July 7-9, 2015 “Pathway to Power” Metropolitan Tabernacle School of Theology feat. Peter Masters + more in London, UK

Spurgeon Pathway to Power

To have divine operations in the life of a church is the greatest imaginable privilege and the mightiest power active on earth. Without fanfare, fleshly gimmicks or entertainment, the Holy Spirit troubles and turns hearts to repentance and faith in Christ, and God’s people are stirred to prayer and active service. Faithful churches everywhere desire the blessing of increased instrumentality.

This year’s 40th School of Theology aims to present some of the key prerequisites for experiencing God’s saving and sanctifying power in the life of churches.
We acknowledge that our sovereign God in His mercy and kindness may save lost souls at any time and in the most unworthy environments, but the exhortations of Scripture make it obvious that for ­consistent usefulness we must ever conform our ways to honour God’s Word.

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Jul. 1-3, 2014 ­Annual School of Theology at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London feat. Tom Nettles, Peter Masters + more

2014 School of Theology at the Tabernacle

Dr Nettles will give a keynote address on Tuesday evening under this title, demonstrating and commending Spurgeon’s close adherence to the Word in all aspects of his ministry. He will also set the tone for the main theme of the School, by describing Spurgeon’s method of arriving at his message. This promises to be richly stimulating to all in attendance, and of special value to message-preparers…


Speakers will present ministry opening the message of several books of the Bible, showing as they proceed how they applied the ‘rules’ of traditional interpretation to arrive at their teaching.


This year’s School of Theology will appeal not only to preachers and other message-preparers, but to all who seek clear principles for the understanding of God’s Word. May these sessions be glorifying to the Lord, uplifting to souls, and instrumental in promoting a spiritual view of the Word of the Living God.

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Some Old Pics from the Metropolitan Tabernacle [Reformed Baptist Fellowship]

Well this is stinkin’ awesome…

C.Jay Engel:

The Reformed Baptist Fellowship blog posted some great old photos of Metropolitan Tabernacle.  This was the church pastored by CH Spurgeon, and before that John Gill, and before him Benjamin Keach.  Keach, of course, was a key participant of the 1689 General Assembly which produced the confession to which I subscribe: the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.




[Source: Reformed Baptist Fellowship]