Is Application Necessary? – Phil Newton

Phil Newton, at the Founders Ministries Blog, writes:

Sermons may be preached without application but not good sermons. I did not always think that to be the case. Recognizing the power and authority of God’s Word, I went through a time when I thought that just rightly preaching the Word and letting the Holy Spirit make application would be enough. And certainly the Holy Spirit makes applications that the messenger cannot begin to recognize. Yet that position betrays the examples of Jesus, Peter, and Paul in their preaching.

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Interview #5: Richard Barcellos – Better Than The Beginning: Creation in Biblical Perspective (2 of 2) + Book Giveaway


On episode five of our podcast, we finish up our two part interview with Richard Barcellos on his new book Better Than The Beginning: Creation In Biblical Perspective [buy via Amazon | Amazon UK].

After that, we talk about some Reformed Baptist headlines.

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Congrats to Christian L., and Jim C. for winning last week’s podcast giveaway. 

better then the beginning cover
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Amazon | Amazon UK]

This week we are giving away two of Richard Barcellos’ Better Than The Beginning: Creation In Biblical Perspective.

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Sponsor: – A wiki dedicated to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, commonly called the 1689, and theology in accordance with the doctrines contained therein.

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The Preacher’s Vocal Hygiene By Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker, at Reformation 21, writes:

The voice is the preacher’s primary tool, and we need to keep it in good condition. Reminded of and freshly and uncomfortably impressed with some of the elements of vocal hygiene, and being very willing to help other preachers keep their voices healthy, and equally to spare anyone the experience of a doctor inserting what looks and feels like a car aerial into your nasal cavities, or worse, herewith some counsels (garnered over many years) on vocal hygiene tailored to the preacher, arranged topically, some or all of which may be helpful to some. A lot of it is sanctified common-sense, and I should imagine that most preachers do most of it almost naturally.

Read his advice for taking care of your voice.