To The Judicious & Impartial Reader: Charity & Clarity [Reformed Baptista]

The Reformed Baptista has a helpful post considering the language and demeanor of the preface of the 1689 confession.

Blogs have an “about” page. Many books have a preface. The framers of the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith (otherwise known as the “1689″) penned an introduction. This introduction is not, unfortunately, always published with the Confession itself, yet it contains lessons that hold relevance in our modern age. Respect, clarity of beliefs, importance of Scripture and striving for holiness are applications we can glean from our Particular Baptist brethren’s example…


“Courteous Reader”: from the first salutations we are shown the tone conveyed. “Judicious”, “impartial”, and “courteous” are used to describe the reader. We may be tempted to view the framers’ choice of words as a mere formality, or even with suspicion for seeming too verbose to be sincere. However, much of the introduction demonstrates that sincerity and charity was foremost in the minds of these Particular Baptists…

Check out the rest of the post here: To The Judicious And Impartial Reader: Charity and Clarity

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