New site up for Reformed Baptist Network Constituting Conf., Nov. 15-17, 2016 in Taylors, SC

Reformed Baptist Network:

We are pleased to announce that the new Conference Website is now live. You can now register online for our Founding Conference in November, download a conference brochure and more.

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Conference brochure [PDF]:

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What is the Reformed Baptist Network?

reformed-baptist-networkThe Reformed Baptist Network is a new effort among Reformed Baptists seeking to organize together for the cause of Christ, church planting and missions.  The Network is being formed from a number of long-standing 1689 Confessional churches, but seeking an association with a fresh vision and focus, desiring to express a broad Reformed and Gospel-centered communion.  RBNet wants to affirm fellowship and relationship with other associations and fellowships, and pursue fraternal connections as much as possible.  Yet RBNetwork also has a distinct missionary vision,organizational structure, and Confessional commitment.

New Reformed Baptist Group in the Works: Reformed Baptist Network

Over the past several months this new forming group has already met several times. First on November 17-19, 2015 at the Rocky Mountain Conference on “Reformed Baptist Missions”.

Reformed Baptist Network

There 89 attendees from 40 churches gathered to hear 20 mission reports from every continent of the world and gathered to network for the sake of the Gospel. On the final day they had a “guided but open-ended discussion, devoted to exploring the future prospects of a network of Reformed Baptist Churches for mutual edification and cooperation in home and foreign missions and perhaps other things as well.”

Gordon Taylor
Gordon Taylor

They “finalized an initial vision statement and appointed three planning committees (on confessional subscription, organization, and communication. Also, Gordon Taylor has volunteered to serve as a missions liaison).

Initial Vision Statement:

The Vision of the Reformed Baptist Network is to glorify God through fellowship and cooperation in fulfilling the Great Commission to the ends of the earth.

You can read the conference report here and watch the two minute video report:

Audio from the conference is also available here.

They then held an organizing conference on February 23-24, 2015 in Rincon, GA. Pastors and missionaries from 28 churches gathered.

From the report of that organizing meeting:

RBN Organizing Conf…In the end, we agreed that the Network would be based around subscription to the 1689 Confession, and would be formally organized for fellowship and cooperation in Missions. In addition, the Network will allow different levels of Membership (full member churches subscribing to the 1689 and associate members holding to a Reformed statement of faith) and different levels of Missionary support. Concern was expressed to avoid the partisanship of the past, and to encourage outreach and cooperation with a broader communion of churches as much as possible. In light of this, the meeting gladly received formal greetings and cooperation from the Board of FIRE (Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals).

Three ad-hoc committees have been formed to draft a Constitution and Policy Manual. Gordon Taylor was formally approved and called to serve as Coordinator. Also, we voted to incorporate as a 501c3 entity.

Over the next few months, the planning committees will complete drafts of the Constitution and Policy Manual.

A Constituting Conference is being planned for the Fall. More details will be published as they become available.

It was also decided that Gordon Taylor would be RBN’s Interim Coordinator.

One minute video report:

Save the date and join us for the constituting conference of the Reformed Baptist Network at Grace Baptist Church in Taylors (Greenville) South Carolina on November 15-17, 2016. Sign-up and booking details to follow…

 constituting conference of the Reformed Baptist Network



Nov. 17-19, 2015 Rocky Mountain Conf. “Reformed Baptist Missions” feat. G. Taylor, M. Chanski, Elliot, Selph, T. Johnson + more in Boulder, CO [Reformed Baptist Network]


The Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado would like to welcome you to come to the first Rocky Mountain Conference on Reformed Baptist Missions in Boulder, Colorado. The purpose of our gathering is to generate excitement over what the Lord is doing in missions, both at home and abroad, as well as to spend significant time discussing the future of mutual cooperation in some to yet-to-be-determined capacity.

Tuesday Nov. 17th and Wednesday Nov. 18th will be filled with speakers including Mark Chanski, Gordon Taylor, Jon Hueni, Sam Masters, Trevor Johnson, and Robert Elliot. The topics will include church planting (home missions), foreign missionaries, and sermons to encourage us in these endeavors. Thursday morning Nov. 19th will be a guided but open-ended discussion, devoted to exploring the future prospects of a network of Reformed Baptist Churches for mutual edification and cooperation in home and foreign missions and perhaps other things as well.




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Reformed Baptist Network is a new effort for encouraging cooperation and communication among Reformed Baptists in North America.

Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of Quebec General Assembly 2014 “The Mission” [English/French Audio] feat. Gordon Taylor [L’AERBQ]

worship missionsHot off the heels of the 2014 ARBCA GA {mp3s | interviewwas the General Assembly of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of Quebec [’Association d’Églises réformées baptistes du Québec à Lac-Mégantic | L’AERBQ] which took place April 22-23, 2014 in the province of Quebec, in Lac Megantic.

ARBCA Coordinator Gordon Taylor was asked to speak on the theme, “The Mission” (with Pascal Denault translating in French.)


1. The Theology of Missions [La théologie de la mission]

2. Millions Dying [Les millions de perdus]

3. Let the People Praise God (Psalm 67) [Que les nations se réjouissent]

[source: Un Héraut dans le net]

“Of Balloons & Seed Planters” by Gordon Taylor [ARBCA]

Gordon TaylorGordon Taylor reflects on Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? by Roland Allen:

1) Do we preach with the expectation that conversions will occur? Or have we become so use to the lack of fruit in America that we consider it normal to have only one to five conversions a year? 2) Are we content with merely scattering the seed from a balloon? This is a stinging rebuke to those who merely serve up good meals of gospel preaching that lack zeal, conviction and expectation. 3) Are we willing to move on from a place or country that is rejecting the gospel and move to a place in the world that is crying for the truth?


In regard to this last thought I wonder if we may have too many preachers in the USA. There are places that are longing for someone to learn their language to come and teach them, to help them evangelize, to help them form a church and to help them see clearly the errors of false teaching. Would it be good if some of our experienced men sacrificed and went to regions of the world to plant the seed among those are longing for a gospel ministry? I am asking the question of myself and of you. I believe these are questions that need to be answered.

Read [3 min. readout]


Building Tomorrow’s Church Lecture 2009-2012 Audio Archive


Download audio

Last week we interviewed David Giarrizo, coordinator of the Building Tomorrow’s Church – Reformed Baptist Young Adults Conference, during the interview he mentioned that the lectures and sermons from previous conferences could be found online. Well, I found them, so for your listening pleasure here are the links, and be sure to visit the conference website and consider attending the conference!

BTC 2009

Conference Introduction – various speakers

The Basis For Godly LivingPastor Robert Briggs

Minstering Your GiftsEarl M. Blackburn

Manifesting Your GracesEarl M. Blackburn

The Character Of Godly Living – Pastor Robert Briggs

BTC 2010

The Church & Missions: Introduction – various speakers

The Mission is God’s – Don Donnell

Lets Get Out Of Our Hideout Raymond Perron

Becoming A Radicalized Disciple Don Donnell

Proclaiming The Gospel In A Secular CultureRaymond Perron

BTC 2010 Q&A various speakers

BTC 2011

Introduction – various speakers

Masculine Godliness, Pt. 1David Dykstra

Masculine Godliness, Pt. 2David Dykstra

Manly Dominion Mark Chanski

Guideline For Singles David Dykstra

Men: Their Problems and Solutions David Dykstra

Marital Dominion Mark Chanski

BTC 2011 Q&A various speakers

BTC 2012

Introductionvarious speakers

The Practical Implications Of Total Depravity: Humility Sam E. Waldron

The Practical Implications Of Limited Atonement: LoveSam E. Waldron

The Practical Implications Of Unconditional Election: EvangelismGordon Taylor

The Practical Implications Of  Irresistible Grace: Service Gordon Taylor

The Practical Implications Of Perserverance Of The Saints: Holiness– Gordon Taylor

BTC 2012 Q&A Pt.1 various speakers

BTC 2012 Q&A Pt.2various speakers