Voddie Baucham leaving GfBC to lead African Christian University in Zambia next fall

Voddie Baucham
Voddie Baucham

Voddie Baucham:

…In 2012, I heard the vision for African Christian University (ACU) [prev. post on ACU]. For the first time, my passion and desire to serve my brothers and sisters in Zambia became a tangible possibility. However, not a word was spoken by me, or by the leaders in Zambia.

This past summer, I returned to Zambia with my wife and our seven youngest children. It was then that Bridget sensed God’s call as well. Subsequently, we began to discuss the matter with my fellow elder, Stephen Bratton and two key Zambian leaders, Conrad Mbewe and Ronald Kalifungwa. There was little doubt that the timing and opportunity seemed right. We committed the matter to prayer, started having conversations with others who could offer wise, biblical counsel, and concluded that this is indeed the Lord’s providential hand at work, and we would do well to follow.

acuI have been offered the position of President/Head of the Seminary at ACU. The school opens next fall, and our plan is to move to Zambia at the end of next summer. There are, however, several issues that must be addressed between now and then.

In the meantime, I would ask that you would pray for me and my family as we consider what is by far the most challenging act of faith and obedience we have ever considered. Pray for our elders as we work to position GfBC for a healthy transition. Pray for our Zambian brothers and sisters as they trust God to do something beyond their limited resources and ability. Pray for ACU, the Seminary and the ministers who will train there, and for the impact they will have in Zambia, across Africa, and beyond.

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  1. I was able to get a short interview with Ray Warwick, the Academic Dean of ACU, at the SCRBPConference. Audio coming in the near future.

      1. That’s a big gap to fill. I’ve listened to a lot of Voddie’s sermons online and they’re gonna need someone sharp to replace him. Maybe they could get James White or Wayne Grudem? ;)

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