James White on John MacArthur’s answer on how to deal with an adult child who “comes out” which the Huffington Post picked up

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“Pastor Says Parents Should ‘Alienate’ Gay Kids, ‘Turn Them Over To Satan’, reads the title of a post on The Huffington Post Gay Voices from this past Friday. James White recorded two videos, over the weekend, interacting with how the Huffington Post [not linked due to links on that site] and Patheos took this:

A Screenflow video prompted by the attack made upon JM’s answer on the Huffington Post.

Video 1:

Video 2:

[source: AOMin, 2]

MacArthur and Mark’s Ending [Jeff Riddle]

John MacArthur
John MacArthur

In the June 25, 2011 episode of Pastor Jeff Riddle‘s Word Magazine podcast, Pastor Riddle offers a challenge to John MacArthur’s view of textual criticism, paying special attention to the traditional last 12 verses of Mark.

The focus is on a sermon preached by John MacArthur back on June 5, 2011 on Mark 16:9-20 completing a multi-year process of preaching expositionally through the NT.
MacArthur’s message on Mark 16:9-20 is titled, “The Fitting End to Mark’s Gospel”  (for an archive of all of MacArthur’s sermons over 42 years look here).  In it he argues that the traditional (or Longer Ending) of Mark is not part of the original text of Scripture and that Mark’s proper ending is at Mark 16:8.  He also gives equal validity to the so-called “Shorter” or “Intermediate” ending of Mark (as included in the ESV notes).  Though, as I note in the broadcast, I appreciate the fact that MacArthur does not dodge this issue and that he teaches his congregation on textual issues, I disagree strongly with his conclusions.
Check out MacArthur’s sermon and Pastor Riddle’s podcast, and weigh in below in the comments section!

Open-But-Cautious Comments From John MacArthur – Keith Throop Responds

Over at Reformed Baptist Blog, Keith Throop wrote a post entitled, “John MacArthur Misses the Point in ‘Providing Cover to Charismatics’ Video”. In it he responds to the following short video:


The video above was posted earlier today at the Grace To You blog. In it John MacArthur seeks to answer the question “What’s wrong with taking an open-but-cautious approach to the charismatic movement?” Sadly, however, his answer is troubling because of the way that it misrepresents many who take such a view, especially many who hold to solidly Reformed theology in many respects.


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