“Can Christians Lose Their Salvation” James White vs Trent Horn Debate Online [VIDEOS]

Watch as Trent Horn of Catholic Answers and Dr. James R. White of Alpha and Omega Ministries debate the theology surrounding the topic: “Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?” This debate was moderated by Michael O’Fallon on January 18, 2017. Sovereign Alliance sponsored the event at the 2017 G3 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia with over 1,300 audience members in attendance.


Jan. 26-28, 2017 Deep South Founders Conf. “Justification [1689]” feat. James White, Blackburn + more @ Laurel, MS.

Dr. James White

The 10th Annual Deep South Founders Conference will gather in Laurel MS on January 26-28, 2017. Our main speaker, James White will focus on the Doctrine of Justification. A pre-conference event, on Thursday evening, will cover the topic, “What Every Christian Needs to Know About Islam.” Other speakers will be Earl Blackburn, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana, Joe Nesom, pastor of First Baptist Church Jackson, Louisiana, and Charley Holmes, president of The Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary.

The registration fee is $40 before January 1. Late Registration, after January 1, will be $60. Scholarships are available upon request. Seminary students may attend free of charge.

Registration | Schedule | Location | Accommodations

Jan. 18, 2017 “Can Christians Lose Their Salvation” James White vs Trent Horn Debate in Atlanta, GA

Alpha & Omega Ministries:

The material principle of the Reformation was sola fide, justification by faith alone in Christ alone to the glory of God alone. But the Reformed tradition likewise affirmed that since salvation was an act of God focused upon the elect, performed by the Son in obedience to the Father, as a divine act it cannot be reversed. That is, salvation cannot be lost, for to say otherwise is to say Christ can fail to do the will of the Father.

The Roman Catholic Church has historically affirmed the ability of the justified to lose the grace of justification through the commission of mortal sins. Few topics focus the attention more upon the grounds of salvation than the question, can it be lost in those who once are truly saved? This will be the focus of our debate.

Join us for a thorough debate with Dr. James White and Trent Horn as we openly discuss the issues surrounding this highly debated issue.

Ticket Price:  $7.00 (by 12/18/16), $10.00 (after 12/18/16)
Registration Deadline: Online registration will close on 1/13/17
Parking: Online registration will close on 1/13/17$10.00 per vehicle

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Interview with James White on Apologetics [AUDIO | Doctrine & Devotion Podcast]


Doctrine and Devotion podcast:

While was Joe was in New Zealand He interviewed Dr. James White. James is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a Christian apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the author of more than twenty books, a professor, an accomplished debater, and an elder of the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church.

Before the interview starts Jimmy and Joe talk about the value of bow ties, and afterward they suggest that Dr. White is really a cyborg. During the interview Joe talks to James about apologetics, what James does and does not debate, and why he believes that the doctrine of Scripture is the most critical doctrine in maintaining orthodoxy. Plus, James pulls a “Jimmy” and plays with with phone during the interview.

Audio [mp3]:

Sola Scriptura – Dr. James White [5-Part AUDIO / VIDEO Series]

sola scriptura prevPart 1: Dr. James White – “Went 135 minutes today (hence the “uber-mega” designation) covering two primary topics: sola scriptura defined and defended against a recent attack upon it by Karlo Broussard of Catholic Answers (first 90 minutes), and then a “live” review of a new video against the deity of Christ from a Muslim perspective (link). A lot of foundational, basic teaching today that we think is very, very important for all believers!”

Audio | Video:

Part 2:  Dr. James White – “We continued our series on sola scriptura today, looking at what sola scriptura is and is not. Touched on the issues raised by charismatic claims of “thus says the Lord” a bit as well. We really believe this is an important series, and hope our listeners will find it foundationally edifying.”

Audio | Video:

Part 3: Dr. James White – “Three topics on the program today; for the first 15 minutes or so a quick rejoinder to Jory Micah and her ‘El Shaddai means ‘one with many breasts’ tweet, then about half an hour in response to Spencer Toy’s article on crossexamined.org, ‘An Open Question for Presuppositionalists.’ Then we got back for the last 45 minutes to our study of sola scriptura. We are now able, in the next program, to finally start working through Karlo Broussard’s comments on Catholic Answers Live.”

Audio | Video:

Part 4: Dr. James White – “Aside from a few brief comments at the start about a few current events we focused pretty much fully on the sola scriptura series, finally getting to the clip from the debate with Mitch Pacwa and listening to a number of segments from the Catholic Answers Live show with Karlo Broussard. Important information!”

Audio | Video:

Part 5: Dr. James White – “I managed to resist the temptation to do the ‘politics talk’ and finished up the introduction to sola scriptura today in a 90 minute program focusing upon the final sections of Karlo Broussard’s arguments on Catholic Answers Live, and then discussing two more important aspects, ‘Apostolic Tradition’ in the early fathers as well as the issue of the canon. Not easy material to cover, but so very important!”

Audio | Video:

[via John Samson @ Reformation Theology]

Nov. 4-5, 2016 “Ecclesiology & Mission” Acts 29 Conf. feat. J. Renihan, J. White, J. Thorn in Wellington, New Zealand


We cannot take mission seriously unless we take ecclesiology seriously. The two are inseperable. Because God’s strategy for the Great Commission is the Church, having a robust understanding of the doctrine of the Church is vital for faithfulness in mission. This year’s National New Zealand Acts 29 conference seeks to cultivate exactly that – a biblically faithful, historically informed and contextually sensitive understanding of ecclesiology. Join us as James White, Joe Thorn and Jim Renihan consider doctrine, history, apologetics and mission under the rubric of ecclesiology.

For more info check out the website.


$0.99 on Kindle: Nine “Perspectives” Books from B&H Academic [feat. James White, Paul Renfro + more]

Two of the following books feature 1689’rs (the ones in bold with a picture).

Exegetical Tools:

I came across this huge sale today from B&H Academic on their Perspectives series (multiple views written by various authors in one volume)… check out all of them below, only a buck each on Kindle!

The nine books are: Perspectives on……

1) Church Government

2) Doctrine of God

3) The Sabbath

4) Election

5) The Ending of Mark

6) Family Ministry
Family Ministry

7) Children’s Spiritual Formation

8) Your Child’s Education

9) Christian Worship

“The Gay Revolution” roundtable on recent SCOTUS ruling on “gay marriage” feat. James White + more [AUDIO | VIDEO]


Apologia Radio:

Please watch and share this very important film with Dr. James White (aomin.org), Dr. Michael Brown (askdrbrown.org), and Jeff Durbin (apologiaradio.com). These well-known and respected Pastors, Christian Apologists, and radio show hosts have a vitally important discussion about the recent United States Supreme Court ruling about gay “marriage”. This roundtable discussion engages with this important social issue and the gay revolution in the context of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

What are the historical roots of the gay revolution? What happened at Stonewall? What is the loving and faithful response of a biblical church? How do we reach out and resist in a way that glorifies God and shows compassion and commitment to our neighbors? What are the arguments against proponents of this ruling? How do we answer challenges against the Christian position?…

86 min. vid:


Reformed Baptists Interviewed on Iron Sharpens Iron Radio includes Walt Chantry, James White, Mike Gaydosh, John Samson + More

One of the reasons we started The Confessing Baptist Podcast wasn’t because we were pros (as you can easily guess) or for the money (wait, people don’t lose money off this kind of stuff!?) but because we simply wanted to interview Reformed Baptist pastors or those who could inform us more about our Particular Baptist history since no one else was doing something like that.

Christopher Arnzen
Christopher Arnzen

This is why we previously showed our excitement for Iron Sharpens Iron Radio with Chris Arnzen coming back June 1, 2015. We knew he’d conduct many great interviews that would help fill that niche (plus he is a pro and even has sponsors!).

Of course, his interviewee scope is much broader than ours, but he does get some Reformed Baptists on, and those are the shows we’ll be highlighting below:



June 1, 2015 ISI Radio Show with James White on Same Sex Marriage [mp3]:

June 4, 2015 Radio Show with Pastor John Samson discussing his journey out of the Word of Faith movement [mp3]:

June 15, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor John Samson on “God’s Sovereignty in Election” [mp3]:

June 17, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Mike Gaydosh of Solid Ground Christian Books on “The Providence of God” [mp3]:

June 23, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor Marc Grimaldi on “The Loving Act of Church Discipline” [mp3]:

June 25, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Steve Schultz on “Classical Christian Education” [mp3]:

July 6, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Mike Gaydosh on “The Providence of God” Part 2 [mp3]:

July 7, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor John Samson on “God’s Sovereignty in Election” Part 2 [mp3]:

July 8, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor Mack Tomlinson on “Marks of Biblically Faithful Preaching” [mp3]:

July 13, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor Walt Chantry on his book “Today’s Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?” [mp3]:

Keep an eye out on the upcoming interview schedule for more great content and look for book giveaways during his live-stream.

AUDIO from “Not Ashamed” Building Tomorrow’s Church 2015 Conf. feat. James Renihan & James White now online

Audio from the 2015 Building Tomorrow’s Church is now online:


Session 1 | Truth: A Biblical Worldview | Dr. Jim Renihan

Session 2 | “The Foundation of Truth” | Dr. James White

Bonus Session 1 | “The Confession of Our Faith” | Dr. Jim Renihan

Session 3 | “The Example of Truth” | Dr. James White

Session 4 | “The Actions of Truth” | Dr. Jim Renihan

Bonus Session 2 | “The Defense of Our Faith” | Dr. James White

Session 5 | “The Buttress of Truth” | Dr. Jim Renihan

(L to R) James Renihan, James White, John Giarrizzo
(L to R) James Renihan, James White, John Giarrizzo

Bonus Session 3 | Q+A | Dr. Renihan, Dr. White, Pastor John Giarrizzo

BTC2015More photos from BTC 2015