11 Replies to “Video from the McDurmon v Hall ‘Theonomy Debate’ now on YouTube [VIDEO]”

  1. So I’m looking at the image for this, and at least one of these guys must be the theonomy guy… so shouldn’t the hair on the sides of his head be uncut?

  2. After listening to the debate, I think both men handled themselves orderly. I had heard that one of the men was disorderly or uncharitable. I was pleased by the clarity and the professionalism these men exhibited. If you had heard about some of the drama surrounding the release of the audio/video, please don’t let that keep you from listening to this debate.

      1. This series by James White has been excellent and I am glad he started it because for years he has said that much more work on “General Equity” needed to be done.

        Also, updated post with the 21 minute video of the audience questions.

    1. Post-Mill doesn’t necessitate Reconstructionist… also, I’d be curious how many exceptions to the 1689 that church would have to take to claim to be Reformed Baptist… unless they go to great lengths to redefine words like Bahnsen and McDurmon do.

  3. Have any of you read Bahnsen’s book(s)? After this debate I started No Other Standard. I’m 4 chapters into it, and I feel like Hall has seriously misrepresented or misunderstood Bahnsen’s (Theonomy’s?) position.

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