Video & Post-Interview Thoughts of James White on the Dr. Drew Show discussing Bruce Jenner

Yesterday, James White was asked to be on CNN’s Dr. Drew show to discuss the Bruce Jenner story. Here are some video clips from it:

Here are his tweets during the interview:

James White’s “quick review” of the interview:

Up early and I teach till almost 10pm at Phoenix Seminary tomorrow evening, so I will be brief.

white drewWhat passes for “discussion” in our culture would be laughable if it was not responsible for the utter degradation of our nation’s moral and ethical fabric. When Dr. Drew said that the conversation taking place was one of the deepest on TV he knew of, I almost laughed out loud. There wasn’t the slightest bit of depth in anything that was being said. Anyone trained in even the most rudimentary forms of logic, rationality, or critical thought would recognize that the conversation on the panel was made up of unreflected upon assertions, nothing more. There was no understanding shown of the foundations upon which those assertions were being made. And that is our culture today.

Secularists are slaves to their worldview. Christians are slaves to their worldview. The difference is, we know it, choose it, and see all of creation in light of that worldview. Because we have the mind of Christ we are able to enter into those other worldviews and demonstrate their bankruptcy and inconsistency. The secularist cannot even begin to think beyond the boundaries of his/her commitment to personal autonomy, and as a result, cannot engage in any meaningful worldview dialogue or debate, and does not even see the benefit in so doing.

I would love to invite Samantha Schacher, who could not allow the words “God” or “Jesus” to pass without uttering deep sighs of disgust, and who was given a free shot at me without my being given even a moment to respond (it was a painfully obvious audience play), to join me on the Dividing Line: no network breaks, even time, serious conversation.

Only got two sound bites in, really: Jesus is the Son of God who rose from the dead, so He has final authority in this issue. And, Jesus is not my crutch, He is Lord of all.

Update June 5, 2015: James White talks about this at the beginning of yesterday’s Dividing Line podcast:

Audio [mp3]:


UPDATE June 11, 2015: My Full Response to the Dr. Drew “After Show” Video



Update June 24, 2015: Dr. James White vs. Dr. Drew on Apologia TV:

8 Replies to “Video & Post-Interview Thoughts of James White on the Dr. Drew Show discussing Bruce Jenner”

  1. I sure wish the whole thing was posted somewhere…. who recorded it via phone cam and how come they didn’t record the whole thing? Bummed. Yeah, it was funny how Dr Drew says he wanted James to be able to say something..uhhh dude YOU are the guy who keeps interrupting him!

  2. Well that was fairly expected. The interview can be summed up as follows:

    James: Until we have a meaningful discussion on the worldview that produces Jenner’s behavior, all we are doing is simply giving our opinions.
    Everyone else: Well… that’s just your opinion.

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