The Conversion, Writing, Imprisonment, & Lasting Impact of John Bunyan [Geoffrey Thomas]

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Geoff Thomas introduces us to the life and work of the Puritan John Bunyan; his conversion, writing, imprisonment, and lasting impact.  

A snippet to whet your appetite:

Geoff ThomasBunyan ended his days as a reformer, disaffiliated from the civil and religious establishment along with his closest ministerial friend, John Own, whose pulpit he often occupied. Like Owen, Bunyan was not involved in plots to overthrow the government. The weapons of his warfare were spiritual and mighty through God to pull down the vastest strongholds…


Bunyan is encouraging us to think that if we preach we can write, and that we must preach plainly and directly with pastoral concern and biblical integrity. He is telling us that life is a pilgrimage and we are not to ever seek for an alternative to that journey. Bunyan urges us to concentrate on basics and to be prepared to suffer for our Lord as he gave his life for us.

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Warning to Professing Christians [Al Martin | 1 min. Kinetic Type Sermon Clip]

Al martin PowerClip Warning to Professing Christians

We’ve featured some kinetic typography before, even some from which they have been featuring on a weekly basis. Recently they put out one by Al Martin entitled,”Warning to Professing Christians” [1 min. clip]:

The above clip is from a 1994 sermon entitled, ” Warning to Professing Christians”  which is part of an evangelistic series entitled “Signposts To The Celestial City”.

The Way Forward [Jeremy Walker | Kinetic Type Sermon Clip]

Walker Kinetic

We’ve featured some kinetic typography before, even some from which they have been featuring on a weekly basis. Recently they put out one by Jeremy Walker “The Way Forward” [2 min. clip]:


The above clip is from the 2011 RBC Family Conference
 [which we’ve featured before] “The Church at the Crossroads [or being a faithful and fruitful Christian in adverse and difficult time]”; (hosted by the Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville):

William Hughes | How Firm a Foundation: The Essential Elements of our Faith Part 1:

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Jeremy Walker | The Way Forward: Encouragements for a Future, Faithful Generation Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Stu Johnston | Contemporary Challenges: Reaching Our World and Our Communities with the Gospel Pt 1:

Part 2:

Jim Savastio | Our Great Need, Our Great Hope:

Marriage, Family, Headship Sermons [Voddie Baucham] + Kinetic Type Sermon Clip

We’ve featured some kinetic typography before, but our Bapti-Bots came upon some new ones. announced that they are going to start making some of these on a weekly basis. Recently they put out one by Voddie Baucham “Gospel Healing for Hurting Marriages”:

The clip above is found in Family Driven Faith related series:

family driven faith
The Permanence View of Marriage • [mp3]

The Centrality of the Home in the Evangelism and Discipleship of the Next… • [mp3]

Gospel Healing for Hurting Marriages • [mp3]

Biblical Headship: Calling Men to Lead in the Church and the Home • [mp3]

Family Driven Faith Radio Interview • [mp3]

Need Motion Graphics Artists & Composers for New 1689 Federalism Videos

brandon adams med
Brandon Adams

A request from Brandon Adams, the man behind

I’m working on producing several new videos for Some of the videos will be animated “explainers” (examples below). I’m looking for motion graphics artists and composers interested in collaborating pro bono on the project.


If interested, please send a reel or portfolio link to


Rough Examples



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To my knowledge, there is only one kinetic typography video from Reformed Baptist on the Internet. Via RBS: