The Law is Not of Faith [Keach]


One huge question central to any debate over covenant theology is whether or not the Mosaic covenant was an administration of the covenant of grace whereby sinners are saved (let alone the question of what an “administration” actually is). While many modern Reformed Baptists say yes, the Mosaic covenant was substantially the covenant of grace, Benjamin Keach disagrees, as we see in this post from Sam Renihan at Particular Voices.

UPDATE 9/23/2013: More from Keach on the covenants, administrations, and such can be read here.

8 Replies to “The Law is Not of Faith [Keach]”

    1. Brave Mr. Patrick would’ve represented Keach correctly if he had said, “Benjamin Keach disagrees that the Mosaic Covenant was the covenant of grace, as we see in this post from Sam Renihan at Particular Voices.”

      That being said, Sam Renihan’s opinion/commentary/interpretation of Keach on this post is spot on!

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