UPDATE: African Christian University [Ray Warwick]

Ray Warwick
Ray Warwick at the 2014 SCRBPC

In the latest update from African Christian University, Academic Dean Ray Warwick shares some frustrating news:

Dear Family and Friends,

If you ever find yourself wondering why it is taking ACU so long to get registered with the Ministry of Education here in Zambia, you are not alone. We at ACU are as perplexed as anyone else. It has become increasingly evident, however, that we are being confronted with a corrupt and inept political system. We are persuaded that the Reformed Baptist Church Association of Zambia, under whom we serve, must begin to take significant steps toward confronting this corruption, which permeates every area of culture. We have consistently provided every report the Ministry of Education has requested, including the ones after they “changed their minds.” Most recently, visitors came to our facilities and criticized us for not having certain things in place, yet, when we asked for the list they refused to give it to us because, in fact, they don’t have their own regulations in place. So, in order to refuse our application(s) for registration, they want to hold us accountable to regulations that don’t exist! In the meantime, they refuse to allow us to advertise (even by posting signs), recruit students, and, ultimately teach courses. We have exhausted our resources (and, I fear, patience … it’s been 2 and 1⁄2 years). It is time for the interested parties, particularly the churches here in Lusaka, to step up and begin pressuring the government to get their act together. This is a very crucial issue at several levels. I believe the future of ACU lies in the balance. Stay tuned and please pray.

Ben and Abby Killian, from Washington State, are now raising support to come join our faculty. Ben is finishing his PhD in horticulture and molecular plant science and Abby is an RN. They need your prayers.

Progress has been made on the Chisamba campus. Living quarters for our guard, Donald Tembo, have been expanded and he is now able to have his family living with him. Also, we have purchased two 40ft. containers which we will place on the Chisamba property. We will put pavers between them and cover it all to make a staging area for construction. We thank God for this progress.

Ian Turnbull has been working steadily to finish the library and its office. It is looking very good, and I know Kendra, when she returns from the States, will be delighted to be able to move into her new office and get the books on the shelves.


Also, as a request for prayer, our monthly support commitments have been reduced significantly since the beginning of the year, for a variety of reasons. Although we know that our financial circumstances are according to the will of God, and that He is the ultimate provider for the tasks He has given for us to undertake, we still need to be good stewards of our circumstances and need to be wise in the way that we “presume” upon finances. Please pray that God would bring up our support level, if it is His will that we continue with ACU.

If you would like to contact the Warwicks, you may reach them at:
Ray and Peggy Warwick
c/o ACU
PO Box 320161
Lusaka, Zambia, AFRICA

Also, to donate online:
Please designate gifts to Warwicks.

To donate by check:
African Christian University USA Inc.
c/o Ken Bennett
P.O. Box 1212
Fayetteville, AR 72702
Please write “Warwicks” in the memo.

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