“Directives to Young Preachers” 3-part series [Video] by Robert Briggs [RBS]

The following lectures are a part of the Preaching & Teaching RBS class [hear the audio here].

RBS Dean Dr. Robert Gonzales:

Reformed Baptist Seminary‘s course on preaching and teaching features three lectures by Pastor Robert Briggs entitled “Directives to Young Preachers.” In the first lecture Pastor Briggs emphasizes the priority of godly character over giftedness.

The second lecture examines and sets forth Paul’s apostolic ministry as a model for would be preachers.

Finally, Pastor Briggs addresses what to avoid and what to cultivate for an effective pulpit ministry.

I’ve posted these three lectures in video format below and would highly commend them not only to those who aspire to the pastoral ministry but also to those of us who are already in pastoral ministry. It’s always good to be reminded of the basics!.. 


To learn more about Reformed Baptist Seminary’s online theological training program watch this brief video here.

Pastor Robert Briggs
Pastor Robert Briggs

Robert Briggs pastored in Northern Ireland for eleven and a half years before moving to northern California to take up pastoral responsibilities at Immanuel Baptist Church, Sacramento in January 2004. He has a Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) from Queens University of Belfast.

James White teaching on “Pulpit Crimes: The Criminal Mishandling of God’s Word” [Video]

The teaching comes from James White’s book Pulpit Crimes: The Criminal Mishandling of God’s Word

pulpit crimes james white

In Pulpit Crimes, James White brings his clarity to the issue of the vague and ambiguous preaching. He addresses the crimes that are being committed and seeks to revive courage and committed to the truth. Timely reading, Pulpit Crimes is must reading for the homiletics student and the seasoned preacher.

66 minute video:

In this video, Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries deals with:

  • Laying Down the Law: The Bible’s Teaching on the Nature of Preaching
  • Prostitution: Using the Gospel for Financial Gain
  • Pandering Pluralism
  • Cowardice Under Fire
  • Felonious Eisegesis
  • Entertainment Without a License

Voddie Baucham Traces the Line of the Promised Seed [5 min. video]


Voddie Baucham will be joining us next week for our 2014 National Conference. In 2011 he spoke at our Fall Conference at Reformation Bible College and traced the line of the Promised Seed from Genesis to the Gospels.

Transcript | Entire sermon: “The Rescuer” [Genesis 41, Joseph & Jesus]

Some of the material we touched on with him on Interview #30 – Joseph & The Gospel of Many Colors: Reading an Old Story in a New Way

PodcastPromo30 Voddie Baucham Joseph

The Means of Grace [2011 ARBCA GA] Audio, Video, Notes + more feat: Barcellos, Renihan(s), Malone + More

Thought this would be a good Monday audio to post given our last podcast. Enjoy!

Means of Grace ARBCA GA 2011


Defining the Means of Grace – James M. Renihan [MP3]

Preaching the Ordinary Means of Grace – Tom Lyon [MP3]

The Motive of Faithful Perseverance – David Johnston [MP3]

Baptism as a Means of Grace – Rev. Fred Malone [MP3]

Real Faith Active and Concrete – Jim Dundas [MP3]

The Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace – Richard Barcellos [MP3]

Encouragements from the Person and Works of Christ – Steve Woodman [MP3]

Prayer as a Means of Grace – Mike Renihan [MP3]

The Minister’s Expectation of Success – Steve Garrick [MP3]

Annual Circular Letter: The New Testament Use of the Old Testament Narrative – Ronald Baines [MP3]

The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace Lecture Notes:

Ian Clary:

Richard Barcellos […] posted his lecture given to an ARBCA meeting […] on the Lord’s Supper as a means of grace. I’ve linked them below because I think that they are quite instructive. Because they are his lecture notes, they are mostly point form. But he gives a good argument for understanding the “real presence” or “spiritual presence” in the Supper:


  1. The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace 1
  2. The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace 2
  3. The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace 3
  4. The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace 4


Video interview with Barcellos on the subject:

4 minute video Q&A with Dr. Barcellos and John Divito about ARBCA GA 2011

Study Intro to the Puritans [Founders Study Center] Audit for FREE + More

Founders Study Center Intro to the Puritans

Preaching and Preachers with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones – 16-Week course (begins February 3, 2014):

16 sessions with audio lectures by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
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In this course students will have the opportunity to hear one of the greatest preachers of the twentieth century share his vision of preaching.


This course meets for 16 sessions. The course begins February 3, 2014. Students will have access to course material online until June 20, 2014 (20 weeks to complete the course).

Cost: $75   Register by January 3, 2014 and receive a $25 Early Registration Discount!

Introduction to the Puritans – 10-Week course (begins March 17, 2014):

10 sessions with audio lectures by Dr. Mark Dever, Dr. J.I. Packer and others
Download and listen to course lectures on your iPod


Preview Course Syllabus

The Puritans have provided a rich and profitable heritage of doctine and devotion. They lingered long in the Word of God and sought to apply its truths to every aspect of life and worship. This course offers students a brief historical overview of the Puritans and their value to us today.


This course meets for 10 sessions and will begin on March 17, 2014. Students will have access to course material online until June 20, 2014 (14 weeks to complete the course).

Cost: $50   Register by January 3, 2014 and receive a 15 Early Registration Discount!

This spring the Founders Study Center is offering the course, Intro to the Puritans free for those who sign up to audit the course. Register here to audit it for free this spring!

Early Registration for Spring 2013 is now OPEN! Enroll Now in the Founders Study Center.

[source: Founders Study Center]

Taming a Horse in Church & Confidence in God’s Appointed Means [Jeff Riddle]

It was one of those “man bites dog” news links on the Drudge Report website that I just couldn’t pass up.  It enticed with something like, “Pastor tames wild horse while preaching sermon.” The link sent me to this video on youtube.com where, in fact, you can watch Pastor Lawrence Bishop II of Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio actually tame a wild horse within a ring set up in the center of the church’s sanctuary (more likely, “worship center”). Pastor Bishop (great name) is also apparently a former rodeo professional, and the “sermon” was the seventh and climactic in his “Conquer the Beast” series.

Conquer the beast

…Is there anything wrong with sermons where wild horses are tamed? …Is this what Paul was talking about when he said, “I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some” (1 Cor 9:22)?


In fact, I would say this is not at all what Paul was talking about. Rather than demonstrating innovation or zeal for souls, it shows a fundamental lack of confidence in the simplicity of preaching as the God-ordained “converting ordinance” (as the Puritans called it)…


OK, we might not be tempted to put up a horse ring or build a motorcycle ramp, but we may have our own subtle expressions of lack of confidence in divinely ordained means…


2009 PRTS Conference “Calvin for the 21st Century” [Audio Now Available] feat. Haykin + more

[RHB | Kindle | Amazon UK]

Audio from the 2009 PRTS conference, Calvin for the 21st Century, is now available on Sermon Audio:

Calvin on Preaching Christ from the Old Testament – David P. Murray

Calvin on the Church – Cornelis (Neil) Pronk

Calvin and the Missionary Endeavor of the Church – Michael Haykin

Calvin on Ethics – Nelson Kloosterman

Calvin on the Early Church – Ligon Duncan

Calvin on the Holy Spirit – Joseph A. Pipa Jr.

Calvin on the Word of God – Jerry Bilkes

Christian Marriage in the 21st Century: Listening to Calvin on Purpose of Marriage – Michael Haykin

The Resurgence of Calvinism in America – Ligon Duncan

Union with Christ, the Twofold Grace of God in Calvin’s Theology – Cornelis Venema

What Kind of Love is This? – David P. Murray

Redemption; Speaking Peace in the 21st Century – Derek Thomas

This material is also available in book format at Reformation Heritage Books

Product Description:

Calvin for the 21st Century is an edited compilation of the stimulating addresses given at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary’s annual conference in August 2009, at Grand Rapids, Michigan. The book contains a wealth of information and practical applications about how to use Calvin’s thought in our challenging day. Topics include Calvin on preaching Christ from the Old Testament, missions, the church, Scripture, the Spirit’s work, redemption, ethics, believers’ benefits, the early church, reprobation, marriage, and reforming the church. A highlight is Ligon Duncan’s chapter on “The Resurgence of Calvinism in America.” The book concludes with a summary chapter by the editor, Joel Beeke, who expounds twelve reasons Calvin is important for us today. Additional writers include Jerry Bilkes, Michael Haykin, Nelson Kloosterman, David Murray, Joseph Pipa, Neil Pronk, Donald Sinnema, Derek Thomas, and Cornel Venema.
If you can afford only one of the books published on Calvin that commemorated the 500th anniversary of his birth, this is the one to get! Written at laypeople’s level, and retaining a flavor of the spoken style, it is informative, stimulating, and practical.
Author  Joel Beeke (editor) (Ph.D. Westminster Theological Seminary) is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, pastor of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, editor of The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth, and author of numerous books.
Endorsements  “This superb anthology of essays exploring the relevance of John Calvin for our times is exactly what we are coming to expect from the faithful, burgeoning Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and their faculty—a strong blend of mature scholarship from hearts promptly and sincerely offered to God. These essays, from one of the most successful North American conferences during the 2009 Calvin Quincentenary cycle, also comprise one of the finest literary offerings on the subject. Readers are given an expert introduction to Calvin as exegete, reformer, preacher, theologian, leader, missionary, ethicist, and to his enduring influence. It is a pleasure to read, it contains fine research, and it depicts the practical side of Calvin wonderfully. I am pleased to commend it heartily to a reading public, who assuredly will discover more about Calvin in future years from essays of this quality. Volumes, conferences, and leaders like these will advance that much needed recovery. Moreover, it presents a Calvin who is much harder to hate or ignore—perhaps making this book and its thought as dangerous and influential as Calvin’s.” – David Hall
“2009 was the year of the 500th Anniversary of the birth of John Calvin and throughout the world the opportunity was seized to remember the great achievements of this man who loved God, and tell them to whoever would listen. This book of essays reminds us of the richness of Calvin’s accomplishments and the fruit of his labors, his goal being the pervasive reformation of personal and ecclesiastical life in the light of the Scriptures and thus to impact the world. How great was his vision of life lived under the Word of God; each of these essays casts its light on Calvin’s various astonishing accomplishments. They explain and commend Calvin warmly, and take us beyond the Reformer to the God of the Reformer.” – Geoff Thomas

Order: RHB | Kindle | Amazon UK

Preaching to the Affections without Manipulating Them [Video] Voddie Baucham w/ Piper & Núñez

preaching affections prevThe Gospel Coalition Blog:

Should preachers aim for the affections? Is this even possible without resorting to manipulation techniques? In a new roundtable video, John Piper, Voddie Baucham, and Miguel Núñez—all Council members for The Gospel Coalition—explore differences between “working the crowd” and awakening authentic, God-honoring emotion…


Baucham references a complaint sometimes voiced in more traditionally emotional (e.g., black and Latino) cultures that emphasizing truth and theology amounts to “denying your culture, your heritage, your ethnicity.” But the call to awaken affections with biblical truth is not culturally specific…


Watch the full 12-minute video to hear these three preachers discuss Grand Canyon moments, when God looks boring, and more.


Fred Malone on How to Preach Christ from the Wisdom Liturature

christ in ecclFred Malone:

My last five posts have attempted to answer three questions: (1) “Should we preach Christ in every sermon? [6 min. readout; (2) “Why should we preach Christ in every sermon? [6 min. readout]; and (3) “How should we preach Christ in every sermon?” [7 min. readout]


I have attempted to illustrate (3) with a Proverb [7 min. readouta law [7 min. readout], an historical narrative [11 min. readout], and a Psalm [9 min. readout].


Now I hope to show how to preach Christ from Ecclesiastes 4:4, a single verse of the Wisdom Literature.

Read the rest or listen to eight minute readout.

Jeff Riddle Interviews Richard Barcellos on Preaching & Hermeneutics

Barcellos Riddle
Barcellos & Riddle

Pastor Jeff Riddle writes:

I uploaded another edition of Word Magazine today.  It features an interview I did with Richard Barcellos (along with Steve Clevenger) on the topic of preaching and hermeneutics.  The interview was done over lunch on Friday, September 27 at Christian’s Pizza on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville…

Listen [mp3]:



You can hear more of Barcellos on preaching & hermeneutics here:

Interview #25 – Tom Nettles – Living by Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon


On episode 25 of our podcast, we interview Dr. Tom Nettles about his newest book Living by Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

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Enter to win the book & Spurgeon Manuscript here!


Books & Sites Mentioned:

spurgeon Living By Revealed Truth biggerLiving by Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon by Tom Nettles



Credopedia.org – A wiki dedicated to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, commonly called the 1689, and theology in accordance with the doctrines contained therein.

In Praise of Old Guys [Blog] & The Biggest Mistakes Young Preachers Make [Video] – Feat. Voddie Baucham + More

Over at The Decablog, Nicolas Alford wrote “In Praise of Old Guys”. He writes:

Title aside, I actually intend this post to be less of a tribute to the patriarchs and more of a summons to the whippersnappers.  I’d like to say 5 things to the men of my general generation regarding the perils of our youth, the virtues of our elders, and some steps we can take to mitigate the distance between us and them.

The five topics he hits are:

1. While youth has many advantages and blessings, there are virtues and qualities which come only with time.


2. Age exposes many imbalances and corrects many false assumptions.


3. Seasoned and experienced leaders ought to be given greater credibility than young and untested men.


4. The men who have stood the test of centuries ought to be given even greater credibility.


5. Make sure you are regularly rubbing shoulders with older men who bring things to the table which you lack. 

Read the entire post or listen to 10 minute readout.

Young Preacher

Taking his own advice (a year later), he posted Young Preachers, Watch this Video!:

Ever since I posted “In Praise of Old Guys” [linked above], I’ve been more appreciative of the sort of advice offered in this video.  This is helpful for any who preach, but especially for those of us who are still in our early days of ministry.

This eight minute video features Voddie Bauchum, Tullian Tchividjian and Russell Moore:

Pink on Preaching About Sin


“The evangelist is to preach upon SIN: to define what sin (as distinct from crime) really is, to show wherein its infinite enormity consists; to trace out its manifold workings in the heart; to indicate that nothing less than eternal punishment is its desert.


“Ah, and preaching upon sin—not merely uttering a few platitudes concerning it, but devoting sermon after sermon to explaining what sin is in the sight of God—will not make him popular nor draw the crowds, will it?


“No, it will not, and knowing this, those who love the praise of men more than the approbation of God, and who value their salary above immortal souls, trim their sails accordingly. “But such preaching will drive people away!” We answer, better drive people away by faithful preaching than drive the Holy Spirit away by unfaithfully pandering to the flesh. The terms of Christ’s salvation are erroneously stated by the present-day evangelist.”

A. W. Pink (1886-1952)

Thanks to A Particular Baptist Blog for providing this quote from A.W. Pink.

Preaching Christ from 2 Samuel – Fred Malone

Fred Malone continues his excellent series over at the Founders Ministries’ blog:

My last four posts have attempted to answer three questions: (1) “Should We Preach Christ in Every Sermon?”, (2) “Why Should We Preach Christ in Every Sermon?, and (3) “How Should We Preach Christ in Every Sermon?”  I used preaching in Proverbs and Lev. 18:5 to illustrate (3).

Today, I would like to continue illustrating (3) by using an OT historical narrative: 2 Sam. 16:5-14.


Read the rest or listen to 11 minute readout.