of God, Scripture, human sin, predestination, and justification. These lectures serve as part of the curriculum for our historical theology course entitled “Reformation Church.”

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Blank black book w/pathChapter 6 of An Orthodox Catechism (The Sacraments), coming soon from RBAP via Reformed Baptist Academic Press


Chapter 6 – The Second Part: Of Man’s Redemption


The Sacraments

Q. 64. Since faith alone makes us partakers of Christ and His benefits, from where does this faith come?


A. From the Holy Spirit (a), who kindles it in our hearts by the preaching of the gospel (b), and other ordinances (c), and confirms it by the use of the sacraments (d).

(a) John 3:5; Eph. 2:8; 3:16-17; Phil.1:29. (b) Rom. 10:17. (c) Eph. 3:16-17; Heb. 4:16. (d) 1 Cor. 10:16; 1 Pet. 3:21.


Dear TimothyDear Timothy (an addendum): Two watchwords for your pastoral ministry, Part I by Jeff Robinson via Founders Ministries: The Blog

A few years ago, Founders Ministries published an excellent, multi-author work, titled Dear Timothy (A must-read for young pastors and thankfully still available).


The book was written as a series of letters from the veteran pastor, Paul, to the young upstart pastor, Timothy. In the spirit of that fine publication, I offer the following letter as an addendum in two parts.


Join Us for the Final Conferences of 2013 via NCFIC Blog


God has revealed in His word what He desires fathers to be.  Over the course of this weekend we will be illustrating the characteristics of a biblical father directly from Scripture.

BIRMINGHAM, AL – November 22-23rd – Click here for details.


Today, families are in a state of frustration and collapse. Our Lord, in His Word, has spoken on a multitude of practical church and family issues to instruct His people how they ought to live in harmony with His Word.

ANCHORAGE, AK – December 5-8 – Click here for details.


Agnostic Mormonism on Today’s Dividing Line by James White via Alpha and Omega Ministries

Today I played portions of and responded to, one of the most amazing “soft sells” of Mormonism I have ever heard coming from a professing Latter-day Saint.






Saving Christians from a False View of the Church by Joachim Rieck via A Reformed Baptist in Namibia

In Namibia  we   find   a number  of  false views  concerning the  nature   of the church  and the place of the church in the  life of the believer.


5 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Church: The Pastor Edition by Thabiti Anyabwile via Pure Church

In my last post on leaving well when you’re a member of a church several respondents pointed out that pastors often leave churches in very poor way. Sadly, they’re correct. We’ve all heard the horror stories about pastors who announce their departure after the morning service and U-Haul arrives first thing Monday morning. Or, we’re familiar with the all-too-painful accounts of pastors who apparently take a scorched earth approach to leaving, destroying everything they touch before they leave. We can add to that those pastors who leave by splitting the church. The pain abounds.


The Blessing of Argumentative Prayer by Nicolas Alford via The Decablog

In a few recent church prayer meetings my Pastor has been leading us in devotions from Isaiah 62.  I have been struck afresh by the language that is used in verse 6, that we are to give God “no rest” until He establishes Jerusalem and makes it a praise in the earth.


The Vision (11.21.13): Oh that we may kiss the rod! by Jeff Riddle via stylos

What trials have you undergone or will you undergo in the future?  Will you place God on trial and question his justice, fairness, and goodness?  Or will you kiss the rod and lay your hand on your mouth?


Helping those who hate the Lord. via Martin Marprelate

For those outside the U.K. who may be unaware, the Christian Institute is a charitable organization which campaigns for Christian values, lobbies Parliament and gives legal support to Christians who are sufferening harrassment on account of their faith. The Instutute has done many fine things and I, along with my church, have been pleased in the past to support it in various ways.


[…] So the Christian Institute is happy to work with the National Secular Society, which is dedicated to the complete marginalization and eventual extinction of Christianity within the UK. One wonders whether this is wise even on a human level. It reminds me of a famous limerick:


John Cameron on the differences between the old and new covenants by Sam Renihan via Particular Voices

From John Cameron’s Theses Concerning the Threefold Covenant of God with Man, translated by Samuel Bolton (1645).

John Cameron, Certain Theses, 66, 68


adoniram-judson“Not Because He Needs Them” by Evan D. Burns via Gospel Worthy

After his death, Adoniram Judson’s widowed wife, Mrs. Emily C. Judson, wrote some anecdotes and sketches of his piety and missionary devotion.  In this selection, she highlights Judson’s consecrated submission to God’s right to use a minister to his pleasure and his right to end the minister’s labor whenever he saw fit.

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