A Little Time with the 1689: Chapter 1 – Of the Holy Scriptures [Devotionals]

William F. Leonhart III:

Reformed Baptista has begun a series of articles to help women walk through The Baptist Confession. It has been a tremendous privilege to have her as a contributor on CredoCovenant. The following is a compilation of her study helps for the first chapter of the confession. Enjoy.


Preface: I have written that one of my goals for this blog is to go through the 1689. This year, Lord willing, I will do so. It is my hope that this devotional will appeal to women who may be new to the whole “Reformed Baptist” idea, who may find the idea of studying the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith overwhelming. While I have some trepidation in wading in such waters, the knowledge gained will be beneficial for myself, and I pray it will be for you as well. So let’s dip our toe in this stream, shall we? I will mainly use the facsimile edition for my work, copies of which can be found at RBAP.


Dear Rachel Held Evans… [Summer Pinch]

Speaking of Housewife Theologians

Summer Pinch [James White’s daughter]:

A couple months ago, I wrote a blog in response to the whirlwind of media attention Miley Cyrus had been receiving. At the time, all kinds of groups were coming out to condemn or condone her sexually explicit behavior both on and off the stage. For me, it was simple: Miley Cyrus, like much of our Western culture, has bought in to a secular humanistic worldview that reduces her worth to that of an animal and so it should not be surprising that she often acts as such. 

 You see, Cyrus “represses the truth” (Rom 1:18) that she is created in God’s image, and as a created being she has a Creator whose rules she must live by. Because she has been created in God’s image, this truth is written on her heart and thus she must live every day in denial of her rebellion to God’s law (Rom 1: 21-22). It is not difficult to see the great lengths she (and everyone else who represses God’s law) goes to in order to distract herself from her guilt. 

Rachel Held Evans
Rachel Held Evans

I do not fear Miley Cyrus. When I pray to God for my daughter’s future salvation, the influence of Miley Cyrus is rarely (albeit not never) what I pray for God to protect her from. I plan on doing my job as a parent and, by God’s grace, instructing my daughter in the way she should go. What this means is that by the time she is twelve years old and wants to buy her first music album, regardless of the eternal state of her soul, she will be able to see the cover artwork on Miley Cyrus’s albums and know that this young woman belongs to, and approves of, the world.


Who I fear, Rachel, is you…

Read the rest [7 min. readout]

+ her response to some of the reviews/comments of the post above [5 min. readout]

“Lessons from the Boutique” blog series [A Gentle and Quiet Spirit]

Speaking of Housewife Theologians:


Introducing Mrs. Price @ A Gentle and Quiet Spirit, in “Lessons from the Boutique”:

Part 1: First Things First

My husband and I bought a business two weeks after we got married. We bought a women’s designer consignment boutique. A few years later, we bought another one. We were in the business of designer clothing for ten years. After our ten-year anniversary, we decided we wanted to apply ourselves to serving our church. We wanted to store up our treasure in heaven and not here on earth. The Lord graciously made that possible. Now my husband spends his free time studying to preach on Wednesday nights. I spend my time tending my home, visiting, helping, cooking, and serving my church any way I can. I’m blessed with the opportunity to say yes instead of no. To the world, our lives look much smaller and less significant. To us, they’re fuller, richer, and have eternal value.
This is not to say we didn’t learn some valuable lessons from owning our business, we did. In fact, as always, God used that time to teach me some very helpful things, which I now apply to managing my home. For a few weeks, every other Monday, I’m going to share some of the lessons I learned.
The 1st Lesson: “First things first, and second things not at all.”


Peter F. Drucker, the father of modern management, coined this phrase.  (Don’t imagine your bad manager, or lots of useless paper work.  Imagine a well-oiled, efficient management machine.)


We went to him, through books and articles, as our business grew.  We had to become good managers.  Not just of our growing number of employees, but also of ourselves.  A manager has to prioritize their time, money, and projects.  Managers have to manage everything.  These same lessons apply to housewives and homemakers.


You manage everything.  Out comes the To-Do List.  Everything.  Feeling overwhelmed yet?  Your brain fragments into a million multi-tasking problems.  But, it’s ineffective to multi-tasking projects.  It’s impossible to get a task done while also trying to get another task done.

“First things first, second things not at all.”


Calling your sister while you’re doing the dishes, or listening to an audio book while you clean and fold laundry is proper multi-tasking.  Those tasks require little use of the brain.  You’ve done them a thousand times.  Cooking dinner while cleaning out the fridge, planning the next day, and texting your mom isn’t proper multi-tasking.  Your stress level spikes, something goes wrong, or is left undone.


This is where the First Things management principle comes in handy.  What is the priority of the moment?  Focus on that.  Don’t worry (Yes WORRY) about the other things.  For you list makers, like me, this is very important.  This form of management frees us from constantly worrying about The List.


A real life example:  I woke up yesterday morning, Sunday, with the list for Monday rolling through my head.  I have a flat tire that needs to be fixed, a window install that needs to be scheduled, all the normal cooking, cleaning, errands, working out, plus a nephew’s birthday, two nieces’ birthday, taxes to get ready, friends to visit, house sitting to plan for, and articles to write.  It is very hard to prepare for worship when your head is preparing to battle with the upcoming week.

“First things first, second things not at all.”


My First priority on Sunday morning, is preparing my heart for worship.  It is to rest from the world’s demands and focus on the Lord and his people.  This is my First Thing.  I need to ignore the Second Things (the List in my head).  Knowing that it is good management to pack away Second Things, I command myself to stop worrying about the List.  It’s not important.  Going to church with a focused mind and heart is important.  First Things first.


With Sunday finished and Monday morning rolling around, I reprioritize.  My First Things are to get this article written and my husband off to work in as happy a state as I can.  This frees me from worrying about the dishes in the sink, the dirty bathroom, and the phone calls I have to make.  With those First Things done, I re-evaluate my list and find the next First Things.  I consistently command myself not worry about the other things.


Read the rest here.

Part 2: Opening and Closing

Part 3: Have a System

Part 4: Dealing with People

Part 5: Red Heels

Part 6: Fashion from Boutique to Housewife


More Lady 1689’rs

Interview #51 – Aimee Byrd – Housewife Theologian [Audio Podcast] 2 of 2

Apologies, for this seemingly duplicate post. Previous post contained last week’s episode. This post has the correct audio:

Aimee Byrd
Aimee Byrd
Ladies Edition!
Ladies Edition!

On episode 51 of our interview podcast, we pick up right were the last episode left off. We have Christina Jesuroga (wife of Pastor Jay Jesuroga of Sovereign Joy Community Church) interviewing Aimee Byrd on her book Housewife Theologian. They get into questions such as:

  •  Why is theology important in maintaining true unity?
    • What about true vs. false unity?
    • How do creeds and confessions help us in this?
  • What is true hospitality?
    • How can we grow in it?
  • What of feminism?
  • How is submissiveness active?
  • How has Spurgeon influenced you?
  • What of culture?
    • Christian Yoga?
    • 2KT and Housewives?
  • What of the Christian Sabbath?
  • How about for non-housewives?
  • + more

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Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary

by Aimee Byrd

Links Mentioned:

Post-Interview Music:

  • Chelsea Moon w/ the Franz Brothers – Ecstasy (A Sacred Harp Hymn)

Woman & What Defines Her [Reformed Baptista]

white-flowerThe Reformed Baptista, inspired by the interview we did with Aimee Byrd (and especially the comment thread it generated), explores the nature of Woman and what defines her. Here’s a sample:

What is a woman, and what is her role in life? What does it mean to be a Christian woman? Can men benefit from women, even if Scripture says women are not allowed to teach or have authority over men (1 Timothy 2:12)? Is the term “lady” demeaning?

We do need to be clear and careful in our speech.  Words should be chosen carefully. We should be respectful when someone has a concern with our words and actions. Yet our words and actions need to conform to Scripture, not the opinions of men OR women.

Interview #50 – Aimee Byrd – Housewife Theologian [Audio Podcast] 1 of 2

Aimee Byrd
Aimee Byrd
ConfessingBaptistPodcastLogoPINK Lady Women
Ladies Edition!

On episode 50 of our interview podcast, we hand it over to the ladies. We have Christina Jesuroga (wife of Pastor Jay Jesuroga of Sovereign Joy Community Church) interviewing Aimee Byrd on her book Housewife Theologian. They get into questions such as:

  • What got you to writing a book?
  • Are women to “study to show [themselves] approved”?
  • What is true beauty?
  • What is modesty?
  • Chastity?
  • How do you help women to read theology? Or even just read?
  • Parenting + more

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Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary

by Aimee Byrd

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Update April 22, 2014: Listen to part 2!

Evangelism & the Busy Mother [Jeremy Walker]

Scott Brown:

Young mothers carry such a difficult burden. I have never met a young mother with lots of kids who did not struggle with fatigue and frustration and from time to time, in her lowest moments, wondered how she could be useful to God at all. Here is Jeremy Walker writing in his excellent book, The Brokenhearted Evangelist,


brokenhearted_evangelist_jeremy_walker“Let no exhausted mother, with her hands full of home and children, bruise her soul with the conviction either that she has no way of serving Christ in this way or that she is somehow prevented by her children and her home from doing something worthwhile. Rather, that is the very sphere of her labor. Her mission field is at her feet (and quite possibly under them and in her arms and on her back and currently drawing something indelible on something irreplaceable). Indeed, for her to feel falsely guilty about what she is not doing or to transfer that guilt to her children in resentment and bitterness will only prevent the good that she is called to do as a minister to her children. Consider some of the earlier examples of Augustine, Spurgeon, and Paton, to name but three. We tend to look at those men and think that they are the evangelists, but each of them was first evangelized by his own parents” – (Walker 17).

Lady 1689’rs Unite! [Blog Roundup] Let us know you’re out there

lady 1689 pink confession

During our last “Headlines from the Dunker Bunker” podcast we attempted to answer the following question we received:

“…The wife is looking for something ‘1689 lady-ish’ or some websites to bolster or fortify her new adoption of our confession? […] Specific to the lady 89ers….”

At the time we could only think of one “lady 89er” blogger, but during the show we got an email from a listener about another which pointed us to yet another. So, here is a roundup of what we’ve found.


Counting it all joy

Counting it All Joy [Amada]. Here is a snippet:

machine gun woman.jpg
“A New Reformed Chickliterista?… Thanks to talent scout, Rich Barcellos, for bringing this lady to our attention. ” – Carl Trueman

…We laughed at the term “Chickliterista” and the idea of being sickeningly sweet, 1689 packing, sort-of poetry writing ladies, and we especially laughed at the idea of me packing a rifle (I have shot one twice…that is all.)  And then we snorted (I’m a snorter) at the idea of me cornering our pastors in a dark alley after a bad sermon…bwahahahaa…dear Pastor Sam Waldron already calls me a Chinese Nazi…long story, but I’m pretty sure he means it in an affectionate way.

One that just started up last month:

reformed baptista

REFORMED BAPTISTA | For Baptist women of a 1689 persuasion. From her first post:

“This is a blog specifically for women from a Reformed Baptist viewpoint.”

Here is a snippet from Mommy Wars – 1600′s Edition:

In 21st century Western society, mothers are beset with numerous choices: should I stay home with my children, or should I be employed elsewhere? Should I breastfeed my baby, or is formula an adequate substitute? Public, private, or homeschool? How much “me” time is socially acceptable? Decisions will be made by mothers on these issues, and one would hope that those decisions are carefully thought through rather than chosen by default.


Modern Christian mothers also have decisions to make when it comes to the issue of baptism. If a mother chooses to wade through the arguments put forth by either side of the paedo/credo camp, emotions easily rise up. It can be implied during these debates that because you do not baptize your children, you do not love them as much as those of the paedobaptist persuasion…

Also see:

This one started up due to “the lack of Reformed Baptist women out there to lead other Reformed Baptist women.”:


Queen of Scotch | Who isn’t actually a queen :( But has, in just under a month, already:

[H]ave you noticed how you will mostly hear certain phrases when the subject of modesty comes up?


  • Your shirt is too low
  • Your skirt is too high
  • Your bathing suit doesn’t cover enough
  • You’re making men lust
  • Don’t wear heals with that skirt

The list can go on. The first thing I notice here is that they are ALL outward signs of modesty except one. The only one dealing with a non-clothing related issue is that of making men lust…I’m sorry, but I am not responsible for the sins that someone else commits. Am I to be thoughtful of others? Yes. Should I make sure my top covers the important parts and my bottom covers the important parts? Yes. But nowhere am I called, as a woman, to hide that I am a woman. My waist is not an abomination to the Lord. My legs are not sinfully wicked. A woman’s body is part of God’s good creation…you know what’s not a part of God’s good creation? Lust…

Any we missed?

Let us know in the comments. Even if you don’t have a blog, are you a “lady [16]86er” that follows or would follow blogs like these?