Walt Chantry – Covenant Theology

Today is the second day of ARBCA’s General Assembly with Keynote Speaker Walt Chantry. Below are his lectures on Covenant Theology:

From Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures (which has lots of free mp3s from Walter Chantry):

Covenant Theology:


The Covenants: of Works, of Grace:


The Covenants: Applications:


New Cov’t: Introduction:


New Cov’t: The Almighty God:


New Cov’t: God’s Dealing With Men:


New Cov’t: Ceremonies:


New Cov’t: Unity of the Covenants:


New Cov’t: Covenants & the Law:


New Cov’t: Covenants & The Spirit:


The Covenants & Baptism:

8 Replies to “Walt Chantry – Covenant Theology”

  1. So im listening to the third audio file and it seems clear that Chantry denies that the mosaic is a republished covenant of works, as what Pascal Denault and others are uncovering from Particular Baptist thought. Chantry’s position is that all OT covenants are expressions of the covenant of grace, ie the view Westminster. Is that accurate?

      1. Thanks Jason, that’s interesting. Off hand it seems to me that where we can have agreement with our Presbyterian brethren on covenant theology and remain Baptist, what reason or advantage if any would there be to differ with them on this point?

        1. I don’t think any Baptist would have disagreement with Presbyterians just because, but rather because we are convinced from Scripture. As Denault & Jeff Johnson point out, they do not believe that the Presbyterians looked at their presuppositions, and they came to their conclusions because they were looking for ways to hold to paedobaptism. In other words, the difference with “Baptst” Covenant Theology is their exegesis of the Scriptures (and of course those who differ would say the same).

          Either way, even the Baptist that agree with some basis of Presbyterian Covenant Theology apply it differently than their Presby bros.

          I myself am still studying out the issue but I am tending to lean to the “promise/fulfilled” view rather than the “1cov/2admin” view.

          1. Good stuff guys. I have a pretty hardcore Presbyterian friend who has ordered Denault’s book and is keen to hearing the argument, especially since it’s so close in timing to the formulation of Westminster’s view as well. Perhaps getting back to the historic roots will put us on a more solid ground to do some serious dialogue without confusing categories, which happens so often. I do hope that RBs can come to a consensus on this soon though :)

        2. Hi Dennis,

          My short answer is the reason is because our goal is not conformity to Presbyterians, but to Scripture. I think the seventeenth century baptist view summarized by Denault is more biblical than Chantry’s view.

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