Upcoming Book: “The 10 Most Influential Sermons of Spurgeon” [Free Grace Press]

Keith Throop fills us in on another Baptist Reprint coming soon:

Spurgeon - Baptist Reprints

Free Grace PressRegular readers of this blog will remember previous books in the series by Free Grace Press entitled Baptist Reprints. These books are meant to bring some of the best of past Baptist literature to today’s Christians at an affordable cost, and I am happy to announce that yet another is on the way. The tentative title is The Ten Most Influential Sermons by Charles H. Spurgeon. Earlier today Jeff Johnson posted this announcement on his Facebook page:

“The title may change, but this book is coming soon from Free Grace Press. Every sermon by Spurgeon is excellent, but some were more influential than others. Christian George, the leading Spurgeon scholar and curator of the Spurgeon Library, has collected the 10 most important sermons ever preached by Spurgeon. The goal is to introduce the Prince of Preachers to a new generation of Christians. This book will be inexpensive and one that churches could easily distribute to their congregations free of charge.”

I look forward to reading the book myself, and I hope all of you will want to as well. You may read about the first two books in the series here

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