“The Gay Revolution” roundtable on recent SCOTUS ruling on “gay marriage” feat. James White + more [AUDIO | VIDEO]


Apologia Radio:

Please watch and share this very important film with Dr. James White (aomin.org), Dr. Michael Brown (askdrbrown.org), and Jeff Durbin (apologiaradio.com). These well-known and respected Pastors, Christian Apologists, and radio show hosts have a vitally important discussion about the recent United States Supreme Court ruling about gay “marriage”. This roundtable discussion engages with this important social issue and the gay revolution in the context of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

What are the historical roots of the gay revolution? What happened at Stonewall? What is the loving and faithful response of a biblical church? How do we reach out and resist in a way that glorifies God and shows compassion and commitment to our neighbors? What are the arguments against proponents of this ruling? How do we answer challenges against the Christian position?…

86 min. vid:


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