Founders Journal Issue 106 (Fall 2016) “Decrees” Out Now FREE! [PDF | WEB]

Read online or download [51-page PDF] issue 106 (Fall 2016) of the Founders Journal on God’s “Decrees.”


Introduction: Decrees | Tom Nettles

The Nature of God’s Eternal Decree An exposition of Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Chapter 7 “The Decree of God” From the 1689 London Baptist Confession | Tom Hicks

Predestined to Eternal Life Glory Hidden in the Mystery | Jared Longshore

Reprobation and the Second London Confession “the Second London Confession affirms reprobation, a doctrine which has been and continues to be the subject of much controversy” | Richard Blaylock

Like a Stone? The Perfect Confluence of God’s Providence And Human Freedom | Aaron Matherly

The High Mystery of Predestination An exposition of Paragraph 3 of Chapter 7 “The Decree of God” From the 1689 London Baptist Confession | Fred Malone

Book Review The Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists: 1772–1830 by Brandon F. Smith and Kurt M. Smith | Reviewed by Tom Nettles

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Dr. Tom Nettles interviewed on the Perseverance of the Saints [Theology on the Go Podcast]

From the Alliance of Confessing Evangelical‘s Place for Truth’s podcast “Theology on the Go”, “Perseverance of the Saints Podcast”:

Dr. Tom Nettles

This week on Theology on the Go, our host, Dr. Jonathan Master is joined by Dr. Thomas J. Nettles, retired Professor of Historical Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Nettles is regarded by some as one of the foremost Baptist historians in America today…

This week on Theology on the Go we are continuing a series on the Doctrines of Grace. This week Dr. Nettles has joined us to talk about the “P” in Perseverance of the Saints.

Now, grab that cup of coffee and meet us at the table!

AUDIO [17-min. MP3]:

Tom Ascol interviews Dr. Tom Nettles on beginnings of the SBC, New Calvinism + more [VIDEO]

Founders Ministries:

In this interview, Dr. Tom Ascol asks Dr. Tom Nettles about the beginnings of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Nettles, as a well-respected baptist historian, considers three things present at the founding of the Southern Baptist Convention worth recovering.

VIdeo [44 min.]:

For more, check out:

By His Grace and for His Glory:

A Historical Theological, and Practical Study of the Doctrines of Grace in Baptist Life

by Thomas J. Nettles

Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists

Who Were They and What Did They Believe?

by Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith with Introduction by Tom Nettles

Paul Brewster on SBC History: GA Baptist Assocation & Sandy Creek

Jan 28, 2017 Florida Pastor’s Fraternal feat. Dr. Tom Nettles

Reformed Baptist Network:

Dr. Tom Nettles

Greetings in Christ,

Providence Baptist Church will be hosting our 3rd Annual Florida Pastor’s Fraternal scheduled for January 28th,2017. Our speaker is Dr. Tom Nettles.

Our Brother will be speaking on the topics of:

1. “Defining my Ministry in Terms of Baptist Identity”
2. “The Devotional Element of Sermon Preparation.”

We will begin at 9:00 am and conclude with a lunch. As in past years, we will again have a book give away for all pastors who pre-register. (No cost, just RSVP.)

That weekend, Dr. Nettles will also be preaching our Winter Bible Conference on the theme: A Biblical search for Christian Assurance – [Thematic passage: Romans 8:12-17] – Details to be posted on our web site as we get closer.

Christ’s Servants,
Pastor Marty Hoffman & Steve Watson
Providence Baptist Church
Lecanto, FL

New Book: “A Noble Company, Vol. 7: Biographical Essays of Notable Particular-Regular Baptists in America” [Particular Baptist Press]

$34 – A Noble Company

Biographical Essays on Notable
Particular-Regular Baptists in America
Volume 7

Edited by Terry Wolever


This volume contains essays on twenty-four men and women, all of whom did their work for the Lord during the latter half of the eighteenth century and the mid-nineteenth century. These include such major figures in American Baptist history as Jesse Mercer, Andrew Broaddus, William Staughton, and William Parkinson.

Subjects in this volume are [link give short description]:

1. Jesse Mercer (1769-1841) by Anthony L. Chute

2. Marmaduke Earle (1769-1856) by Terry Wolever

3. Andrew Broaddus (1770-1848) by Peter Beck

4. William Staughton (1770-1829) by Thomas J. Nettles

5. Asahel Morse (1771-1838) by Gerald L. Priest

6. William Collier (1771-1843) by G. Truett Rogers

7. James Whitsitt (1771-1849) by Albert W. Wardin, Jr.

8. [The American Revolution and] Stephen Smith Nelson (1772-1853) by Jeffrey P. Staub

9. Joshua Bradley (1773-1855) by Terry Wolever

10. William Parkinson (1774-1848) by André A. Gazal

11. Clark Kendrick (1775-1824) by William H. Brackney

12. Daniel Dodge (1775-1851) by Jeffrey A. Waldrop

13. Jeremiah Chaplin (1776-1841) by Nathan V. Lentfer

14. Archibald Maclay (1776-1860) by Ian Hugh Clary

15. Nathaniel Kendrick (1777-1848) by Benjamin C. Leslie

16. Daniel Davis Lewis (1777-1849) by Larry R. Oats

17. Horatio Gates Jones, Sr. (1777-1853) by G. Truett Rogers

18. Stephen Chapin (1778-1845) by Christopher C. Moore

19. Joseph Mathias (1778-1851) by Johnny Truelove

20. Thomas Brown (1779-1831) by Jonny White

21 & 22. Ensign Lincoln (1779-1832) and Thomas Edmands (1780-1850) by Terry Wolever

23. Obadiah B. Brown (1779-1852) by Don Moffitt

24. Mary Webb (1779-1861) by Rosalie Beck

There are three appendixes [and indexes]. They are:

A. Letter from William Staughton to the parents of Stephen Dutilh (1800)

B. Church Covenant and Resolutions of the Baptist Church at Burlington, New Jersey, 1801. William Staughton, Pastor.

C. Letter from Clark Kendrick to Mrs. Tabitha Morgan (1820)

Hardcover. Bound in Navy cloth vellum with gold stamping. 649 pages. Illustrated with some additional rare portraits and other pictures. Three extensive indexes – Persons, Subjects and Churches.

Learn more about Particular Baptist Press in our interview with them.

Dr. Tom Nettles on Spurgeon’s Approach to a Bible Passage [VIDEO]

Dr. Tom Nettles
Dr. Tom Nettles

Back in 2014 Thomas Nettles gave two messages at the London Metropolitan Tabernacle on how the great preacher Charles Spurgeon approached Scripture. Here they are:

While Spurgeon’s sermons constitute the largest set of volumes by any author in the English language, and have attracted more readers than the sermons of any other preacher, it is evident that most of them could never have been composed using the system of expounding being promoted today. Spurgeon’s traditional approach to the Word will surely enliven greatly our own quest for the Spirit’s intended message.

[via Credo Blog]

New Seminary: Grace Bible Institute of Pastoral Studies

Pastor Jeff Johnson:

Grace Bible Church of Conway, Arkansas, where I am privileged to pastor, is starting a church based seminary called Grace Bible Institute of Pastoral Studies. See here:

Grace Bible Institute

This is truly amazing. Planting the church over fifteen years ago in my living room, I never thought this would be something God had in store for us. We are thanking God for this great opportunity.

In some ways, the seminary has been forced on us. With more and more young men joining our church with a desire to minister and preach the Word, our responsibility to train them became more and more evident. I have felt for some time now that it is the local church’s responsibility to equip the next generations of pastors. 2 Tim. 2:2 teaches us that pastors are responsible to train pastors. After starting a class that would meet once a month, more pastoral students have been sent to us by God. With such a reservoir of men, and with God supernaturally supplying the financial resources, it became clear to us that we needed to start a more robust training program.

Our objective is to equip, ordain, and send out the next generation of church leaders by providing faithful men with a doctrinal education and pastoral experience within the context, oversight, and accountability of our local church. We not only desire to offer a rigorous education in the classroom, but supply practical, real-life experience under the mentorship of our pastors.

So we created a degree program that is based on four avenues of study. First, we are offering four module courses a year where we will bring in some of the leading professors in America. Over an extended weekend, our students will be able to earn 3 credit hours in a classroom setting. Second, we will provide four residential classes a year that are taught by the elders of the church—including myself. Third, we will require six credit hours of self study a year that will be guided and overseen by the Institute’s staff. Fourth, preaching and counseling practicums will be required throughout the program.

If you want to view our course list, check here.

Dr. Bob Gonzales taught our first module on the Doctrine of the Word, and Dr. Tom Nettles is scheduled to come and teach Baptist Church History next week. For more information on this, see here:


We desire to train pastors who self-sacrificially care for God’s sheep.

Though we are not currently accredited, our goal is to become affiliated and then accredited with the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries.

If you would like to help us, we are seeking to build a robust theological library and would appreciate book donations. We are in the mist of the building construction of our new church and seminary facilities, and with limited wall space, we plan to build a 25 by 16 foot bookshelf with a spiral staircase and catwalk at the 8 foot mark. So, we need books.

Most importantly, we could use your prayers as our goal is not to make a great name for ourselves, but to help ordain and send out laborers into the harvest.

Tom Nettles Interviews Tom Ascol on the 1689 [Founders Journal]

Founders Journal · Summer 2005 · pp. 4-9 has an interview, conducted by Tom Nettles, with Pastor Tom Ascol on the Second London Confession of 1689. It begins:

founders journal summer 2005Start by telling us how long your church has used the 1689 Confession.

Since 1989 Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida has been guided by a commitment to the 1689 (Second London) Confession of Faith. We adopted that confession as a detailed expression of our doctrinal commitments as a church and for the purpose of guiding us in the selection of officers, teachers and other leaders in the church. We use the edition that is published by the elders of Grace Baptist Church in Carlisle, PA, but also allow for the use of the Carey edition, entitled A Faith to Confess. This latter edition employs modern language and is more easily read by some.[1]

Pastor Tom Ascol
Pastor Tom Ascol

How does using a confession of faith benefit a church body?

A church can receive great benefit from properly using a (or more than one) confession of faith. By adopting a confession of faith a clear statement is made that on certain matters of faith and practice the church is pre-committed. That is, the church declares, “We are not looking for truth in these areas, we believe that we have found the truth of God’s Word on these subjects and this is what our views are.” This kind of pre-commitment is very useful in times of doctrinal uncertainty or controversy. If some members come to convictions that are contrary to the church’s confession, then those members can be addressed on the basis of what the church has previously stated to be its views. Further, those seeking to join the church have in the confession a clear declaration of what can be expected in the preaching and teaching ministry.

A good confession can help promote the unity of the church. Opinions are not all equally valid and where there exists in a church a common commitment to a list of doctrinal convictions, those views that deviate from or contradict that commitment can be readily recognized and addressed. No church can long survive if it must continually reevaluate each and every doctrine when at once it is questioned.

A good confession can also help a church grow spiritually. Such a confession represents the collective wisdom of trusted teachers. It can prove to be a great source of instruction for those who are committed to understanding and applying biblical truth. A confession serves as a reminder of what God has taught others whose lives and views we respect. It can be consulted as a guide in Bible study, or can actually provide an outline for a doctrinal study of the Word.

Dr. Tom Nettles
Dr. Tom Nettles

What are the doctrinal strengths of the Second London Confession [2LC]?

The doctrinal strengths of the 2LC are seen in the comprehensiveness of its thirty-two chapters. Matters related to the heart of salvation are addressed in detail in at least twelve of those chapters, covering everything from “God’s Covenant” (chapter 7) to the “Assurance of Grace and Salvation” (chapter 18).

In addition to these soteriological chapters, the confession also treats matters related to the life and health of a local church. Twelve chapters address the Bible’s teachings on the law, gospel, Christian liberty, worship, the Sabbath, oaths, civil government, marriage, the church, communion of the saints and the ordinances (chapters 19–30).

In addition, chapters on authority (1), the nature and sovereignty of God (2–5), sin (5) and last things (31, 32) are included. All of these subjects are important to the spiritual vitality of individual believers and churches. As a believer grows in the grace and knowledge of the Lord, these are matters that he will discover he must develop opinions and perhaps even convictions on. It is very helpful for a local church to state plainly its position on these matters. Members can expect the teaching and preaching ministries of the church to be within these confessional boundaries. The confession can also be used as an excellent tool for the systematic study of biblical doctrines. The insights of those who have gone before us and whose testimonies have proven faithful are invaluable aids in study and growth…

The rest contain answers to the following questions:

  • Do you think that the length of the articles is helpful or confusing?

  • How does it serve in the process of a person becoming a church member?

  • Do pastors/elders relate differently to the 2LC than those members that are not so called?

  • How does it serve in the educational process of the church?

  • How does it serve in the discipline of the church?

  • How is it related to biblical exposition in the church?

  • Another idea you would like to cover


Read the entire interview.

[HT: @1689_LBCF]

2015 Reformed Baptist Family Conf. AUDIO feat. Nettles, Savastio, A. Walker, Hughes & Hoak in Louisville, KY.

Audio from the 2015 Reformed Baptist Family Conference, which took place July 28th through 31st, is now online:

2015 Reformed Baptist Family Conf
A Light Shining In A Dark Place | Professor Tom Nettles | 76 min [mp3]:

Stewardship of Controversy | Professor Tom Nettles | 63 min [mp3]:

An Exhortation to the Older Generation | Aaron Hoak | 54 min [mp3]:

The Great Commission | Professor Tom Nettles | 54 min [mp3]:

The Work of the New Generation | Tim Hoak | 56 min [mp3]:

Living By Faith | Austin Walker | 78 min [mp3]:

The Test Of Faith | Austin Walker | 53 min [mp3]:

Dying In Faith | Austin Walker | 51 min [mp3]:

Encouragement To Brethren In Dark Times | Jim Savastio |  56 min [mp3]:

History Of Revivals | William Hughes | 63 min [mp3]:

AUDIO from the 2015 Baptist Heritage Conf. feat. Tom Ascol & Tom Nettles now online

This conference that we previously announced has now put the audio from the conference online:

Baptist Heritage Conf Audio


Friday, June 19

6:30 PM: Dr. Nettles, “Lessons about Christian life from Baptist History” [mp3]:

8:00 PM: Dr. Ascol, “Forward Toward our Heritage” [mp3]

Saturday, June 20

9:00AM: Dr. Ascol, “Early Southern Baptist Evangelism” [mp3]

10:15 AM: Dr. Nettles, “The Purifying Power of Controversy in Baptist Life” [mp3]:

1:00 PM: Dr. Ascol, “Why Theology Matters to Worship” [mp3]:

2:15 PM: Dr. Nettles, “The Importance of a Singular Vision in the Ministry of J. P. Boyce” [mp3]:

3:00 PM: Q&A [mp3]:

Sunday, June 21

9:00 AM: Dr. Nettles, “Spurgeon: Christ’s Work in the Covenant of Redemption” [mp3]:

10:15 AM: Dr. Ascol, “Getting the Gospel Right” [mp3]:

A Calvinist responds to an Arminian responding to a Calvinist critiquing an Arminian’s book on Prevenient Grace [Tom Nettles]

From Books at a Glance:

prevenient graceIn case you’re new with us, let me bring you up to date regarding this discussion. Dr. Tom Nettles of our Board of Reference here at Books At a Glance recently posted a review of Dr. Brian Shelton’s Prevenient Grace: God’s Provision for Fallen Humanity. In this book Dr. Shelton defends an Arminian perspective on the subject, and in the review Dr. Nettles offered a respectful critique from a Calvinist perspective. Dr. Nettles and I agreed that it would be good to allow Dr. Shelton – also a friend of Books At a Glance – an opportunity to respond.

Dr. Tom Nettles
Dr. Tom Nettles

The exchange has been respectful and illuminating, and I appreciate the graciousness displayed by both of these men – we now can say that at least once in our lifetime we have seen a Calvinist-Arminian debate that didn’t embarrass either side! Many thanks to them both.

Now today, Dr. Nettles finishes up the conversation with some final reflections. [Read]

“Baptists & War” AUDIO from the 2011 Andrew Fuller Center Conf. [18 MP3s] + more

The new book Baptists & War: Essays on Baptists & Military Conflict, 1640s-1990s, that we let you know about last week, is a collection of essays which were originally delivered at the 2011 annual conference of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies. You can find that audio to that conference below:

baptist and war2



September 26–27, 2011


Anthony Cross, “Baptists and Peace:  An Overview” (MP3):

Larry Kreitzer, “The ‘Valiant Old Lady’:  The Story of the Eighth Whelp (1628-46) and Her Baptist Chaplain John Pendarves”(MP3):

Keith Harper, “Baptists During the Period of the American Revolution” (MP3):

Paul Brewster, “Andrew Fuller and the War against Napolean”(MP3):

George Rable, “Was the American Civil War a Holy War?” (MP3):

Panel Discussion with George Rable, James Fuller, Tom Nettles, and Greg Wills, “Interpreting the American Civil War” (MP3):

James Robertson, “American and Canadian Baptists and the War of 1812″ (MP3):

Robert Linder, “Australian Baptists and World War II” (MP3):

Maurice Dowling, “Russian Baptists and the Cold War” (MP3):

Nathan Finn, “The Vietnam War and Baptist Witness” (MP3):


Phillip Bethancourt, “Christ the Warrior King and the Conquest:  Understanding the Canaanite Genocide in Light of a Biblical Theology of Warfare” (MP3):

Josh Carmichael, “National Judgements and Mercies, A Call to Repentance, Prayer and Fasting:  The War Hymns of Anne Steele”(MP3):

Roger Duke, “The Baptist Chaplain in Times of War” (MP3):

Joe Harrod, “The French and Indian War: A Presbyterian Perspective” (MP3):

Gord Heath, “Canadian Baptists and the 19th Century Wars of the British Empire” (MP3):

Tony Mattia, “Being A Chaplain in the American Civil War” (MP3):

Chad Mauldin, “Violence and the Cross:  Fullerism’s Answer to Contemporary Attacks on Substitutionary Atonement” (MP3):

Cody McNutt, “Robert Hall, Jr.:  Political Preaching and the Making of a Cultural Celebrity” (MP3):

[source: AFCBS]



The September [2011] issue of “Towers” [SBTS’s monthly publication] is now online and in stands. SBTS professors Mark Coppenger and Michael A.G. Haykin help readers toward a clearer understanding of the often convoluted and always complex issue of Christians engaging in warfare (page 12). Coppenger also offers a brief summary of just-war theory (page 13)…


June 19-21, 2015 Baptist Heritage Conf. feat. Tom Ascol & Tom Nettles in Valdosta, GA.

b heritage conf 2015

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Tom Nettles, Professor of Historical Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and
Dr. Tom Ascol, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida & Executive Director of Founders Ministries.


Friday, June 19

6:30 PM: Dr. Nettles, “Lessons about Christian life from Baptist History”

8:00 PM: Dr. Ascol, “Forward Toward our Heritage”

Saturday, June 20

9:00AM: Dr. Ascol, “Early Southern Baptist Evangelism”

10:15 AM: Dr. Nettles, “The Purifying Power of Controversy in Baptist Life”

1:00 PM: Dr. Ascol, “Why Theology Matters to Worship”

2:15 PM: Dr. Nettles, “The Importance of a Singular Vision in the Ministry of J. P. Boyce”

3:00 PM: Q&A

Sunday, June 21

9:00 AM: Dr. Nettles, “Spurgeon: Christ’s Work in the Covenant of Redemption”

10:15 AM: Dr. Ascol, “Getting the Gospel Right”


Tickets go on sale to the public April 15, 2015. Buy here.

Limited Seating
Tickets cost $25 per person, plus fees & any applicable taxes
Pastors and their families may attend for free.
Child care not provided
Contact us: for more information.


Covenant Baptist Church
3019 Country Club Drive
Valdosta GA 31602

DEAL: $/£1.99 ‘Understanding Four Views on Baptism’ feat. Nettles + more [Kindle]

Understanding Four Views on Baptism Counterpoints Church Life Kindle Edition

Understanding Four Views on Baptism
(Counterpoints: Church Life)

$1.99£1.99 ]


What is the significance of water baptism? Who should be baptized? Is infant baptism scriptural? Which is the proper baptismal mode: sprinkling, pouring, or immersion? Should people be rebaptized if they join a church that teaches a different form of baptism? Should baptism be required for church membership? These and other questions are explored in this thought-provoking book.

Four historic views on baptism are considered in depth:

  • Baptism of the professing regenerate by immersion (Baptist)
  • Believers’ baptism on the occasion of regeneration by immersion (Christian Churches/Churches of Christ)
  • Infant baptism by sprinkling as a regenerative act (Lutheran)
  • Infant baptism of children of the covenant (Reformed)

Each view is presented by its proponent, then critiqued and defended in dialogue with the book’s other contributors. Here is an ideal setting in which you can consider the strengths and weaknesses of each stance and arrive at your own informed conclusion.


Print Length: 224 pages
Publisher: Zondervan (August 30, 2009)
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Lending: Not Enabled

Logos Pre-Pub: $76.95 ‘Founders Press Ministry Collection (11 vols.)’ feat. Nettles, Haykin, Ascol, E. Reisinger + more

The Founders Press Ministry Collection (11 vols.)  is currently gathering interest in Pre-Pub to see if this becomes a Logos resource.

Founders Press Ministry Collection Logos



Ministry is for both pastor and parishioner. Whatever your role, find insights for better ministry from Baptist teachers and preachers dedicated to Scripture and historic Baptist principles. The Founders Press Ministry Collection gathers volumes on church membership, worship, pastoral ministry, embracing the doctrines of grace, dealing with pain and suffering, reformation in the Southern Baptist convention, and much more. Gathering powerful resources for serving God and building the church today, this collection is a valuable asset for approaching numerous areas of church life and ministry….


  • Addresses various aspects of ministry in a Baptist context
  • Upholds historic Baptist principles
  • Practically examines worship, the doctrines of grace, church membership, and more
  • Includes a modern rendering of the 1689 Baptist Confession
  • Volumes: 11
  • Pages: 2,138

Individual Titles: