2014 Founders Conf. SW AUDIO now online: “The Means of Grace” feat. Barcellos, James Renihan, Vincent, Montgomery, & Garrick

2014 Southern Baptist Founders Southwet Means of Grace


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1 Devotional Psalm: Psalm 111 | Larry Vincent | THU 09/25/2014
32 min MP3:

Introduction to the Means of Grace | James M. Renihan | THU 09/25/2014

50 min MP3:

Preaching as a Means of Grace | James M. Renihan | THU 09/25/2014

55 min MP3:

Baptism as a Means of Grace | Richard Barcellos | FRI 09/26/2014

59 min MP3:

Means of Grace Cover02

Baptist Confessions and the Means of Grace | James M. Renihan | FRI 09/26/2014
61 min MP3:

Founders SW 2014 Means of Grace Q and A

Means of Grace Q&A | Various Speakers | FRI 09/26/2014

48 min MP3:

Prayer as a Means of Grace | Richard Barcellos | FRI 09/26/2014

50 min MP3:

The Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace | Richard Barcellos | FRI 09/26/2014

45 min MP3:

9 Preparation for Heaven | Jason Montgomery | SAT 09/27/2014

66 min. MP3:

10 The Minister’s Expectation for Success | Steve Garrick | SAT 09/27/2014

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‘Warnings against Ministerial Backsliding & Burnout’ by Al Martin [6-part AUDIO]

albert n martin

If you heard our last audio interview with Al Martin then you heard that the book we discussed, “You Lift Me Up”, spawned from the 1990 Trinity Montville Pastors Conference lectures which you can listen to below:

Backsliding/Burnout, Part 1

Backsliding/Burnout, Part 2

Backsliding/Burnout, Part 3

Backsliding/Burnout, Part 4

Backsliding/Burnout, Part 5

Backsliding/Burnout, Part 6

Note that the book has added material.

Al Martin – You Lift Me Up Overcoming Ministry Challenges

[source: Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures | Trinity Montville | HT: Thomas Sullivan]

Interview #65 – Al Martin – You Lift Me Up: Overcoming Ministry Challenges [Podcast]

You Lift Me Up Overcoming Ministry Challenges
You Lift Me Up:
Overcoming Ministry Challenges


Albert Martin
Albert Martin

God never put us in the body of Christ, with special gifts, to keep us from being ministered to by the body of Christ.

On episode 65 of our interview podcast, we have Pastor Albert Martin talking about his book “You Lift Me Up: Overcoming Ministry Challenges”.

We get into questions such as:

  • How did you become a Christian? Reformed? Baptist?
  • What is ministerial backsliding/burnout?
    • Can a true pastor ever experience these types of things?
    • What are the warnings and remedies for ministerial backsliding/burnout?
  • What does physical fitness have to do with any of this?
  • Are any of these things worthy of a pastor becoming disqualified?
    • Can a pastor be restored?
  • What warnings and remedies would you give to a pastor with a more public platform?
  • What projects are you currently working on?
  • + more


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The necessary distinction between celebrity pastors & credible pastors [Jeremy Walker]

SG_TheGoodBadandCrazyofCelebrityPastorsJeremy Walker:

In exposing and critiquing the shallow culture of Western celebrity that too easily infiltrates the church of Jesus Christ, we must be careful not to allow that to become an equally crass dismissiveness of legitimately-earned reputation. Empty pomposity and unfounded adulation deserves to be lampooned. However, that can too easily become a pyrrhically satirical spirit in which almost any kind of authority, however legitimate, is mocked and decried.


This necessary distinction has been brought home in recent days of travel…

Read “Celebrity and credibility” [12 min. readout]

‘Soul Care in the Ministry’ [Video] ep. 1 of CBTS’s new webcast ‘Pastoral Perspectives’ feat. Waldron, John Miller, Mike Waters + more

Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary prevHere is the video from the event CBTS’s new webcasts we told you about last month:

Pastoral Perspectives will be an online video discussion focusing on practical ministry issues and insights for the edification and encouragement of church leaders and fellow believers.


For our inaugural episode, the topic of discussion will be “Soul Care in the Ministry.” How should we take care of our own souls while leading and shepherding God’s people? What dangers should we beware of? How can one who is looking at going into the ministry prepare for the challenges he will face in his own soul care? 

Questions like these will be tackled by the following panelists:

Pastoral Perspectives Webcast


pastoral perspectives

1 hour 20 minute video:

[source: Practical Shepherding]

[Free E-book Friday] ‘Lectures to My Students’ by C. H. Spurgeon [EPUB | MOBI | PDF]

spurgeon lectures to my studentsMonergism:



In reply to many requests from those ministers who in their student days listened to my lectures, I submit a selection to the press. This, however, I cannot do without an apology, for these addresses were not originally prepared for the public eye, and are scarcely presentable for criticism.


My College lectures are colloquial, familiar, full of anecdote, and often humorous: they are purposely made so, to suit the occasion. At the end of the week I meet the students, and find them weary with sterner studies, and I judge it best to be as lively and interesting in my prelections as I well can be. They have had their fill of classics, mathematics, and divinity, and are only in a condition to receive something which will attract and secure their attention, and fire their hearts. Our reverend tutor, Mr. Rogers, compares my Friday work to the sharpening of the pin: the fashioning of the head, the straightening, the laying on of the metal and the polishing have been done during the week, and then the process concludes with an effort to give point and sharpness. To succeed in this the lecturer must not be dull himself, nor demand any great effort from his audience…

PDFs are broken up:

Giving Proper Due To the People in the Pew: A Biblical Defense of Lay-Ministry & Lay-Evangelism [Robert Gonzales]

church pew header ecclesiologyTwo slightly updated posts, from Dr. Robert Gonzales, that originally appeared in The Founders Journal #79: Winter 2010The Founders Journal #83: Winter 2011:

…This was a new paradigm for me. Not only did these writers seem intent on limiting the task of making and grounding disciples in the faith to the agency of the ordained minister, but they also seemed to narrow its sphere (at least primarily) to what takes place on Sunday within the four walls of a church building…


It’s not that I have problems with the authors’ focus on the church. I agree that the task of the Great Commission ultimately belongs to the church, not to para-church organizations. Nevertheless, I struggle with their tendency to narrow the task’s sphere (corporate worship) and its agents (the ordained minister). Although there may be an etymological relation between the English terminology “making disciples” and “discipline,” the two concepts are not semantically synonymous. “Making disciples” (Greek: μαρτυρέω) is a much broader concept semantically than ecclesiastical discipline (whether formative or corrective). To state it differently, making disciples entails evangelism, which, in turn, results (with the blessing of God) in “adding” disciples to the church. How does “church discipline” add members to the church? Of course, Hart and Muether don’t actually limit evangelism to church discipline. They also include “the preaching of the Word and the administration of the sacraments” as “effectual means of salvation.” But doesn’t this still limit evangelism primarily to what takes place in the pulpit on Sunday?…


What about evangelism outside of worship? What about the layman’s role in evangelism?

Read “A Biblical Defense of Lay-Ministry”
[42 min. readout]

Rye earsThese are some passages in the NT that provide warrant for laying a measure of evangelistic responsibility at the feet of lay-people. Of course, we must make appropriate qualifications. My thesis is not that every stay-at-home mom or businessman has to engage in street preaching or door-to-door evangelism. Rather, each believer’s responsibility to evangelize is conditioned by such factors as (1) the depth of his or her knowledge of biblical (gospel) truth, (2) the level of his or her spiritual maturity, (3) the degree of his or her communicative gift, and (4) the kind of providential opportunities that present themselves, which, in turn, relate to his or her vocation or calling in life. Not everyone is called to serve Christ as an ordained pastor, church-planter, or missionary.  Nor does every believer possess the same level of doctrinal and practical maturity to communicate the gospel effectively and accurately. So the weight of responsibility on each Christian will differ. Nevertheless, the 6th commandment, the Golden Rule, and numerous other biblical data constrain me to conclude that all of Christ’s disciples are called to take not just a reactive (1 Pet 3:15) but a proactive part in the church’s mission to the world. Consequently, it doesn’t appear wide the mark to conclude that the Scriptures give warrant for us to affirm not only the church’s responsibility to preach the gospel in the context of corporate worship and to commission church planters and missionaries to take the gospel to the nations but also the individual believer’s responsibility to be salt and light by life and lip in the midst of a lost and perishing world.

Read “A Biblical Defense of Lay-Evangelism” [41 min readout]

What is a Pastoral Preacher? Tom Hicks answers

preach1Tom Hicks:

There has been a good deal said and written about “expository preaching,” “Christ-centered preaching,” “redemptive-historical preaching,” etc., but very little has been said about “pastoral preaching.” Pastoral preaching is certainly expository, Christ-centered, and it always takes redemptive history into account, but it goes much further. Pastoral preaching is intensely personal and directed to a particular local church. It requires Christlike holiness of the preacher and aims to shepherd a church in the same. Consider some of the following qualities of a pastoral preacher.


Shepherd and Sheep Pastor Flock Header


1. The pastoral preacher’s sanctification is his main task in sermon preparation. 


2. The pastoral preacher’s first responsibility during sermon delivery is his own personal holiness.


3. The pastoral preacher trusts that the effectiveness of preaching depends on God’s sovereign grace alone. 


4. The pastoral preacher preaches to the particular local church in front of him. 

Read [6 min. readout].

“A Faithful Pastor” Church Leader’s Conf. feat. Tom Ascol [8-part Audio]



Audio from the Apr. 29-May 1, 2014 “A Faithful Pastor” Church Leader’s Conference in Singapore:
Conference Audio
Session 1 – The Pastor’s Inner Life – His Reformational Mentality

Session 2 – The Pastor’s Inner Life – His Devotion

Session 3 – The Pastor’s Inner Life – His Emotions

Session 4 – The Pastor’s Inner Life – His Mindset

Session 5 – Christ Is Our Message

Session 6 – Christ Shapes Our Ministry

Session 7 – Christ Shapes Our Ministry

Session 8 – The Pastor As Defender Of  The Faith

July 31, 2014 “A Noble Task” webinar with Barry King on church planting / ministry in England & Wales [Grace Baptist Partnership]

 grace baptist partnership

Barry King
Barry King

Jeremy Walker reports:

My friend Barry King, pastor of Edlesborough Baptist Church and MC of the Grace Baptist Partnership, is labouring to grow leaders, plant churches and reach nations. He lets me know that there is a special event coming up for men in England and Wales who are considering the possibility of church planting and/or pastoral ministry. GBP will be running a webinar, entitled A Noble Task, to give interested men an opportunity to hear a talk about ministry and the preparation (educational and otherwise) needed to do it effectively.


The Noble Task webinar will take place, God willing, on Thursday 31 July 2014 from 9:00 – 10:00pm.


Participants will also have an opportunity to complete an online assessment. This will assist us as we develop plans to train increasing numbers of men for ministry in general and church planting in particular. If you are interested in this event, please register your intention to participate by emailing Barry King at <gracebaptistpartnership@googlemail.com> and you will receive log-in details nearer the date. Participation is limited to 300 men so please respond promptly.

James White teaching on “Pulpit Crimes: The Criminal Mishandling of God’s Word” [Video]

The teaching comes from James White’s book Pulpit Crimes: The Criminal Mishandling of God’s Word

pulpit crimes james white

In Pulpit Crimes, James White brings his clarity to the issue of the vague and ambiguous preaching. He addresses the crimes that are being committed and seeks to revive courage and committed to the truth. Timely reading, Pulpit Crimes is must reading for the homiletics student and the seasoned preacher.

66 minute video:

In this video, Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries deals with:

  • Laying Down the Law: The Bible’s Teaching on the Nature of Preaching
  • Prostitution: Using the Gospel for Financial Gain
  • Pandering Pluralism
  • Cowardice Under Fire
  • Felonious Eisegesis
  • Entertainment Without a License

James Renihan on Richard Baxter’s Doctrine of Justification [Audio & Video]


This lecture is primarily based off of Dr. Renihan’s article in the Reformed Baptist Theological Review: Reforming The Reformed Pastor: Baptism and Justification as the Basis for Richard Baxter’s Pastoral Method… in which Dr. Renihan shows the unorthodox neonomian errors of Richard Baxter who denied justification by faith in his Aphorisms of Justification.

Pastor Tom Hicks:

I’m grateful for the post, since while many people are aware of Baxter’s Reformed Pastor and Christian Directory, few are aware of his denial of all imputations (Adam’s, ours, Christ’s), denial of justification by faith only, and affirmation of justification by works of inherent righteousness.


Here is the 67 minute video from Dr. Renihan’s Puritanism in Context course:


More contra “Baxterianism”

[source: MCTS]

How does one get into the work of ministry? Conrad Mbewe answers

QUESTION: …What is the best way for a young man in Africa, during a time of political and economic uncertainty, to get into ministry?


ANSWER: My answer to your question will not really be situational. In other words, whether there was political and economic uncertainty or not, I would give the same answer. This is because the Bible only has one way in which to get into ministry and it does not depend on the circumstances in which you are. So here goes!…


…your first responsibility is to talk to your spiritual overseers about it 

Read [4 min. readout]

[New Book] “One In A Thousand: The Calling & Work of the Pastor” by Erroll Hulse £8.49

One in a thousand

One In A Thousand:

The Calling and Work of the Pastor

by Erroll Hulse


Errol Hulse presents a clear Biblical model of what a pastor is – the qualities of the pastor are determined and a distinction made between pastor and elders. He shows, from the time of the Reformation to the present day, how that Biblical model is brought to life. This is a book that pastors and elders should read – but it also gives guidance and help to any church member, as eight biographical sketches are used; the first two from the Bible and the others from church history.


A God-sent preacher is ‘one among a thousand’. Such men are sorely needed today. They are men who build up God’s Church by solid biblical preaching, by godly pastoral affection and by constant prayerfulness.


‘This book is a gem. It is a distillation of a life-time’s experience in the pastoral ministry and passion for training pastors. It should be prescribed reading in every seminary preparing men for ministry. He begins with an explanatory chapter: ‘What is a Pastor?’ Every page is saturated with Scripture: the first two of the eight biographical sketches making up the body of the book are straight from the Bible: the Chief Shepherd, the Compassionate Servant described in Isaiah, and Paul, the pastoral theologian.


The remainder are selected robustly to display essential characteristics of a biblical pastor, from the Reformation to the 21st century. This is inspirational writing to encourage men labouring faithfully, whether in townships of Africa or great cities of Europe or America. Erroll writes in a pithy style with short sentences giving the whole book a momentum which grips the reader.”

Irving Steggles, Pastor Birchleigh Baptist Church, South Africa, Chairman of the Board of the London Theological Seminary and Director of African Pastors Conferences.

“A God-sent preacher is ‘one among a thousand’. Such men are sorely needed today. They are men who build up God’s Church by solid biblical preaching, by godly pastoral affection and by constant prayerfulness. Erroll Hulse conducts us through a gallery of well-selected preachers from Paul and Luther down to men of recent times. This is a well-written book with a message for us all today. It deserves to be widely read by all who love God’s cause.”

Maurice Roberts, minister in the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), Inverness, Scotland.

“Do we really need another book on the calling and work of a pastor? That’s my usual reaction when the latest books on the subject land regularly on my desk. And most of the time, my answer is ‘No.’ However, knowing the wide and long pastoral experience of Erroll Hulse induced me to give his book a second look, and a third, and soon I was saying, ‘Yes, we need this book, it makes a valuable contribution, and it will help a lot of pastors and those who train them.’…”

David Murray [Read his full review | 4 min. readout]


How to Handle Discouragement in Ministry [6 Min. Audio|Video] feat: Voddie Baucham + More

Dangerous Calling Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral MinistryGospel Coalition:

If you’ve never experienced discouragement in ministry, I have an inkling you’ve never been in ministry.


In a new roundtable video, Darrin Patrick, Paul Tripp [and his mustache], and Voddie Baucham explore reasons and remedies for pastoral discouragement. “I get most discouraged when I’ve had unmet, unrealistic expectations of myself or others,” Baucham observes. The hard-to-swallow truth in such moments is he’s typically thinking too much of himself.


“If you’re looking to ministry to give you identity, you’re going down,” notes Tripp, author of Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry


Watch the full six-minute video to see these ministers discuss isolation, broken trust, pastors as body parts, and more.