2014 ‘1689 Conference’ AUDIO & VIDEO now online

1689 Conference Spurgeon

1689 Conf1689 Conference Planner:

This year we gathered to commemorate the 325th anniversary of the historic 1689 Baptist Confession.


Our hearts were lifted and our commitment to Scripture renewed as we reflected upon the kind providence of our covenant God toward His people.


The LORD was pleased to bless the conference with a precious unity of hearts and a single focus on orthodox confessional truths, that we pray will fortify and equip our gospel churches to proclaim the Lordship of Christ to all the nations.


In addition, the LORD through the working of His Spirit begun a confessing, reformed Baptist pastoral fellowship that will begin to meet bi-monthly in the central Indianapolis area.  If you would like to be notified of the date and location of the meetings do so by sending your request to: info@1689conference.org


We pray that the Lord will bless and keep you all, hope to see you again next year – LORD willing!

Baptist Confessionalism Providence 1689 Conference WIlliam Kiffin

AUDIO | VIDEO [Playlist]:

DAY 1:

Jim Savastio – 1689 Baptist Confession, 325 yrs. of faithfulness to the gospel [mp3]:

Video Part 1:

Please note that there are two videos in this list that were cut off short, however the MP3 audio of all the sessions are complete in length.

Video 2:


DAY 2:

Dr. Sam Waldron – 1689 Baptist Confession, outline, theology and distinctives [mp3]:



Bob Bolles – 1689 Baptist Confession and the Gospel [mp3]:



Doug Barger – Baptists, creeds/confessions and Silver Creek Baptist Church (Indiana’s first Baptist Church) [mp3]:

Video Part 1:

Video Part 2:


Steve Weaver – 1689 Baptist Confession and missions [mp3]:



Jim Savastio – How NOT to reform a church [mp3]:



Sonny Hernandez – 1689 Baptist Confession, the regulative principle of worship [mp3]:



David Williams – 1689 Baptist Confession and personal sanctification [mp3]:



Dennis Clark – Contemporary concerns for the church [mp3]:



Doug Barger – 1689 Baptist Confession, Family Worship and Cathechisms [mp3]:



Pascal Denualt – Covenant theology and the church. 1689 Federalism [mp3]:


Day 3:

Dr. Sam Waldron – 1689 Baptist Confession the Law and Gospel [mp3]:



Question and answer session – Topics include: law, future vision for confessing reformed baptists, hyper calvinism… [mp3]:



James Brown – Sermon of encouragement and exhortation [mp3]:


Jan. 26-30, 2015 [RBS] ‘Missions’ Module in Taylors, SC feat. Bob Selph, James Adams, & Trevor Johnson

RBS WInter 2015 Missions Banner 1

Reformed Baptist Seminary:

On the week of January 26 – 30, Grace Baptist Church of Taylors, South Carolina, will host a theological module (seminar) on the topic of foreign missions. The speakers will include Dr. James Adams, former missionary to Colombia, Latin America, Trevor Johnson, current missionary to Papua, Indonesia, and Pastor Bob Selph, former missions coordinator for the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America…


Auditors and students welcome. The members of Grace Baptist Church will provide meals and lodging. Registration form, complete lecture schedule, and course syllabus are available in PDF format here.

Reformed African American Network interviews Conrad Mbewe [Audio]

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

From the Reformed African American Network podcast “Pass the Mic”:

Phillip sits down with Pastor Mbewe Conrad of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia at the 25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference to discuss his personal testimony, the history of the reformed movement in Zambia, and the importance of international missions.

Listen [39 min. mp3]:

[or listen on Soundcloud]:


4 Short Interviews from ARBCA feat. Perron, Cosby, Emadi + more [VIDEO]

Note: These are from 4-5 months ago, but our Bapti-Bot just happened upon them:

ARBCA Vimeo Page

From the ARBCA Vimeo page:

Interview with Michael Emadi [church planter in Ireland]

New Pastor in La Alborada Colombia

ARBCA Coordinator visited Stan Line in November 2013 and interviewed many Reformed Baptist pastors in Bogota and Medillin. The Grace and Love church had just called a new pastor, Augusto Ramirez, and in this video Stan Line introduces him to you.

Interview with Rob Cosby

Interview with Raymond Perron

Michael Haykin & Jeffrey Robinson on Reformed Forum explaining Calvin’s Missional Vision & Legacy [AUDIO]

To the Ends of the Earth: Calvins Missional Vision and Legacy
To the Ends of the Earth: Calvins Missional Vision and Legacy

Today’s Reformed Forum [Sept. 5, 2014]:

Drs. Michael Haykin and Jeffrey Robinson Sr. join us to speak about John Calvin and Calvinism’s legacy in missions. Their book To the Ends of the Earth: Calvin’s Missional Vision and Legacy explores John Calvin’s theology concerning missions, the history of his involvement in foreign missions, and the influence of other Calvinistic missionaries of later times.

[40 min MP3]:

‘Church Planting in Early Baptist History’ by Mike Renihan [3-Part PDF]


Pastor John Yoder & Family
Pastor John Yoder & Family

Pastor John Yoder of Hope Reformed Baptist Church writes:

Last week, we concluded our series from the book of Acts.  One of the enduring lessons that we learned was this: churches promote the gospel by planting other churches.  The apostolic pattern set for us requires churches to send out men charged with preaching the gospel in order to form new assemblies.  And this was the belief and practice of our baptist forefathers as Prof. Mike Renihan teaches in his article, Church Planting in Early Baptist History [PDF].

Download (PDF, 162B)

Mike Renihan
Mike Renihan

In the first part, Renihan explains that the growth of the early Particular Baptists was due to their commitment to the kind of evangelism which aimed to plant churches.  Then, by citing several examples, he shows that these Baptists commissioned men not simply to preach the gospel, but also to baptize converts and establish churches.  Finally, the author proves that the driving force behind this action was theological as summarized in their Confessions.


Here is a taste of what you’ll find in this article:

“The well-ordered church was so central to the redemptive purposes of God that any kind of evangelistic thrust must see, as it s highest goal, to establish new assemblies…The Baptists could not conceive of evangelism apart from church planting… Their evangelism was not merely “soul-winning” but rather a full-orbed attempt to see churches planted according to the Word of God.”


church plantingSo as a church plant, we are the evangelistic effort of the churches which have supported us by their financial gifts and prayers.  And we continue to be active in evangelism through the preaching of the gospel with a desire that souls are converted, baptized and added to this local church.  But let us pray that the Lord would so bless this work that one day we may be able to be a church that plants other churches in the Chicagoland area and around the world.

Zambia Annual Reformed Conf. [AUDIO] “25 Years of Reformation: Running Forward, Remaining Faithful” feat. Mbwene, Baucham, Ken Jones

25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference

As announced, the 25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference was held from the 25th to 29th of August at Lusaka Baptist Church.

This year’s theme was “25 Years of Reformation: Running Forward, Remaining Faithful”Here is the audio from the key speakers [rss]:

 Voddie Baucham – Running forward (across Africa in missions)

Conrad Mbewe:

Dr Voddie Baucham attempting to preach with a megaphone last night at the Zambian Reformed Conference during a power outage. Welcome to Africa!

Voddie Baucham megaphone
Voddie Baucham with megaphone

Missions throughout the Bible

Missions and Worship

The Great Commission

Missions, Warfare and Prayer

Preserve, Proclaim and Endure

Ken Jones – Remaining faithful (to the Doctrines of Grace)

Ken Jones
Ken Jones

Conrad Mbewe:

Pastor Ken Jones walked us through “The doctrines of grace” with the greatest clarity and pastoral sensitivity at the just-ended 25th Zambian Annual Reformed Conference. His approach of stating the doctrine, proving it from Scripture, and then answering the various questions often asked, went a long way in making his sessions easy to understand. You could tell that this man is a pastor!

Features of Reformed Theology

The Doctrine of Total Depravity-TULIP

Unconditional Election – TULIP

The Doctrine of Limited Atonement – TULIP

The Doctrine of Irresistible Grace – TULIP

The Doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints – TULIP

Keynote address:

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

Pastoral Gratitude and Fears

To become a ‘perfect dunghill,’ embrace Calvinism? [Introduction of ‘To the Ends of the Earth’]

To the Ends of the Earth: Calvins Missional Vision and Legacy
To the Ends of the Earth: Calvin’s Missional Vision and Legacy


The late historian William Estep wrote in the Texas Baptist Standard that if the Southern Baptist Convention went Calvinist on evangelism, it would become a “perfect dunghill.” Strong words, but many would agree. Not Baptist scholars Michael A.G. Haykin and C. Jeffrey Robinson Sr., though.


In To the Ends of the Earth: Calvin’s Missional Vision and Legacy (Crossway, 2014) Haykin and Robinson turn standard understanding upside down and say John Calvin and other Reformers were strongly mission-oriented. Dubious? Below, by publisher’s permission, is the book’s introduction. Please read on. —Marvin Olasky


The Rev. S. L. Morris, on the occasion of the four-hundredth an­niversary of Calvin’s birth in May 1909, told the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States as it gathered in Savannah, Georgia, to mark the Reformer’s birth, “Calvinism is the most potent agency in the evangelization of the world.” At the time, no one would have regarded Morris’s affirmation as outland­ish. Today, though, just over one hundred years later, his remark is the stuff of controversy and considered a complete oxymoron.

Read the rest of the book’s introduction.

Interview #61 – Brian Hanson – Abraham Cheare [Podcast]

Waiting on the Spirit of Promise Abraham Cheare

Brian L. Hanson
Brian L. Hanson

“I wanted to contribute something that would not only add to Particular Baptist scholarship… but in addition to that I wanted to be helpful  to the church at large in the areas specifically of spirituality, suffering, and church ministry and I think [Abraham] Cheare provides a good model and helpful guide in these areas”

On episode 61 of our interview podcast have Brian L. Hanson on to tell us all about his new book Waiting on the Spirit of Promise: The Life and Theology of Suffering of Abraham Cheare.

This leads us into topics such as suffering for Christ, children, discipleship, spirituality, the universal church, and more.


Subscribe to the podcast via RSSiTunesStitcherTuneIn or by Email.


All our post on Abraham Cheare

Featured Music:

Jesus, Lover of My Soul arranged by the interviewee

All about African Christian University [Videos] feat. Conrad Mbewe & Ken Turnbull


“We have a dream. As Reformed Baptist churches in Zambia grow, a number of our churches have sensed a pull—we believe it is a divine pull—to start a university in Lusaka. God seems to have brought just the right team together in order to realise this dream.”

– Pastor Conrad Mbewe

Intro video from the African Christian University (ACU) website [3 min. video]:

Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ken Turnbull, describes the four fundamentals that guide and allow assessment of ACU’s progress and adherence to the founding biblical principles of its vision [3 min. video]:

Here is the first time we heard about ACU, Conrad Mbewe’s appointment as chancellor, and the school’s site which has details on how you can partner with them [via prayer or financially].

Lastly, here is a 15 minute video from three years ago on ACU:

How Much Does Your Church Give? [James Renihan]

” I am always blessed by the faithful contributions which come in from our congregations. But perhaps there is an area where our giving could be increased…”

Dr. James Renihan
Dr. James Renihan

After giving a personal story James Renihan concludes:

Pastors, do you encourage your men to consider the gospel ministry? Do you spend personal time with them and encourage them to pray about this? Do your elders likewise seek to press this matter upon your young men? Do they urge these men to consider the possibility of Christ’s call? And what about your people? Do they esteem ministers? Will they rejoice when one of their own gives himself to serve the Lord in the ministry? I am convinced that our churches must place a higher priority on cultivating their men for service in the church.

Read [6 min. readout]

Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of Quebec General Assembly 2014 “The Mission” [English/French Audio] feat. Gordon Taylor [L’AERBQ]

worship missionsHot off the heels of the 2014 ARBCA GA {mp3s | interviewwas the General Assembly of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of Quebec [’Association d’Églises réformées baptistes du Québec à Lac-Mégantic | L’AERBQ] which took place April 22-23, 2014 in the province of Quebec, in Lac Megantic.

ARBCA Coordinator Gordon Taylor was asked to speak on the theme, “The Mission” (with Pascal Denault translating in French.)


1. The Theology of Missions [La théologie de la mission]

2. Millions Dying [Les millions de perdus]

3. Let the People Praise God (Psalm 67) [Que les nations se réjouissent]

[source: Un Héraut dans le net]