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In the latest post from Sam Renihan at Particular Voices, an anonymous Particular Baptist borrows one of John Owen’s arguments to show how the new covenant is distinct from the old.

…though many of Israel that were under this Covenant went to Heaven, yet there was not one of them that went to Heaven by virtue of this Covenant, but by virtue of the Covenant of Grace; if this Covenant had been faultless, then should no place have been sought for the second; this Covenant is a better Covenant, established on better Promises; Promises That God will write his Law in their Hearts, that he will forgive their Iniquities, and remember their Sins no more. If these are the better Promises that the New Covenant is established upon, then they were not in the first, for if these Promises had been in the first Covenant, that Covenant would have been as good as the second, and the same Promises would have been as good in the first Covenant as in the second…

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