Report of the 1st Module of the Confessional Baptist Seminary of Ecuador & upcoming 2nd class starts Nov. 21, 2016 [CBTS]

Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary:

Pastor Francisco Orozco

July 25-29 we had the first class of the Confessional Baptist Seminary of Ecuador (SBCE), with the backing of Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. The first module was on “The Doctrine of the Word of God,” and was taught by Pastor Francisco Orozco from Chihuahua, Mexico .

The class took place in a camp owned by the Southern Baptist Convention, which is located in the Ecuadorian coast in a small city named Manglaralto. We had 56 students in attendance, the majority of them were pastors of churches and men involved in the ministry of the Word, but from different denominational contexts.

The class had a great impact due to the great truths of the Word of God that were expounded by Pastor Orozco, many of these truths had never been thoroughly studied by some of these pastors before. Among many questions and “battles of the heart” we were able to perceive the great disposition of the heart of these pastors, including some with many years of pastoral experience, who were taught that the Word of God should be their guide in the work of the ministry, and they came to desire that this would be a reality in their ministries.

The week ended full of joy and gratitude to the Lord. Each student returned to his home desiring to put into practice what he had learned, but also with the commitment to set aside time to attend the second class, which will be held November 21-25, and will be taught by Pastor Guillermo Gomez from Bogota, Colombia.

We ask you to pray for our students, the professors, and the whole organization of the Confessional Baptist Seminary of Ecuador, that God would be glorified in everything we do.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Jorge A. Rodriguez V.
Director SBCE


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Pastor Tom Ascol
Pastor Tom Ascol

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Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin

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Nehemiah Coxe was a leading Particular Baptist pastor and theologian of the seventeenth century. He was probably the co-editor of the London Baptist Confession of Faith (1677/89).

John Owen, a leading Congregational paedobaptist of the seventeenth century, is well-known for being the ‘Prince of the Puritans.’ J. I. Packer says, “In his own day he was seen as England’s foremost bastion and champion of Reformed evangelical orthodoxy.”


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