The English Baptists of the 17th Century [2008 Andrew Fuller Center Conference Audio]

The English Baptists of the 17th Century

August 25-26, 2008


The 2nd Annual Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies Conference



Conference Description

The theme of the 2008 conference was, “The English Baptists of the 17th Century.” Featured speakers included: R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Barry Howson, Larry Kreitzer, Tom Nettles, Jim Renihan, Austin Walker, and Malcolm Yarnell. Other up and coming Baptist History scholars presented papers as well.


An Opening Word (Michael Haykin)

Plenary Session 1: “The English Calvinistic Baptists of the 17th Century–An Overview (Malcolm Yarnell)

Plenary Session 2: “John Spilsbury and the Beginning of the Baptists” (Tom Nettles)

Plenary Session 3: “Hanserd Knollys (1599-1691) and the Interpretation of Revelation (Barry Howson)

Parallel Session 1:
“Henry Jessey (1601-1663): His Life and Thought” (Jason Duesing)

“‘A Poor and Despised People’: Abraham Cheare and the Calvinistic Baptists at Plymouth” (Jeff Robinson)

“Baptist Associations in the 17th Century’ (Stan Fowler)

Parallel Session 2:
“Benjamin Keach’s Doctrine of Justification” (Tom Hicks)

“The Role of Metaphor in the Sermons of Benjamin Keach” (Chris Holmes)

“Turks, Jews, & God’s Plan for His People: Hanserd Knolly’s Understanding of Abraham’s Other ‘Descendants'” (Dennis Bustin)

Plenary Session 4: “The Importance of Baptist Confessionalism” (Albert Mohler)

Plenary Session 5: “The Strange Case of Thomas Collier” (James Renihan)

Plenary Session 6: “Benjamin Keach and the Protestant Cause Under Persecution” (Austin Walker)

Parallel Session 3:
“Thomas Wilcox and his A Choice Drop of Honey from the Rock Christ” (Stephen Yuille)

“Hercules Collins and the Temple Repair’d: Baptists and Theological Education” (Steve Weaver)

Parallel Session 4:
“The Prison Epistles of Thomas Hardcastle” (Peter Beck)

“17th Century Baptists and the Perseverance of the Saints” (Jay Collier)

Plenary Session 7: “William Kiffin (1616-1701)-His Life and Thought” (Larry Kreitzer)

A Closing Word (Michael Haykin)

[source: Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies]

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  1. Yarnell (Message #1) and Nettles (Message #2) are both excellent. Interestingly, they both highlight a central doctrine missing in much of reformed discussion, that of covenant ecclesiology, the relation of the Covenant of Grace to the Covenant of the Local Church.

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