Video & Post-Interview Thoughts Roundup of James White’s 2nd Appearance on the Dr. Drew’s HLN Show discussing Transgenderism [AUDIO | VIDEO]

James White was asked to be on CNN’s Dr. Drew show again to discuss transgenderism.

Here is the 39 min. vid.:


Here are Dr. James White’s quick post-interview thoughts:

White DrewA quick review of tomorrow’s HLN Dr. Drew Show:
OK, since I will be discussing this on the DL tomorrow, probably somewhere around 1pm PDT (hence prior to the airing of the show on HLN), I will not go into a lot of detail here. Just the highlights:

1) The episode will air Wednesday at 9pm EDT; it will re-air at 4pm EDT on Thursday, I believe.

2) It really looked like a major ambush at the start: a transgender reporter was in the green room; a transgender brother/sister were seated across the aisle from me; a transgender person was on Skype, the fellow who reverted back who was on the last program was live in studio this time (and he referred to me as “toxic” in the green room, not realizing I was the guy who had been on last time), and they began the program with Steven Anderson ranting and raving as only Steven Anderson can. Not exactly a meeting of your local Reformed Baptist fraternal!

3) Thankfully, I knew the Anderson clip was coming, so I was ready to defuse it. Then it turned out that one of the panel members, Vanessa, a black woman, comes from a Christian background, and she rather fearlessly spoke her mind and refuted allegations of hate, etc. That really helped lower the “temperature” you might say.

4) I got to say MUCH more than I did in the first program. As I had assumed, being present made a huge difference. There was more interaction, and less willingness to simply dismiss me. And I don’t tend to shrink back when challenged—I am not sure CNN is used to Christians who do not immediately default to vanilla ice cream in a bowl on a hot Phoenix day mode when challenged.

5) We got to discuss more worldview issues, and even addressed the meaning of true happiness.

6) I stayed for the after-show video—the one where I had been attacked a few weeks ago. This time I got to be the final speaker on it!

So I am thankful for the opportunity, and hope the Lord will bless the witness to His honor and glory. Thanks to all who made the trip possible by supporting A&O.

He went into more detail on yesterday’s A Mini-Dividing Line Report on the Dr. Drew Show:

Came straight to the office from Sky Harbor Airport to do a mini-DL (30 minutes). Wanted to report on the Dr. Drew taping which will air Wednesday, June 17th at 9pm EDT, and then re-air Thursday afternoon on HLN, so that’s what we did! Hope you enjoy some of the “behind the scenes” information, and pray that God will use our witness for His own glory.

33 min. vid:

Audio [pending]:

Here is the seven minute Dr. Drew HLN after-show:

After-show: We had a diverse group of guests weigh in on the #transgender conversation on tonight’s show. Here are the points that stuck out most for them — what stuck out for you?

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