Interview #94 – The Reformed Baptist Movement in Canada: Past & Present – Pascal Denault, Raymond Perron & Chris Powell [Audio Podcast]



Raymond & Diane Perron
Raymond & Diane Perron [bio]
Chris Powell & family
Chris Powell & Family [bio]

Pascal Denault
Pascal Denault

“It may be surprising for your American listeners to hear, but Canada truly needs mission work being done here… If your looking for a mission field you have one, right next door, above you, in Canada.”

On episode 94 of our interview podcast we have Pastors Raymond Perron, Chris Powell, and Pascal Denault on to tell us all about the Reformed Baptist movement in Canada.


  • Getting to know Pastors Raymond & Powell (we previously got to know Denault on episode #2)
  • History of the Reformed Baptist movement in Canada (French/English)
  • Present state of the movement (larger movement, associations, training, etc.)
  • + more


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ARBCA GA 2014 “The Sufferings of Christ” [Audio] feat. Beeke, Hodgins, Perron, J. Renihan + more

Audio from the 2014 ARBCA General Assembly is now online:

ARBCA GA 2014logo_

“The keynote speaker was Dr. Joel Beeke… the messages really hit home. They were experimental. They brought Christ and His suffering, that reality, to our minds, to our hearts.”  – Pastor John Giarrizzo


Tuesday, April 1

Morning Devotional | Arden Hodgins [mp3]:

Gethsemane | Dr. Joel Beeke [mp3]:

Wednesday, April 2

Morning Devotional | Michael Kelly [mp3]:

Biographical Sketch of Eric Liddell | David Campbell [mp3]:

Gabbatha | Dr. Joel Beeke [mp3]:

Thursday, April 3

Morning Devotional | Doug Vandermuelen [mp3]

Symbolics | James M. Renihan [mp3]:

Missionary Report | Michael Emadi [mp3]:

Missionary Report | Daniel Durand & Raymond Perron [mp3]:

Golgotha | Dr. Joel Beeke [mp3]:

arbca ga

Hear more about the ARBCA 2014 GA on our podcast interview we did with the pastor from the host church.

Building Tomorrow’s Church Lecture 2009-2012 Audio Archive


Download audio

Last week we interviewed David Giarrizo, coordinator of the Building Tomorrow’s Church – Reformed Baptist Young Adults Conference, during the interview he mentioned that the lectures and sermons from previous conferences could be found online. Well, I found them, so for your listening pleasure here are the links, and be sure to visit the conference website and consider attending the conference!

BTC 2009

Conference Introduction – various speakers

The Basis For Godly LivingPastor Robert Briggs

Minstering Your GiftsEarl M. Blackburn

Manifesting Your GracesEarl M. Blackburn

The Character Of Godly Living – Pastor Robert Briggs

BTC 2010

The Church & Missions: Introduction – various speakers

The Mission is God’s – Don Donnell

Lets Get Out Of Our Hideout Raymond Perron

Becoming A Radicalized Disciple Don Donnell

Proclaiming The Gospel In A Secular CultureRaymond Perron

BTC 2010 Q&A various speakers

BTC 2011

Introduction – various speakers

Masculine Godliness, Pt. 1David Dykstra

Masculine Godliness, Pt. 2David Dykstra

Manly Dominion Mark Chanski

Guideline For Singles David Dykstra

Men: Their Problems and Solutions David Dykstra

Marital Dominion Mark Chanski

BTC 2011 Q&A various speakers

BTC 2012

Introductionvarious speakers

The Practical Implications Of Total Depravity: Humility Sam E. Waldron

The Practical Implications Of Limited Atonement: LoveSam E. Waldron

The Practical Implications Of Unconditional Election: EvangelismGordon Taylor

The Practical Implications Of  Irresistible Grace: Service Gordon Taylor

The Practical Implications Of Perserverance Of The Saints: Holiness– Gordon Taylor

BTC 2012 Q&A Pt.1 various speakers

BTC 2012 Q&A Pt.2various speakers