The Reformed Pubcast & links to what we talked about on their podcast

The Reformed Pubcast, who we mentioned last week, had Javier and I (Jason) on their latest podcast (a great step down from James White who was on last week).

Pubcast Confessing Baptist

Audio [mp3]:

Linkage to what we discussed:

When I said mug on the show I meant pint, my bad :)



But here are the excellent pints from


On Covenant Theology:

This is what most the discussion got into. One of the videos we recommend you watch is the following Intro on 1689 Federalism:

And please, do check out the other video and charts at, if anything, just to learn what we believe:



The book on this subject that we think is a good start is Pascal Denault’s “The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology: A Comparison Between Seventeenth-Century Particular Baptist and Paedobaptist Federalism.”

The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant TheologyAmazon | Solid Ground ]

Per our site scope, we interviewed the author about this book on episodes two and three of our podcast. Since those interviews proved to be so helpful to many we combined the interview portion about of the book into one show [mp3]:

For more interviews we’ve done on this topic you may want to check out:





We didn’t get to mention that in Reformed Baptist circles there is a spectrum of views on Covenant Theology [1, 2, 3]:


On Reformed Baptist Books:

We talked about the upcoming book from Reformed Baptist Academic Press [RBAP] Recovering a Covenantal Heritage: Essays in Baptist Covenant Theology (at that point I misspoke and said Sam Waldron was apart of that book but meant Sam Renihan [told you we weren’t experts]. :P However, Sam Waldron does have a book that is very relevant to this subject.) and encouraged e’re body in da pub to check out some Reformed Baptist Publishers like…

PodcastPromo21 RBAP Barcellos

Particular Baptist Press

watch this interview
Solid Ground Christian Books
…just to name a few.

On Reformed Theology:

We mentioned the charity and unity we had with the broader Reformed world talked about in the introduction of our confession (2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith 1677/1689).

The use of the term “Reformed” in front of the word “Baptist”. (and some history on that)

And, lectures from Dr. James Renihan of The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies at  Westminster Seminary California:

irbs prev james renihan bow tie


On Baptism & Circumcision:

On Welch’s Grape Juice:

china-wineWine vs Grape Juice – Arden Hodgins [Audio]

Tomorrow’s podcast will feature us interviewing them, so stay tuned.

Update 7:30am: To address one question we’ve already seen in another forum, we are NOT proponents of New Covenant Theology.

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  1. I guess I don’t get the beer/wine/pub drinking motif going on here, but I do know that it can be an immense stumbling block to those who are recovering from the demonic grip of alcoholism, even if done in a light-hearted, jestful manner. I no teetotaler, and I love a glass of red with dinner, but I also know and respect that men are recovering from the grip of alcoholic vice, and when fellowshipping with others when we eat I will cautiously ask if they’d like wine and, as has happened, when they say no for whatver reason, the wine goes away. I’ve personally known too many men who’s lives have been destroyed by demon alcohol that I wouldn’t take terms like “pub cast” lightly.

    1. I know, right!?!?!? How many months have we been telling him that? (And that same annoying beep shows up in The Dunker Bunker from time to time) :D

      Perhaps he likes to just live life on the edge ;P

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