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Jan. 16-18, 2014 Deep South Founders Conference: “Christ the Mediator” – feat. Geoffrey Thomas + More

The 2014 Deep South Founders Conference will focus our attention on “Christ the Mediator.” Meeting January 16-18, on the Reformed Theological Seminary Campus in Jackson Mississippi, guest speakers include Geoffery Thomas, [Update Dec. 19, 2013] Erroll Hulse, Joe Nesom, Rusty Grant [end update], Johnny Pat Cox, and Cary Kimbrell. 



  • Early Registration: (Before December 1, 2012) $30
  • Regular Registration: (Before January 1, 2013) $35
  • Late Registration: (After January 1, 2013 $40



The Reformed Theological Seminary graciously hosts the Deep South Founders Conference on their beautiful Jackson Mississippi campus. All sessions, including the pre-conference debate, will convene in the Grace Chapel. Parking is available.

Reformed Theological Seminary
5422 Clinton Blvd.
Jackson, MS 39209-3099



The Deep South Regional Founders Conference is affiliated with Founders Ministries as a sponsored Regional Conference. Founders Ministries holds as its purpose “the recovery of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the reformation of local churches.,,,We believe intrinsic to this recovery is the promotion of the Doctrines of Grace in their experiential application to the local church, particularly in the areas of worship and witness.” To that end, like minded pastors and lay-leaders of Baptist churches in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama hold this annual conference. We pray that our gathering will serve to promote the aims of Founders Ministries for the glory of God and the good of his church.


[Update: Dec. 19, 2013]


Thursday – January 16, 2014

    6:30 pm – Evening Session

    • Active and Passive Obedience of Christ – Joe Nesom
    • Christ Our Mediator, The King – Geoffery Thomas

Friday – January 17, 2014

      9:30 am – Morning Session

      • The Offices of Christ the Mediator – Johnny Pat Cox
      • Christ our Mediator – Geoffery Thomas

12:00 pm – Lunch (RTS Patterson Porch Cafeteria)

6:30 pm – Evening Session

    • The Intercessory Ministry of Christ – Cary Kimbrell
    • Christ Our Mediator, The Great High Priest – Geoffery Thomas

Saturday – January 18, 2014

    9:30 am – Morning Session

    • Christ, The Plan For The Fullness Of Time – Rusty Grant
    • The Exaltation of Christ the Mediator – Geoffery Thomas



A Non-Calvinist Challenges a Calvinist: Andrew Fuller’s Defense of Calvinism – Tom Nettles

Andrew FullerOver at the Founders Ministries blog Tom Nettles wrote a blog entitled, “A Non-Calvinist Challenges a Calvinist: Andrew Fuller’s Defense of Calvinism”. It begins:

In light of the healthy interest in the Southern Baptist convention on the theology and effects of Calvinism, I believe it will be helpful to investigate the historical impact these doctrines have had and the particular objections that have been raised against them. In my most recent post, I looked at the origin of tension on this issue by comparing some pivotal doctrinal ideas of the Particular and General Baptists. Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was a key thinker among the Particular Baptists. He gave a brilliant theological rationale for the beginning of the modern missions movement, rallied Baptists and evangelicals in England and America for the support of the missionary society, and propagated a robust doctrinal orthodoxy through his polemical, apologetic, and theological writings. All the while he also served as the pastor of a local congregation and preached expositionally week by week.


Among his theological and polemical writing were defenses of Calvinism in at least four major venues. In two writings he replied to the objections of Dan Taylor (1783-1813), the leading light among the English New Connection General Baptists; in one writing he defended the Calvinist understanding of regeneration against the Sandemanian objections, and in one he compared the moral tendency of the Calvinist and Socinian systems to each other.

Read the rest or listen to seven minute readout.

From the Protestant Reformation to the SBC: What Hath Geneva to Do with Nashville? [New Edition]

From the Protestant Reformation to the Southern Baptist Convention What Hath Geneva to Do with NashvilleDuring last weeks podcast with Tom Ascol he let us know that Founders Press was about to put out a new edition of an old work he had done. Well, he just announced it this morning:

In 1996 Founders Press began with the publication of my little booklet, From the Protestant Reformation to the Southern Baptist Convention: What Hath Geneva to Do with Nashville? I wrote it in part to respond to the widely-held assumption (and often-repeated refrain) that “Southern Baptists have never been Calvinists.” Founders had been making that case for years but I thought it might be helpful to have an accessible, documented overview of it.


Though today that assumption is hardly ever heard in reasonable historical and theological discussions about the SBC, there is still a need a concise statement of the doctrinal background of the SBC. Several years ago the late Roger Nicole encouraged Founders to reprint it even sending an unsolicited “Introduction” that he urged us to use. Due to other pressing concerns, this project kept being put on the back burner.


Today I am pleased to announce that the electronic version of a new edition of From the PR to the SBC has been released. A print copy is scheduled to be released by the end of the summer. In the new addition copies of the Charleston Confession of Faith and Summary of Church Discipline are included as appendices.

For more information, commendations and download instructions, go here.


Updated Language 1689 – Confessing The Faith: The 1689 Baptist Confession For the 21st Century

confessing the faith

Here is the 1689 Confession with modern language that has been brought up several times on our podcast:

Confessing The Faith: The 1689 Baptist Confession For the 21st Century [or on Amazon]

Edited by Stan Reeves
©2012 Founders Press
ISBN: 978-0-984-9498-5-4
60 pages (soft cover)

Recommended by Michael A.G. Haykin, Sam Waldron, Richard Barcellos & Robert “Bob” Gonzalez

Stan Reeves serves as an elder at Grace Heritage Church in Auburn, AL, and is a professor at Auburn University.  He also serves as the webmaster for Founders Ministries.


Founders Journal #92 Now Out

It can be downloaded in either  EPUB or MOBI format. Here are the details:

The Founders Journal 92'

The Founders Journal

Issue 92: Spring  2013

price: $1.99


Editoral Introduction: Be Strong in the Lord (Ken Puls)
Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective (Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura)
The Fight of Your Life (Tom Ascol)
Know Your Enemy (Tom Ascol)

Past Issues of the journal are available free online and in PDF format.


The Founders Journal is published four times a year as an eJournal. It is available for download in two digital formats: ePUB (for Apple iBooks, the Nook, and other ePUB readers) and mobi (for Kindle and other mobi readers). Now that the journal is in digital format, it is no longer necessary to purchase a subscription to the journal. New issues will be announced in our Founders eNews and made available for purchase and download in our online store.

Tom Nettles’ 2012 Founders Breakfast Audio

Today is the 2013 Founder’s Breakfast. For those who can’t be there and have to wait for the audio to come out here is the 2012 audio to whet your appetite:

Dr. Tom Nettles spoke at the 2012 Founders Breakfast in New Orleans before the opening session of the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. In his talk, he analyzes the history of the SBC in a chiastic structure and then looks at the contemporary scene in light of this analysis. I highly recommend that you listen to it.


You may download the audio file or listen to it here, free of charge. More resources from Dr. Nettles, including his latest book, Whomever He Wills, edited with Matthew Barrett are available from the Founders website.

“The Southern Baptist Convention: Retrospect and Prospect”

[source: Founders Blog]

Should We Preach Christ In Every Sermon? Fred Malone Answers

Christ Centered PreachingOver at Founders Ministries Blog, Fred Malone answers the question on whether or not Christ should be preached in every sermon. His blog begins:

Faithful preaching is expositional, which means that it explains a biblical text in its context and applies the text to the hearers. There have been times, however, when I’ve heard expositional preaching that makes little or no mention of the Lord Jesus Christ (sadly, I’ve done this myself). If an unbeliever had been sitting among the hearers, he would not have heard enough of the gospel to be saved. Furthermore, saints would not have heard enough of Christ to move them to live and obey out of love for Him. Scripture teaches that every expository sermon should be Christ-centered.


True preaching is not:


– An expositional sermon, even from a New Testament text, without mentioning Christ except in an evangelistic appeal at the end.


– A sermon filled with illustrations and humor, while only nominally mentioning a text, or Jesus Christ Himself, occasionally.


– A “practical series” on marriage, joy, etc., without explaining how the person and work of Jesus Christ applies to marriage, joy, etc.


– A running commentary on a passage of Scripture without preaching Christ because He is not mentioned explicitly in the text.

None of the above measures up to the Bible’s requirement for preaching. Scripture gives us clear instructions about how to preach. Consider the following.

Read the rest or listen to readout [6 min.]

Interview #10 – Tom Ascol – Founders Ministries + Brandon Adams on


On episode 10 of our podcast, we interview Tom Ascol about Founders Ministries.

After that, Brandon Adams joins us to talk about his new site 1689 Federalism and then we talk about some Reformed Baptist headlines and give you a hint of our special guest on next week’s episode.

Books & Sites Mentioned:

Headlines Mentioned:

Sponsor: – A wiki dedicated to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, commonly called the 1689, and theology in accordance with the doctrines contained therein.

Post-Interview Music:

The Fightin’ Texas Aggie War [Lyrics & MP3 download]

Spurgeon on Suffering & the Pastoral Ministry – Jeff Robinson

Over at the Founders Ministries Blog, Jeff Robinson posted on Spurgeon on Suffering & the Pastoral Ministry:

Few Baptist pastors suffered more acutely and suffered better than the great Charles Spurgeon; I say he suffered better, because Spurgeon’s theology of sovereign grace fitted him with spectacles to see suffering as a gift from God’s hand and to view it as a means of training the minister for sympathizing with others in the academy of God’s grace. Best of all, for the sake of those of us who have been called to minister in his wake, Spurgeon preached and wrote often about his suffering and how God has wisely designed it to intersect with Gospel ministry. Hear the penetrating words of our dear brother Spurgeon from the May 1876 edition of The Sword and Trowel:…

Rest the rest or listen to readout [7 min.]

At the beginning of this post he recommends the following book on this topic:

Dangerous Calling Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry


In one of the most convicting, encouraging and challenging contemporary books I have read in many years on the pastoral ministry, Paul David Tripp (The book is titled Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry from Crossway. If you are a pastor and don’t yet own this book run—don’t walk— buy it and move it to the top of your summer reading list) reminds pastors that they are, like those to whom the preach, in the middle of their own sanctification even as they are called to preach to others. And of course, God’s Word reminds us in various places that sanctification entails suffering. One example is Paul’s sobering promise in 2 Timothy 3:12, “All that will live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.” Suffering is an irreducible part of the Christian life and an irreducible part of ministry in a post-Genesis 3 world.

2013 Founders Fellowship Breakfast [In Houston] Featuring Voddie Baucham

voddie_bauchamTom Ascol not only gives you some details about the upcoming (June 11, 2013) Founders Fellowship Breakfast in, Houston, Texas:

Every year at the meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, Founders Ministries hosts a breakfast featuring a speaker, free books, fellowship and encouragement for those attending the convention and those who live in the area. This year’s breakfast features Dr. Voddie Baucham, who will speak on “The Reformation We Need.”…


Tickets are $25. Register before May 15 for a $5 discount. Registration deadline is May 30. It is not unusual for the breakfast to sell out, so register early.

But he also gives you some stuff you may not have known about featured speaker Voddie Baucham

Read his post.

Will you be there?

David Kingdon: The Silence That Breaks The Silence

David Kingdon on the New Testament’s silence of infant baptism and the place of John the Baptist in Redemptive History:


… the question that needs to be put is this: “Is there reason to believe that Reformed paedobaptists have overlooked a key element in redemptive history that calls into question their common assumption that it is possible to jump from circumcision to the baptism of infants?” I believe there is. It is the ministry of John the Baptist which we must now consider.

For full text see David Kingdon’s “John the Baptist: The Silence That Breaks The Silence” from Founders Journal, Spring 2002, pp. 5-16.