“Adoption Improved the Perfect Little Family”: The Baucham’s on their 7 adoptions [5 min. VIDEO]

Desiring God:

Bauchams AdoptionYoung and recently married with a girl and a boy, the Bauchams were told they had “the perfect little family.” But God had other plans — that eventually involved seven more children through adoption. Today the Bauchams are approaching fifty, and their youngest is two years old. Hear how their adoption journey began, and what God has been teaching them through it.

5 min. vid.:

The following is [part of] a lightly edited transcript…

Pastor Voddie Baucham
Pastor Voddie Baucham

Voddie: For me, adoption has helped me both as an individual Christian and as a pastor. Until I became a father to adopted children and was able to look at my children and know these are as much my children as those children who are related to me biologically, until that moment I wasn’t able to fully understand and grasp what it means to be a child of God, because we are his children by adoption. When you understand adoption, you get that. We are his children. And he is not going anywhere.

Adoption is about the gospel.

Bridget: For me adoption is important, because it is a beautiful picture of God’s grace in my life. I was really the forerunner in doing something to prevent us having more children biologically. I was insane. I was wrong. I wanted to be in control and I didn’t allow God to be in control. God is so faithful to give us back what the locusts have eaten. I get a chance to love on some kids who are actually my kids and raise them. It has been a blessing. I did not think that I would be almost 50 years old with seven little kids, but I tell you: I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Voddie: When we started this journey, we were on the downhill side of parenting. We had two kids. They were 14 and 11. We were just a few years away from an empty nest and now we are almost 50 and we are looking at 10, eight, six, five, four, three, and almost two. So no, we are not doing the empty nest thing. What else are we going to do? What else are we going to do with our lives that would be more important than what we are doing right now with our lives? I can’t think of anything.

AUDIO from the 2014 Transforming Marriage Conf. feat. Voddie Baucham

Note that the first two sessions aren’t online:

Transforming Marriage Voddie Baucham

Covenant Baptist Church:

Transforming MarrageThis past weekend, Sep 26-28 [2014], Covenant Baptist was privileged to host a Transforming Marriage Conference with Dr. Voddie Baucham. We were thrilled to have him and hear his teaching on the theology of marriage as an institution, established by God, and the practical admonitions from God’s Word. We were also blessed to have him for a men’s fellowship and for our services on Sunday. His sermon on “Worthy of Worship” compelled us to a new commitment to Christ. His evening seminar on LGBT as “the new black” informed us as to how to respond to a culture that is completely illogical and unbiblical in its acceptance of this premise put forth by activists from the homosexual agenda. You will find both of these messages below and we encourage you to listen to them.


Understanding Manhood | Session 3

There is a great deal of confusion over so-called “gender roles” in our culture. We are no longer clear on what it means to be a man, or what it means to be a woman. As a result, many couples struggle to define their roles without the benefit of a standard

This session [and the next] will establish a clear biblical grid through which to evaluate our roles.


Understanding Womanhood | Session 4


Q & A with Dr. Voddie Baucham | Session 5

Dr. Voddie Baucham answering questions from Michael Lee


Worthy of Worship | Session 6

Revelation 1:1-6


Not Like Being Black | Session 7


Is Gay Now the New Black? Voddie Baucham Answers [4 Min. VIDEO]

Desiring God:

Voddie Baucham exposes the similarities between the Civil Rights Movement and the so-called Gay Rights Movement, while pointing out the significant difference between ethnicity and sexual orientation.

4 min. vid:

Transcript [lightly edited]:

What is the difference between the Civil Rights Movement and the so-called Gay Rights Movement of today? Not a whole lot. Unfortunately, I think there are some things that we accepted philosophically in the Civil Rights Movement that were not based in biblical truth. And those things are being applied in the Gay Rights Movement the exact same way and now we are calling them out.

For example, the idea of seeing people as constituencies and seeing rights as rights for constituencies of people is prominent in both movements. This continued division based on our constituencies and so-called communities is problematic. We’ve embraced a hyphenated understanding of ourselves as opposed to a view that sees us as one people.

The homosexual community is latching onto some of those very concepts. These concepts, by the way, are rooted and grounded in cultural Marxism. That was the goal of Gramscian Marxism. Divide people up into constituencies, and then the way you gain power is by making promises and representing particular constituencies. Now you never give them what you promise, but by creating this idea of constituencies and being the one who is the representative of the constituencies, you gain power and you keep your power to the degree that things don’t get better for your constituency. If things get better for your constituency, you lose your power.

So even when gains are made, you have to downplay those and go looking for other things that are problems. That is the way you keep your power.

The homosexual community has latched onto that approach and has identified itself as a constituency deserving of our attention and pity. They did so intentionally using the AIDS crisis. The direct result is they now have achieved a one-to-one correlation that we are finding it very hard to move away from.

So are there differences between ethnicity and so-called sexual orientation? Absolutely there are. Ethnicity is innate and unchangeable. So-called sexual orientation is not innate and is changeable. We know this. First Corinthians 6 is two-thousand-year-old evidence that people can stop being gay. So we know that it is neither innate, nor is it unchangeable. There are huge differences between the two. However, if all you are doing is using the language of the culture and the idea of people as constituencies, then you end up right where we are, and it is hard to stop that train.

Gene Cook Jr. is back to podcasting as BJJ MO5E5 [AUDIO]

Throughout the years we have received questions asking about what happened to Gene Cook Jr. and his Internet radio show The Narrow Mind. Particularly after we interviewed him on episode #11 of our podcast:


We did get a little more Narrow Mind podcasts after the interviews but it quickly disappeared again.

We have just received word from him that he is back to podcasting (and more) over at BJJMoses.com. Apparently he’s been pretty busy with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ):

bjjmoses2 bjjmoses3

When I asked him about this new podcast of his he responded:

bjjmosesThe audio podcast consists of two topics, “Grappling with the Mind” and “Grappling with the Soul”.

“Grappling with the Mind” has to do with challenging the Christian and the non-Christian in the area of thinking.

The “Grappling with the Soul” is more devotional content that is more designed to do what the Puritan’s called “heart work”.

There is also a video category “Grappling with the Body” but the videos are BJJ Techniques for senior athletes. It will all make sense after you listen to podcast #1.

Hope this gives you a clearer picture.

You may subscribe to the podcast via RSS, iTunes, or download the Android App.

[Sidenote]: That makes two folks, that we’ve featured on the site, that are into BJJ. The other being Voddie Baucham:

What you may not know about Voddie is that he is also a championship fighter who is training in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With an gold medal at the Houston International Open, he now has his sights set on a Pan Am and possibly world championship. [via Founders]

Voddie Baucham BJJ


Voddie Baucham interviewed by WorldMag on Homeschool, Racism, Move to Africa + more

Pastor Voddie Baucham
Pastor Voddie Baucham

The article is titled, “Voddie Baucham’s big move to Africa” and is described as:

Q&A | The pastor, father, and speaker talks about his work at home and explains his move to Zambia with his wife and seven of their children

It gets into questions about homeschooling, manhood, racism, Reformed Theology, moving to Africa and more.

Read “Voddie Baucham’s big move to Africa”.

TGC15 Media Now Available feat. Thabiti Anyabwile, Voddie Baucham + many more [AUDIO | VIDEO]


Earlier this month we gathered in Orlando, Florida, for The Gospel Coalition 2015 National Conference, titled “Coming Home: New Heaven and New Earth.” More than 6,000 from 50 states and 50 countries came together to consider the theme of our eternal home. In addition to our conference attendees, more than 26,000 joined us through livestream from all 50 states and 137 different countries. Four live translations conveyed the conference message in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Mandarin. Now all TGC15 media—9 main plenary sessions and more than 50 workshops—are available online. All of this content is free, and we encourage you to share it. You can also browse the conference photo gallery

Of particular interest:


“Experience isn’t everything” (one minute video snippet from the above):


“The federal headship of Jesus” (two minute video snippet from the above ):

#LaunchTheMove is a new website dedicated to getting Voddie Baucham & family to Zambia.

We’ve previously posted why Voddie Baucham is leaving GfBC to lead African Christian University in Zambia this fall, but now we have this:
launch the move

Voddie Baucham:

LaunchTheMove.com is a new website dedicated to generating prayer and other resources for our upcoming move to Zambia.

Voddie talks about his trip to Africa during the Zambia Annual Reformed Conference 2014 in the 5 minute video below:

Visit LaunchTheMove.com

Voddie Baucham & James White answer questions regarding homosexuality & abortion + more [5 short Wretched TV clips]

Baucham and White
Voddie Baucham & James White

Wretched TV – with Todd Friel” has featured some clips from their daily update archive, over the past several weeks, featuring Voddie Baucham and James White.

Below are the clips with timeline:

James White’s scary 5 year prediction for the church [7 min. vid.]:

  • 0:00 – 2:10 “Where do you see the church, with its relationship to the government in five years regarding the issue on homosexuality?”
  • 2:11 – 4:20 “[W]here do you see the relationship of Christianity, specifically the local church now, in ten years with the state?”
  • 4:21 – 6:27 “Is there anything that the Evangelical Christian who is hearing this can do?”

Three types of homosexuals??? [4 min. vid.]:

  • 0:00 – 0:29 “Would you stand on a platform with… a Mormon, with a Rabbi, with a Imam to talk about the importance of coming together on the life issue or the marriage issue?”
  • 0:30 – 4:03  “There are three types of homosexuals…  [the first two groups] are not the enemy… and they are actually the harvest field therefore I show them love?”


Voddie Baucham and Scott Kluesendorf: Should Christians be incrementalists re. abortion? [5 min. vid.]:

  • 0:00 – 1:34 What would Voddie say to the person who insist “No incrementalism, it’s everything or nothing!”?
  • 1:35 – 3:20 “What do you say then to the person who responds, “Incrementalism? We don’t do that with other forms of murder. We don’t do that with rape. ‘Hey, we’re against rape BUT we’ll take this piece of legislation that doesn’t completely outlaw it…'”?
    • 3:28 – 4:56 Scott Kluesendorf continues to answer the above

Voddie Baucham and Scott Kluesendorf: Should we publicly display pictures of aborted babies? [4 min. vid.]:

  • 0:27 – 1:24 Scott Kluesendorf answers
  • 1:25 –  2:37 Voddie Baucham answers

Voddie Baucham and James White: Should we call people who have had abortions “murderers?” [3 min. vid.]:

  • 0:35 – 2:02 James White answers
  • 2:20 – 3:46 Voddie Baucham answers

Voddie Baucham & his Wife on Courtship & Premarital Mentoring with Phillip & Jasmine Holmes [2-part AUDIO + more]

Jasmine with her father Voddie Baucham Jr. at her wedding
Jasmine with her father Voddie Baucham Jr. at her wedding

The FamilyLife® Today Broadcast aired the two-part audio they recorded from a morning devotion that took place at their “Love Like You Mean It® Marriage Cruise” just this past Valentines Day.

The aired programs were titled, “Parental Responsibilities for Courtship”:

The idea of courtship sounds archaic, but is that a fair assessment? See an example of biblical premarital mentoring with Voddie Baucham and his wife, Bridget. Also featuring their daughter Jasmine and her husband, Phillip Holmes.

28 min. mp3:

And “What He Must Be”:

Phillip Holmes was interested in Jasmine Baucham. But before he could pursue her, he had to go through her dad. See an example of premarital mentoring with Voddie and Bridget Baucham, their daughter Jasmine, and her husband, Phillip.

26 min. mp3:

Jasmine & Phillip Holmes on their wedding day
Jasmine & Phillip Holmes on their wedding day

In the first audio they mentioned a four part series entitled “What He Must Be” that they aired with Voddie Baucham in 2012 .

Pastor Voddie Baucham talks about the characteristics a young man must have to show that he’s ready to be married.

Other times that Pastor Voddie Baucham, Jr. was on FamilyLife Today® can be found here.

The books mentioned in the program include:


what he must be

‘The Bible is the Word of God’ 2015 G3 Conf. VIDEO & AUDIO now online feat. James White, Voddie Baucham + more

Update Feb. 13, 2015: Audio [RSS] is now up.

Video from G3 2015 Conference is now online:


The church of Jesus Christ in every generation is given the weighty charge to proclaim and preserve the Word of Truth. What we believe about the Bible will shape how we live, how we worship, and how we seek to educate our children and grandchildren. Have you considered the lack of Bible reading in a typical worship service in our present day? Have you talked with your friends outside of your church about their family worship patterns? If you use the word “catechism” outside of a church or conference setting today, you may receive strange looks of complete confusion. The fact is, we are living in a day where the Bible has become the most popular book of history and yet the most irrelevant book among the culture. God has breathed out His Word. Preachers have proclaimed God’s Word. Martyrs have died to preserve God’s Word. Today, we don’t have an option to relax when it comes to the inerrancy, authority, sufficiency, veracity, infallibility, and holiness of God’s Word.


Main Session #1 – Josh Buice | Sermon Title: “Unwise Men Proclaiming the Wisdom of God” – 1 Corinthians 1:18-25


Main Session #2 – Tim Challies | Sermon Title: “The Two Books” – Psalm 19


Main Session #3 – James White | Sermon Title: “Unashamed of Inerrancy: Jesus’ Plain, Unquestionable Teaching on the Authority of Scripture”


Main Session #4 – Richard Owen Roberts | Sermon Title: “The Use of the Words of God in Preaching”

[MP3 coming soon]

Main Session #5 – Voddie Baucham | Sermon Title: “Expository Apologetics – Part I”


Main Session #6 – Paul Washer | Sermon Title: “The Great Commission – The Impossible / Possible Task” 


Main Session #7 – James White | Sermon Title: “Harmonization Isn’t For Wimps: Allowing Ancient Texts to Speak For Themselves Is Hard Work”


Main Session #8 – H. B. Charles Jr. | Sermon Title: “Preach the Word”


Main Session #9 – Richard Owen Roberts | Sermon Title: “The Place of the Word of God in Saving Faith”


Main Session #10 – Voddie Baucham | Sermon Title: “Expository Apologetics – Part II”


Main Session #11 – Steven Lawson | Sermon Title: “The War on the Word”


Main Session #12 – David Miller | Sermon Title: “The Inerrancy of the Bible”


Main Session #13 – Paul Washer | Sermon Title: “The Essential Elements of the Great Commission”


Main Session #14 – Steven Lawson | Sermon Title: “The God-Breathed Word” 


Interview with Voddie Baucham on his forthcoming book ‘Expository Apologetics’ [12 min. AUDIO|VIDEO]

Voddie Bauchum
Voddie Bauchum

In the first 12 minutes of the Dec. 18, 2014 CreationToday.com Show they interviewed Voddie Baucham. The interview gives us a sneak peek into his forthcoming book “Expository Apologetics: Answering Objections with the Power of the Word” (originally set to release October 31, 2014 but now set for May 31, 2015 according to the Amazon listing).

Join Eric and Ben in behind-the-scenes interviews with Answers for Pastors Conference speakers. Preview Dr. Baucham’s “win-some” argument diving down on the importance of learning Scriptures…

Video | MP3:

More info on the book:

Expository Apologetics Answering Objections with the Power of the Word