Abraham Cheare: the Bunyan of Plymouth

PersecutionJeff Robinson, over at the Founders Ministries Blog, writes:

Abraham Cheare lived from 1626 to 1668 and suffered profoundly for the cause of Christ. Virtually his entire life and ministry as a Particular Baptist pastor in Plymouth, Devon, England, is a testimony to the faithfulness of God in putting His man on display as a trophy of grace amid grinding persecution.

Perhaps one of the most bombastic opponents of Baptist distinctives was Anglican clergyman Daniel Featly who wrote the not-so-subtly titled tract, The Dippers Dipt; or, the Anabaptists Duck’d and Plung’d over Head and Ears. Featly proved to be a virulent opponent, whose bile for Baptists seemed to turn increasingly bitter with the passing of time. Featly wrote a follow-up tract to “Dippers Dipt,” cautioning England against the “wild preachings and practices of the Anabaptists.” In it Featly put Baptists and their doctrine in league with the Quakers and groups that similarly claimed special revelation, writing:

The Anabaptists are a lying and blasphemous sect, falsely pretending to divine visions and revelations. All devisers of new religions and spiritual imposters ascribe their new doctrine of worship to some divine authour, either God himself or some Angel sent from him; and this they doe, not so much to amuse the vulgar, as to secure their persons and actions from the test of examination.

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Here is one of the books mentioned in the article:

Words in season useful for those whose hearts are engaged to serve the will of God in this generation  from Abraham CheareWords in season useful for those whose hearts are engaged to serve the will of God in this generation / from Abraham Cheare. (1668)

Living, Preaching, Serving Like Our Forefathers – Thabiti Anyabwile & Michael Haykin

Over at the Pure Church blog, Pastor Anyabwile writes:

Michael Haykin, in his book Rediscovering Our English Baptist Heritage: Kiffin Knollys & Keach Rediscovering English Baptist HeritageKiffin, Knollys, and Keach, provides a valuable, crisp overview of the early years of Calvinistic Baptist development.  Anyone looking for a quick read of this history (97 pages) and an introduction to the major figures pioneering the movement would do well to read this well-written, succinct summary.


Of the many things I appreciated about Haykin’s summary was the frequent attention he gave to the major lessons we may appropriate from these forebears for our own day.  The concluding chapter draws our attention to three lessons in particular.

    1. Confessional Heritage
    2. Congregational Heritage
    3. Reformed Heritage

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Interview #7: James Renihan – Particular Baptist History + Book Giveaway


On episode seven of our podcast, we interview Dr. James Renihan on the origins of Particular Baptists.

After that, we talk about some Reformed Baptist headlines and give you a preview of next week’s episode featuring Paul Brewster.

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This week you have a chance to win one of two signed copies of Renihan’s True Love: Understanding the Real Meaning of Christian Love.

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Credopedia.org – A wiki dedicated to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, commonly called the 1689, and theology in accordance with the doctrines contained therein.

Post-Interview Music:

GERMAN is the traditional tune used to sing the hymn Dr. Renihan quoted. Tune can be downloaded free.

Hermeneutics, Typology & Our Baptist Forefathers

Some snippets from our Baptist forefathers on Typology and Hermeneutics in general, from Sam Renihan’s Particular Voices blog: