We Need Your Help!

downloadThe Confessing Baptist is looking for a few good men to assist us in our endeavor to bring you the greatest and best of all things 1689.

 Unfortunately, maintaining the site has become increasingly difficult for all of us and has hindered our mission to fanatically feed 1689 resources to all Keach’s hungry Warrior Children. We are in need of some assistance and what better way to do so than to appeal to our brethren? We are looking for some men or women to fill some roles that we cannot. Here they are:


  • We need someone to do some back-end cleaning up. This involves cleaning up tags, titles, etc. on our website. We didn’t have uniformity in our posts until a few months after we started, so we want to make all of our blog titles to follow a formal template.


  • We need someone to maintain an Ultimate RB Church Directory this would involve updating data from various churches, and assisting in building the directory to launch with a large amount of churches already listed. (This will be in the spirit of Farese, IX Marks, Founders, etc.)


  • We need someone to update our website with new posts to the main blog. Essentially, you would be updating our site with links to content you’ve received from “The Confessors” or that you personally have found to be consistent with our scope. You would be tasked with generating a few posts daily, many of which are chosen at your leisure, along with some which would be sent to you by the proprietors of the website.

 If you are interested in assisting in any of these positions, then we are interested in you. Please contact us.

 If you are a pastor who knows anyone who would fit the roles we’re looking for, please provide us with their contact information so that we can get in contact with them. 

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