The Anti-Gospel of Self-Harm [Nicolas Alford]

man_of_sorrow_by_pesi_flickrNicolas Alford:

Dear Hurting Friend,


I’ll be writing this short post as a personal letter to you.  No, I don’t have you personally in mind, and I don’t claim any sort of divine prophecy or special revelation, but I know you are out there reading.  I know it because there are so many just like you, so many who quietly struggle with the devastating weight of addiction to self-harm.  You are not alone.


Self-harm is a general term that can encompass a multitude of particular battles.  It can take the form of anorexia, cutting, putting yourself in abusive situations, alcoholism, and too many more to list.  It effects men and women, young and old, blue collar and white collar both.  Again, you are not alone.


Here’s what this simple letter is not: a complete answer to your problems.  Self-harm is a complex struggle, one to be engaged in the context of a support team that may include family, your pastors, and specialized medical professionals.  But I do want to say something that I pray might be a help, and might be an encouragement to those who are suffering in the quiet shame of isolation.  Perhaps this is the day when the brighter light of hope begins to break in upon your darkness…

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