New Website for Founders Ministries! + Book deal, new interviews & more

Not only did Founders Ministries give their site a face-lift, but they even updated their logo:


From their newsletter sent out today:

Founders Ministries is now providing free access to thousands of resources on recovering the gospel and reforming churches on our new website ( In celebration of the new site launch, Founders is offering a copy of a new edition of the book Dear Timothy at the pre-publication discount of 50% off for the next two weeks. You can order the book through the new website (Discount Offer ends November 7th).

founders-badgeEncourage others to sign up for the Founders Newsletter on the new website and they will be sent 5 vintage Founders Journals, gaining access into the work of reformation that has occurred over the past 25 years.

On the new website, you can access daily featured content on everything from the devotional Christian life to theologically informed pastoral ministry. Visit our new website and explore online articles, sermons, interviews, book reviews, the Founders Journal, and a number of past and present books published through Founders Press.

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Logos Pre-Pub: $76.95 ‘Founders Press Ministry Collection (11 vols.)’ feat. Nettles, Haykin, Ascol, E. Reisinger + more

The Founders Press Ministry Collection (11 vols.)  is currently gathering interest in Pre-Pub to see if this becomes a Logos resource.

Founders Press Ministry Collection Logos



Ministry is for both pastor and parishioner. Whatever your role, find insights for better ministry from Baptist teachers and preachers dedicated to Scripture and historic Baptist principles. The Founders Press Ministry Collection gathers volumes on church membership, worship, pastoral ministry, embracing the doctrines of grace, dealing with pain and suffering, reformation in the Southern Baptist convention, and much more. Gathering powerful resources for serving God and building the church today, this collection is a valuable asset for approaching numerous areas of church life and ministry….


  • Addresses various aspects of ministry in a Baptist context
  • Upholds historic Baptist principles
  • Practically examines worship, the doctrines of grace, church membership, and more
  • Includes a modern rendering of the 1689 Baptist Confession
  • Volumes: 11
  • Pages: 2,138

Individual Titles:

Logos Pre-Pub: $99.95 ‘The Founders Journal (94 issues) (1990–2013)’

The 1990-2013 issues of ‘The Founders Journal‘, 94 in all, are currently gathering interest in Pre-Pub to see if this collection becomes a Logos resource.

Logos Founders Journal


the-founders-journalCommitted to historic Southern Baptist principles, the Founders Journal promotes the doctrines of grace and their application in the local church. This collection gathers a quarter century of theological scholarship for students, pastors, and church leaders seeking to recover the gospel of grace and work for the spiritual health and reformation of local churches. Containing both classic and contemporary articles, book reviews, and editorials, as well as news and letters, this journal is both a link to Southern Baptist heritage, and a valuable tool for modern church ministry…


Editor: Thomas K. Ascol
Publisher: Founders Press

Logos Pre-Pub: $77.95 ‘Founders Press Theology Collection (10 vols.)’ feat. 1689, Nettles, Malone, Ascol, Reisinger + more

The Founders Press Theology Collection (10 vols.)  is currently gathering interest in Pre-Pub to see if this becomes a Logos resource.

Founders Press Theology COllection Logos


Connecting modern readers with a rich theological heritage, the Founders Press Theology Collection examines Southern Baptist history, message, and mission. Collecting theological studies and histories, these works from Founders Press promote historic Baptist principles, using the theological framework of the first recognized confession of faith produced by the Southern Baptists, The Abstract of Principles. These studies discuss the doctrines of grace, argue for the biblical authority for credobaptism, offer a modern rendering of the 1689 Baptist Confession, introduce important Baptist figures and movements, compile papers presented over the first 20 years of the Southern Baptist Founders Conference, and more. With contributions from Baptist preachers and teachers including Thomas Nettles, Ernest Reisinger, and Fred Malone, this collection is filled with insights into Southern Baptist history and theology for modern ministry…


  • Traces Southern Baptist history and introduces important figures
  • Discusses important elements of historic Baptist theology
  • Compiles papers presented over the first 20 years of the Southern Baptist Founders Conference
  • Includes a modern rendering of the 1689 Baptist Confession
  • Volumes: 10
  • Pages: 2,506

Individual Titles:

Logos Pre-Pub: $30.95 ‘Founders Press Study Guide Commentaries (6 vols.)’

The Founders Study Guide Commentaries, $40 for all six in print, or $7.50 each from Founders Press, are currently gathering interest in Pre-Pub to see if this becomes a Logos resource.

Founders Press Study Guide Commentaries  Logos


The Founders Press Study Guide Commentaries offer solid exegesis, clear explanation, and practical insights into eight New Testament books. These concise resources are the perfect marriage of study guide and commentary, offering scholarly exposition in an easily digestible form. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary distinguished professor of New Testament Curtis Vaughan works section by section through the books of Acts, 1 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, James, and 1–3 John. Helpful for both pastor and layperson, these six volumes are packed with accessible and practical insights. The well-loved guides aid readers in understanding the biblical text and applying it to everyday life—as well as helping pastors and leaders in sermon preparation and Bible study teaching.


Publisher: Founders Press
Volumes: 6
Pages: 858

About the Authors:

Dr. Curtis Vaughan is a retired Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas where he began teaching in 1950. He is a graduate of Southwestern (BD & ThD) and Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.

The late Dr. Thomas Lea was Dean of the School of Theology and Professor of New Testament at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. Prior to taking up his responsibilities there in 1979, he served as a pastor in Virginia and Alabama. He graduated from Southwestern (MDiv and ThD) and Mississippi State University (BS).

Oct. 16-18, 2014 National Southern Baptist Founders Conference at Charleston, SC. feat. Ascol, Nettles, Malone + more

2014 National Southern Baptist Founders Conf

Confessional Power and Gospel Advance:
The 2nd London Confession at Home and Abroad

From today’s newsletter:

Registration is now open for the 2014 National Southern Baptist Founders Conference. It has been several years since we had a national conference and we are looking forward to a time of rich preaching and renewed fellowship.

Register Now and take advantage of our early registration discount [$90 through July 1st].

We will meet October 16-18, 2014 at the historic First Baptist Church of Charleston, SC.

The 2nd London Confession of Faith was published in 1689. This year marks the 325th anniversary of that historic event. This important confession, which has been called the most influential among Baptists in the South in Colonial America, has helped shape Baptist identity here and abroad. This conference will celebrate this anniversary while focusing on the importance of confessional Christianity for the advance of the gospel around the world.

Speakers will include: Tom Nettles, Phil Newton, Fred Malone, Tom Ascol, Andy Davis, Steve Lawson and Aaron Menikoff.

Check out the conference page.

Hickory, Dickory, Dockery [Ken Fryer]

On December 9, 2013, David Dockery, President of Union University in Jackson, Tennessee announced his intention to step down from the presidency and assume the role of chancellor (in an honorary role) no later than July 2014.  In his farewell address, Dockery said that he intends to participate more in the Manhattan Declaration project which purports to be a movement of Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christians for life, marriage, and religious liberty.  Upon the issuance of the Manhattan Declaration, many religious leaders, including many high-profile Southern Baptists, were asked to sign the document.  Besides Dockery, other notable Southern Baptist signatories include the ultra-ecumenical Timothy George, Dean of the Beeson School of Divinity and, of course, the Pope-praising Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.  While it is no surprise that Dockery, George, and Moore signed the document, Southern Baptists may be surprised to learn that two SBC seminary presidents, Albert Mohler of Southern Seminary and Danny Akin of Southeastern Seminary also affixed their signatures to the Manhattan Declaration.  While the contributions of Dockery, Mohler, and Akin are appreciated, Southern Baptist are asking why their leaders continue to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers by signing documents such as the infamous Evangelicals and Catholics Together, and The Manhattan Declarationand participate with organizations such as the Evangelical Immigration Tablefunded by socialist financier George Soros.

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We didn’t make the list but some of our friends did… [250 Top Blogs]


The list provided below was compiled by examining Church Relevance’s Top 200 Ministry Blogs list (they examined over 1,000 blogs), various high-ranked Christian blogs listed on Technorati, and blogs listed on various Christian blogrolls across blogdom. I examined over 450 Christian Blogs. Here is my list of the top 250 Christian blogs:



A Letter from Kabwata (#250)

Timmy Brister (#161)

Voices of (#87)

Alpha & Omega Ministries (#41)

The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies

 (notable mention)

Southern Baptists, The Sandy Creek Association and The John 3:16 Conference

sandy_creek-300x187Southern Baptists, The Sandy Creek Association and The John 3:16 Conference.

As recently as The John 3:16 Conference, it has been asserted that the Sandy Creek Association was less Calvinistic and that there were two strains of Baptists that fed into the founding of the Southern Baptist Convention one more Arminian, and the other confessionally Calvinistic;

“Caner noted that Baptist churches from the historical lineage of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association practiced revivalistic evangelism methods 40 years prior to the birth of Charles Finney, who is often credited with originating them during the Second Great Awakening.

This strand of Baptist life, Caner said, ran concurrent with the stronger Calvinistic one from the Philadelphia Baptist Association and both have existed within Southern Baptist life since the founding of the convention.

Caner asserted that much of the theological disunity could be resolved if there was more evangelistic methodological unity, particularly using an altar call.” (Source)

In 2006, the Founders Journal dedicated an entire edition to The Sandy Creek controversy, known as “Sandy Creek Revisited”:

Sandy Creek Revisited

The Raw Calvinism of the North Carolina Separates of the Sandy Creek Tradition

Shubal Stearns and the Separate Baptist Tradition