June 23-26, 2017 “Building Tomorrow’s Church” Young Adults Conf. feat. Blackburn, J. Giarrizzo, S. Renihan in Flagstaff, AZ.


It seems that the practice of good churchmanship has fallen by the wayside in modern times. Even within the resurgence of “New Calvinism” of the past decade of so, where there has been a growing recognition of God’s sovereignty in salvation, many have observed that ecclesiology, or the doctrine of the church, has not received the attention it deserves and is therefore not well understood by many young believers.

Since its inception in 2008, BTC has sought to encourage the up-and-coming generation of believers—specifically Reformed Baptists—in their commitment to Christ as demonstrated in part by their commitment to the local church. Promoting the biblical doctrine of the church has always been at the center of BTC’s purpose.

10 years later we are still seeking to reach the next generation of confessional church members with an emphasis on glorifying Christ through service to His Bride. To reaffirm our desire to see young people involved in their local churches and churches built up as a result, the theme of BTC 2017 centers on the importance of the visible church in every generation since it was established by Christ over 2,000 years ago.

The 10th annual Building Tomorrow’s Church conference will be held in Flagstaff, Arizona, June 23-26, on the campus of Northern Arizona University.

We are excited to welcome for the first time three keynote speakers, including Pastor John Giarrizzo from Grace Covenant Church in Gilbert, AZ, Pastor Samuel Renihan from Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in Southern California, and Pastor Earl Blackburn from Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA.

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AUDIO from “Not Ashamed” Building Tomorrow’s Church 2015 Conf. feat. James Renihan & James White now online

Audio from the 2015 Building Tomorrow’s Church is now online:


Session 1 | Truth: A Biblical Worldview | Dr. Jim Renihan

Session 2 | “The Foundation of Truth” | Dr. James White

Bonus Session 1 | “The Confession of Our Faith” | Dr. Jim Renihan

Session 3 | “The Example of Truth” | Dr. James White

Session 4 | “The Actions of Truth” | Dr. Jim Renihan

Bonus Session 2 | “The Defense of Our Faith” | Dr. James White

Session 5 | “The Buttress of Truth” | Dr. Jim Renihan

(L to R) James Renihan, James White, John Giarrizzo
(L to R) James Renihan, James White, John Giarrizzo

Bonus Session 3 | Q+A | Dr. Renihan, Dr. White, Pastor John Giarrizzo

BTC2015More photos from BTC 2015

Registration & more info now up for the 2015 ARBCA General Assembly. Apr. 14-16, 2015 in Mansfield, TX. feat. Earl Blackburn, John Giarrizzo + more


ARBCA General Assembly

arbca ga

Date: April 14, 2015 to April 16, 2015
Time: All Day
Location: 201 E Broad Street, Mansfield, Texas 76063

Inside Heritage @ Founders SW 2014
Inside Heritage @ Founders SW 2014

The 2015 ARBCA General Assembly is scheduled for April 14-16, 2015. Heritage Baptist Church in Mansfield Texas will host the messengers and guests.

Details have now been released and you can find them at reformedbaptist.net/arbcaga/.

There you will find a welcome on behalf of Heritage Baptist Church, Mansfield, TX. (host church) written by Pastor Larry Vincent:

Pastor Larry Vincent
Pastor Larry Vincent

To the Brothers and Sisters of our fellow ARBCA churches and guests:

Although it is with some sadness that we will not be in southern Georgia this spring, we are laboring to give a genuine Texas welcome to all who attend the General Assembly, April 14-16.

I write in behalf of our members, deacons, and elders. We look forward to hosting this GA. Our church’s coordinator is brother Jack DiMarco, one of our deacons. He and his crew of volunteers are taking care of every piece of the structure that builds our GA. We take on this work willingly for the sake of the kingdom of our Triune LORD and His people who make up our Association of churches.

The necessary ingredient that we cannot supply is you, our guests, the members and officers, and especially the messengers from our churches. We are less without you: every member of the wider body of ARBCA churches being necessary by our Lord Jesus’ providence. We hope and pray that you will come from every church, to labor together to maintain the unity He alone gives sinful humans as part of His gracious legacy to us.

We also anticipate several guests from non-member churches, those who are coming to observe a modern Reformed Baptist association of local churches at work. We will welcome you, as well…

You will also find the schedule, travel info, and registration:

Fee: Single – $100.00, Couple – $160.00; Deadline: 3/15/15 [Timestamp after this date will result in a $25 late fee]

Interview #49 – John Giarrizzo – 2014 ARBCA General Assembly

pastorjohn GIARRIZZO


arbca ga

On episode 49 of our interview podcast, we interview Pastor John Giarrizzo about ARBCA and the recent ARBCA General Assembly that took place last week. 

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