Voddie Baucham & James White answer questions regarding homosexuality & abortion + more [5 short Wretched TV clips]

Baucham and White
Voddie Baucham & James White

Wretched TV – with Todd Friel” has featured some clips from their daily update archive, over the past several weeks, featuring Voddie Baucham and James White.

Below are the clips with timeline:

James White’s scary 5 year prediction for the church [7 min. vid.]:

  • 0:00 – 2:10 “Where do you see the church, with its relationship to the government in five years regarding the issue on homosexuality?”
  • 2:11 – 4:20 “[W]here do you see the relationship of Christianity, specifically the local church now, in ten years with the state?”
  • 4:21 – 6:27 “Is there anything that the Evangelical Christian who is hearing this can do?”

Three types of homosexuals??? [4 min. vid.]:

  • 0:00 – 0:29 “Would you stand on a platform with… a Mormon, with a Rabbi, with a Imam to talk about the importance of coming together on the life issue or the marriage issue?”
  • 0:30 – 4:03  “There are three types of homosexuals…  [the first two groups] are not the enemy… and they are actually the harvest field therefore I show them love?”


Voddie Baucham and Scott Kluesendorf: Should Christians be incrementalists re. abortion? [5 min. vid.]:

  • 0:00 – 1:34 What would Voddie say to the person who insist “No incrementalism, it’s everything or nothing!”?
  • 1:35 – 3:20 “What do you say then to the person who responds, “Incrementalism? We don’t do that with other forms of murder. We don’t do that with rape. ‘Hey, we’re against rape BUT we’ll take this piece of legislation that doesn’t completely outlaw it…'”?
    • 3:28 – 4:56 Scott Kluesendorf continues to answer the above

Voddie Baucham and Scott Kluesendorf: Should we publicly display pictures of aborted babies? [4 min. vid.]:

  • 0:27 – 1:24 Scott Kluesendorf answers
  • 1:25 –  2:37 Voddie Baucham answers

Voddie Baucham and James White: Should we call people who have had abortions “murderers?” [3 min. vid.]:

  • 0:35 – 2:02 James White answers
  • 2:20 – 3:46 Voddie Baucham answers

Q&A with James White on Theonomy, Gay Christians, Islam, Covenants, Baptism, Cults + more [AUDIO]

Last week (March 25, 2015) Dr. James White did a Q&A at Sovereign Grace Family Church.


Although the event said he would be answering question on Islam and Christian Baptism the questions were much more varied.

Audio Timeline & Links:

Christopher Arnzen
Christopher Arnzen

• 00:00 – 03:54 Intro by Chris Arnzen (he fills us in that Iron Sharpens Iron will be relaunched in 3-4 weeks!)

• 03:55 – 10:16 James White’s opening words on focusing on Christ not any “celebrity” (here is the video he mentions “James White’s scary 5 year prediction for the church“)

• 10:17 – 18:51  “Do you believe Theonomy to be a heresy…?” (here is his “Holiness Code for Today” series that he mentions)

Justin Lee & James White Debate
Justin Lee & James White Debate

• 18:52 – 25:17 “How should we approach gays who call themselves Christians?” (here is the debate mentioned Debate: Can You Be Gay & Christian? – James White & Justin Lee)

• 25:18 – 29:00 “When a homosexual says, ‘We all have our pet sin’ how do you approach that?”

• 29:01 – 30:49 “While many Christians speak of it being a reality that same-sex attraction exist amongst truly born-again people, why is it that very few dare to say the same of some of the abominations recorded in the Scriptures such as bestiality and necrophilia?”

• 30:50 – 34:47 “What part, if any, do you believe that Islam plays in the end times?”

• 34:48 – 41:31 “If you agree that the Abrahamic Covenant is a covenant of promise to believers and their children and is an eternal covenant, so how is the New Covenant any different?”

Steven Anderson & James White
Steven Anderson & James White

• 41:32 – 45:49 “In an interview with a King James Only guy you made the comment about Paul quoting an Old Testament variant… would you please comment on how that would affect the Word of God being perfect.” (here is the interview that was being discussed with Steve Anderson)

• 45:50 – 51:38 “How great of a danger do you see presented by the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ as compared to other religious or spiritual movements?”

TrinityShield_300• 51:39 – 55:22 “How or should we condemn Unitarianism and Modalism as damnable heresy even if it maintains a view of Christ’s deity when at the same time many Christian apologist recognize that the majority of Evangelicals in the pew could not Biblically define the Trinity without slipping into a Modalist [or Unitarian] example.”

• 55:45 – 64:00 “How would you teach the best way to approach a Muslim with the Gospel? …”


65 Minute Audio [MP3]:

Watch the Semper Reformanda 2014 ‘Religion & Politics’ feat. Voddie Baucham + more [VIDEO]

semper reformanda

Last week Grace Family Baptist Church met to discuss this year’s “Semper Reformanda Conference” theme of “Religion & Politics.”

The lineup included Dr. Voddie Baucham, Dr. Bruce Shortt, Dr. Steven Branson, Texas Ag. Commissioner Todd Staples, and State Rep. David Simpson. They addressed issues such as: The Moral Law and the Public Square; What are Christians to Do in History; the Sovereignty of God and Human Authority; and more. You can watch the archived messages below:

semper reformanda 2014

Grace Family Baptist Church is thankful to be able to offer this live-stream of the 2014 Semper Reformanda conference to our online guests for free. Please consider making a donation to help us fund this effort in the future. You can donate by visiting: gracefamilybaptist.net/donations


Border Security Part 1 – Bob Price [Pre-Conference – he also deals with Ebola]

Border Security Part 2 – Bob Price [Pre-Conference]

“Sovereignty of God and Human Authority: Romans 13” – Dr. Voddie Baucham [He sets out to answer the question, “How should men make laws?” and spends some time on this post from Brandon Adams that we previously featured.]

“A Christian Response to Current Political Issues” – Dr. Steven Branson

“Homosexuality Is Not the New Black” – Dr. Voddie Baucham

“What Are Christians to Do In History: John Knox, the British Reformation, and Oliver Cromwell” – Dr. Bruce Shortt

“Beyond the Rhetoric: Applying Biblical Truth to the Homosexual Debate” – Dr. Voddie Baucham

Roundtable Discussion: Dr. Steven Branson, Dr. Bruce Shortt Texas Agg. Comm. Todd Staples, Rep. David Simpson, Dr. Voddie Baucham

Does the Bible Support Same Sex Relationships? James White Answers [2-part Audio/Video]


Is there a basis for the “Gay Christian Movement” as exemplified by Matthew Vines or Justin Lee? What about those who promote these views, like James Brownson or Ken Wilson? James White addresses the movement in two parts at the Discern Conference at Gospel Life Community Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Part 1 Video:


Part 2 Video:


James White on John MacArthur’s answer on how to deal with an adult child who “comes out” which the Huffington Post picked up

james White John MacArthur

“Pastor Says Parents Should ‘Alienate’ Gay Kids, ‘Turn Them Over To Satan’, reads the title of a post on The Huffington Post Gay Voices from this past Friday. James White recorded two videos, over the weekend, interacting with how the Huffington Post [not linked due to links on that site] and Patheos took this:

A Screenflow video prompted by the attack made upon JM’s answer on the Huffington Post.

Video 1:

Video 2:

[source: AOMin, 2]

Dealing with the emotionally-driven “marriage equality” argument & the coming tsunami of compromise [James White | Audio/Video]

James White
James White

Though he has dealt with this issue in depth, James White points out that the arguments regarding marriage in our culture are now more emotionally-driven and will thus need to also be dealt with on that level.:

…[I]t is shallow, emotionally-driven thinking that is the staple of today’s decaying Western culture. At the highest levels of academia, culture, and government, the abuse of sound thinking through the manipulation of those who think without accuracy or depth is rampant. It is the very foundation of political success and advancement. The “spin” is all that matters anymore. Corrupt politicians know this very well….


In the United States today an argument has established itself in the minds of, it seems, the majority of those in power, and in a large portion of the populace, especially the young, that is so vacuous, so empty, so lacking in logical and intellectual rigor, that it must leave the truth-honoring mind grasping for words to express its disdain. I am being kind to use the term “argument,” for it is truly nothing more than a mantra, generously slathered with emotion. I refer to the “marriage equality” argument, the mantra of “marriage equality,” a slogan that may well result in the highest court in the land completely redefining (for the brief time any culture could survive such a catastrophe) humanity’s fundamental relationships in the very near future. Very, very few actually believe in what this mantra means, and they are the most radical ethical nihilists in the land. The vast majority of those who repeat the slogan do not, actually, believe it, and sadly, are not even aware of the contradiction in their thought.

Read the entire post, “On the Abuse of Language and Imagery to Mollify Shallow Thinkers” by James White [5 min. readout].

gay marriage courtOn a similar topic, if you missed yesterday’s Dividing Line you should check it out to see how he deals with a pastor (who is currently in the SBC but that won’t last long) who recently switched his view on homosexuality and what this Bible has to say about it. He writes on a post titles, “Responding to Pastor Danny Cortez: Preparing for the Tsunami”:

Over the course of the next few years we will experience a tsunami of compromise and change relating to homosexuality, marriage, and a plethora of related concepts within what was formerly known as evangelicalism. Holding to a consistently biblical and historical view of sexuality, gender and marriage will become more and more rare, and those who do so will be marginalized in the extreme. Just look across the Atlantic at European nations such as Sweden to see the reality headed our way: the clear suppression of specifically Christian viewpoints on moral and ethical issues by official policies and agencies. Those who do not see the intimate relationship between our ability to define sin and the proclamation of the gospel will find excuses to get around the problem, excuses already being offered by “gay Christianity” and its promoters such as Justin Lee, Matthew Vines, and scholars such as James Brownson. The totalitarians on the left are happy with such compromisers, as they have nothing to fear from them. But those who will not join in the movement will find themselves marginalized in all aspects of our culture.


On this edition of the Dividing Line I took the time to review key elements of Pastor Danny Cortez’s emotional explanation to his congregation regarding his “change of mind” regarding homosexuality. There was nothing new in his comments: Brownson, Ken Wilson, and others had pronounced all these arguments before him, and with far more clarity. But to watch a congregation split by its pastor’s “change of mind,” when we have so often examined, and found deeply wanting, the arguments he puts forward, is deeply concerning. My hope is that by examining these arguments again we can, at the very least, fulfill our role as salt and light, and that the Lord will encourage His saints in their prophetic role.

Audio [mp3]:


Update June 6, 2014: On yesterday’s Dividing Line, James White spent some time dealing with a shortened version of Matthew Vines presentation were he give, “7 Bible Quotes Supporting Gay Relationships”. Those verses include Matt. 7:15-20; 1 Cor. 7:1-9; Gen. 19; Lev. 11:9-12, Lev. 19:19, Lev. 19:9, Lev. 18:22, 20:13; Rom. 1; 1 Cor. 6:9; . This portion of the show starts at the 26 minute mark:

Audio [mp3]:

God Hates Phelps? [Nicolas Alford]


 It is strange as a Christian to read of the death of a man with the title “pastor” and have a high degree of confidence that he is now in hell. The Bible is very clear that while salvation is by grace alone through faith in the works of Jesus Christ on our behalf, and that it is not given to anyone because of their good deeds in this life; the Bible is also very clear that people who have been saved by this free grace are in fact personally changed by that salvation, and that the fruit of their salvation flows out in their everyday lives. Fred Phelps has spent decades putting the rotten fruit of his fallen heart on display for all of the world to see, as he has spread as much hate and pain as he was able in his 84 years of life. Even worse, he has grossly misrepresented the God of heaven to an entire generation of spectators. Yet here as always, God will not be mocked. Although we must always make the caveat that only God knows the ultimate realities of the heart, the title of “pastor” is no barrier to my saying that if I think anyone went to hell when they died, I think this is true of Fred Phelps.


What should be the reaction of the Christian? These moments are difficult to navigate, but here are six thoughts to help guide us along.

read more | listen [7 min]

Duck Dynasty: Cause for Concern [Stephen Yuille] + More [Tom Hicks, Thabiti Anyabwile, James White]

Stephen Yuille @ Deus Pro Nobis weighs in on the significance of this new controversy for religious liberty, doctrinal clarity, and Christian imitation:

The discussion that has followed grandpa’s dismissal concerns me for three reasons.


For starters, I’m concerned for those who don’t understand (or even care) what the fuss is all about.

Secondly, I’m concerned for those who want to downplay what the Bible actually says about homosexuality.

Thirdly (and finally), I’m concerned for those who want to make grandpa the poster-child for the Christian faith.


I’ve read the transcript of grandpa’s recent interview. (It made me blush.) He attempted to quote Scripture (botched it, but at least he tried). But he had no difficulty or hesitancy engaging in a discourse which was (to put it mildly) downright crude (“lacking tact or taste; blunt or offensive”), crass (“unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility”), and vulgar (“deficient in taste, delicacy, or refinement”). Wait, I’m not finished. It was rude, tawdry, and tasteless.


What does the Bible say about such speech? How are followers of Jesus to speak? “But do not let immorality or any impurity or greed even be named among you, as is proper among saints; and there must be no filthiness and silly talk, or coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks . . . Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification” (Eph. 5:3–4). As Christians, there’s no such thing as “freedom of speech.” (Wow, now that might create some controversy. But stay with me.) What I mean is that, as Christians, we’re only free to speak as our Master speaks – form and content.


As I write this, I recall a simple chorus I learned as soon as I could speak:


O be careful little tongue what you say,
For your Father up above is looking down in love,
O be careful little tongue what you say.


Grandpa would do well to learn this little ditty.


I suppose what really concerns me is the number of Christians (I pray there aren’t that many, but I fear there are) who seem to think grandpa is now the poster-child for the Christian faith.


At this moment, I can mention the name of lots of men – well educated in religion, theology, and history; pastors at churches and professors at seminaries; faithful husbands and fathers. Perfect men? Absolutely not! Far from it. But men who are striving by God’s grace to be conformed to the likeness of Jesus. Here’s my question: Would any of these men ever make it on a reality TV show? Hmm, I wonder. No, they would be dismissed immediately (even by many Christians) as boring, uninteresting, and irrelevant. Why is that?


So, what does it say about those who are gravitating to grandpa as a champion of the Christian faith? What does it say about those who know the characters ofDuck Dynasty better than the members of their own families (physical and spiritual)? What does it say about those who seek to couple the Christian faith with a reality TV show? Personally, I think it says a great deal. It’s but another symptom of the pervading shallowness, absurdity, and immaturity that passes as modern-day evangelicalism. Ouch!

Read the Full Post Here or Listen Here (10.27 min)

Other post on the recent Duck Dynasty Discussion:
Some Thoughts on the Duck Dynasty Controversy by Tom Hicks via Founders Ministries: The Blog

Duck Dynasty and the Twisted Ironies of Our Current Sexual Politics via Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile

Piers Morgan: Paradigm of Secular Anti-Christian Bigotry by James White via Alpha and Omega Ministries



AOMin Video Roundup from the Week: The Great Debate III-VI [Papacy, Mass, Justification, Purgatory], Homosexuality Compatible w/ Christianity, Continuationism & Cessationism [Dividing Line]

The Great Debate III – The Papacy is Posted by Rich Pierce via Alpha and Omega Ministries

The Great Debate IV is Posted – The Mass

The Great Debate V – Justification Debate is Posted

The Great Debate VI – Purgatory is posted

Is Homosexuality Compatible with Authentic Christianity? vs Barry Lynn is posted

Today on the Dividing Line: Continuationism, Cessationism.

I decided to dedicate the entire program today to reviewing the first call Michael Brown took on The Line of Fire on Tuesday.  It seemed to provide an excellent basis for actually addressing the most important elements of this controversy.  I didn’t expect to take the whole hour, but, that’s what happened!  Hopefully our listeners will find this a useful discussion.  Here’s the audio of the program:

Here’s the video:

South Africa Biblical Worldview Conference – James White [4 Part Audio]

James White Biblical Worldview Conf

John Samson:

Dr James White was in South Africa the past weekend [Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013] where he held a Biblical worldview seminar addressing topics which are very appropriate for our time.


Session 1 – Homosexuality: Choice or Wired?

Session 2 – Sovereignty versus Free Will

Session 3 – What Every Christian Should Know About the Qur’an

Session 4 – Q and A

[source: biblicalworldview.co.za]

Popes, Christian Transphobia, Craig James Fired, Josh Williamson’s Arrest on a Mega Dividing Line + Jumbo Radio Free Damascus [James White]

James White’s podcast, The Dividing Line, from July 18, 2013 dealt with a wide range of theological and cultural issues.

Here’s the audio program:

And the video:



Audio timeline:

  • 02:40 – 11:25 On recent comments from the new Roman Pope (and the old, still living, Pope)
  • 11:26 – 15:00 Craig James claims Fox Sports fired him due to ‘religious discrimination’
  • 15:01 – 20:20 Transgender theology professor asked to leave Christian college after coming out [Azuza Christian College]
  • 20:21 – 24:29 On Josh Williamson‘s arrest for preaching the Gospel
  • 24:30 – 26:09 Creature with interlocking gears on legs discovered
  • 28:12 – 1:57:47 Radio Free Damascus, focusing on Yusuf Ismail and at the end, Bashir Varnia

[source: mp3 tag & AOMin.org]

The Normalization of Sin: God in their thoughts – Jeremy Walker

Over at the Reformation21 blog, Jeremy Walker gives several examples of the normalisation of sin in our culture and concludes:

The task of the church, in this regard, is to call the world to its senses. When the Lord through Isaiah says to the people, “Come now, and let us reason together” (Is 1.18), he is not suggesting that he and the unrighteous set out to discover some mutually acceptable and impersonal standard by which they can chat through the issues, but rather calling men to the bar of divine truth to perceive and interpret things as they really are.


When we are exhorted to “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps 46.10) it might be considered a charge to stop squawking and wriggling, and to submit to the truth of God as he makes himself known.


This is anathema to a world that does not know God, but there will be no transformation of hearts until God is in the thoughts of men, not as a mere notion but as the reigning Lord of all. True reason does not judge God, but submits to him. I am not saying that there is no place for apologetics, but it must be an unapologetic apologetic. Like the humbled Nebuchadnezzar, sinners like us must come to “praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all of whose works are truth, and his ways justice. And those who walk in pride he is able to put down” (Dan 4.37).


If we are to see sinners saved and righteousness advanced, we must strike at the root. The church must proclaim God in all his glory, truth in all its clarity, sin in all its misery, judgement in all its severity, Christ in all his mercy, redemption in all its majesty, and holiness in all its liberty. We must confront sinners with the Almighty and call sinners to the All-merciful: God must be in their thoughts.

Read the entire article or listen to the seven minute readout.