AERBQ 2016 General Assembly AUDIO: “Perseverance in a Post-Modern World” feat. Bob Selp

Last week the 10th General Assembly of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of Quebec was held in Acton-Vale, Québec, Canada.


Pastor Bob Selph

For the occasion, Pastor Bob Selph brought three messages of exhortation on the zeal, perseverance and evangelization in this culture.


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1. Persevering with passion in a post-modern world [mp3]

2. If I’ve lost it [zeal]… How do I get it back?? [mp3]

3. Christ’s love for sinners [mp3]

AUDIO from the 2016 “1689 Conference: The Reign of Grace” now online feat. Baines, Waldron, Hall, & Waters

Audio from the 2016 “1689 Conference”, which took place on March 18-19, is now online (videos coming soon):

1689conf 2016 audio

That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness
unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 5:21 (KJV)


1689 ConfIt seems as though in the year 2015 there has been many challenges facing us as Christians, both from outside our walls and from within.

The church needs to be encouraged with the reminder of the steadfastness and surety of God’s reign through grace,
which will not be thwarted by sin nor traitors in our ranks.

If it would please the Lord, we are hoping to achieve several things with this year’s theme: REIGN of GRACE.

Beginning on Friday we hope to provide an overview concerning a very important way in how to understand God’s redemptive plan which is interwoven all throughout the Scriptures – the Covenant of Grace. This Covenant is central to the 1689 Baptist Confession and is sure to provide God’s people with confidence and renewed hope that the Lord fulfills His promises!

Then on Saturday, following the reassurance and reminder of the promises and plans made to Christ’s people, we will offer teachings that have a more practical mood, in hopes they may exhort, encourage and equip those in attendance to continue to fight the good fight,
and not to grow weary in well doing.

So then, please join us that we may continue steadfastly unto the end in the most holy faith which we confess.
Come, gather and meet new friends who share with you in precious like faith.

2016 Audio Sessions:

Day One Audio

Rev. Ron Baines – Of God’s covenant of grace (this topic is also further expanded in Ron’s second talk – #5):

Dr. Sam Waldron – Of Jesus Christ the Mediator by which grace reigns.:

Rev. Mike Waters – Of reigning grace through repentance and salvation.:

Rev. JD Hall – Of reigning grace and our proclamation of the gospel.:

Rev. Ron Baines – Of reigning grace in and through the local church.:

Dr. Sam Waldron – The Consummation of the glorious reign of grace.:

Day Two Audio

Rev. JD Hall – Of reigning grace and our Perseverance during this life.:

Dr. Sam Waldron – Of reigning grace and new church planting.:

Rev. JD Hall – Of reigning grace and passing on our beliefs to the next generation.:

TALK #10
Rev. Ron Baines – Of the reign of grace and fleeing worldliness.:

TALK #11
Rev. Mike Waters – The reign of grace through martyrdom.:

TALK #12
Rev. Mike Waters – The reign of grace in self-denial.:

2015 Reformed Baptist Family Conf. AUDIO feat. Nettles, Savastio, A. Walker, Hughes & Hoak in Louisville, KY.

Audio from the 2015 Reformed Baptist Family Conference, which took place July 28th through 31st, is now online:

2015 Reformed Baptist Family Conf
A Light Shining In A Dark Place | Professor Tom Nettles | 76 min [mp3]:

Stewardship of Controversy | Professor Tom Nettles | 63 min [mp3]:

An Exhortation to the Older Generation | Aaron Hoak | 54 min [mp3]:

The Great Commission | Professor Tom Nettles | 54 min [mp3]:

The Work of the New Generation | Tim Hoak | 56 min [mp3]:

Living By Faith | Austin Walker | 78 min [mp3]:

The Test Of Faith | Austin Walker | 53 min [mp3]:

Dying In Faith | Austin Walker | 51 min [mp3]:

Encouragement To Brethren In Dark Times | Jim Savastio |  56 min [mp3]:

History Of Revivals | William Hughes | 63 min [mp3]:

“Regarding America’s moral collapse, I blame us… A very serious reformation is needed” [Tom Chantry | 5-part Series]

Pastor Tom Chantry finished up his five part series on who is to blame for America’s moral collapse and what we do from here. Here are some snippets from part one:

Most American Christians are currently experiencing cultural whiplash.

…in one month’s time, we discover that actually, the constitutional republic our civics classes taught us about simply no longer exists. Instead, a panel of elite lawyers make up the constitution as they go, while an even smaller number of elite bureaucrats set policies according to their whims. Consider:

  • An American system which has long tolerated and for a while celebrated sexual perversion has now institutionalized the same. Unnatural relations are now sanctified by the name “marriage.”…
  • The United States has abandoned overnight the decades old policy of non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction…
  • Conclusive evidence has been unearthed that our nation, which easily leads the world in the practice of slaughtering our own babies, has for decades subsidized an organization which has not only killed 900 healthy babies a day for years, but which has profited by that holocaust by selling off baby parts to the highest bidder…

Perhaps what most unifies these three stories is the entire absence of any moral sense in the nation…

As I reflect on that biblically, I have come to this conclusion: the real culprit is the church. American Christianity is responsible for this mess. I don’t even mean those who have abandoned the central tenets of the faith to accommodate culture; I mean that the believing, orthodox Christians of America are more to blame than any other group. This disaster is ours, and for a very simple reason: we, who were supposed to live as salt and light in the world, have abandoned the concept of morality…

chapter 19 law

From his series conclusion:

Pastor Tom Chantry
Pastor Tom Chantry

All week I have argued that the American Evangelical church is to blame for the collapse of our culture [part 1]. We have failed utterly to maintain the doctrine of the law [part 2] which was universally taught in Protestant confessions, becoming instead a lawless people [part 3]. This has handicapped our witness [part 4] to the world, robbing us of the moral authority to speak and of any message which could convict.

A very serious reformation is needed. Efforts to defund (and dismantle) Planned Parenthood are certainly a righteous cause. It is right for Christians to fight abortion, and to struggle to define marriage properly. However, a more fundamental reformation is necessary, and what is more, it is within the grasp of the church. I speak of a reformation of Evangelicalism – one in which we repent of the last half-century of abandonment of morality. The needed reformation will be spiritual, theological, ecclesiastical, and homiletical…

Read the series I Blame Us:

  1. The Collapse
  2. The Law
  3. The Rejection
  4. The Failure
  5. The Recovery

AUDIO from the 2015 Baptist Heritage Conf. feat. Tom Ascol & Tom Nettles now online

This conference that we previously announced has now put the audio from the conference online:

Baptist Heritage Conf Audio


Friday, June 19

6:30 PM: Dr. Nettles, “Lessons about Christian life from Baptist History” [mp3]:

8:00 PM: Dr. Ascol, “Forward Toward our Heritage” [mp3]

Saturday, June 20

9:00AM: Dr. Ascol, “Early Southern Baptist Evangelism” [mp3]

10:15 AM: Dr. Nettles, “The Purifying Power of Controversy in Baptist Life” [mp3]:

1:00 PM: Dr. Ascol, “Why Theology Matters to Worship” [mp3]:

2:15 PM: Dr. Nettles, “The Importance of a Singular Vision in the Ministry of J. P. Boyce” [mp3]:

3:00 PM: Q&A [mp3]:

Sunday, June 21

9:00 AM: Dr. Nettles, “Spurgeon: Christ’s Work in the Covenant of Redemption” [mp3]:

10:15 AM: Dr. Ascol, “Getting the Gospel Right” [mp3]:

Mar. 26-28, 2015 “How Shall They Hear: Evangelism in Today’s World” feat. James White, Earl Blackburn, Jeff Pollard + more in Milton, FL.

Jeremiah Cry MinistriesJeremiah Cry Ministries:

How Shall they Hear, Evangelism is Today’s World

This is the theme of the next Herald Society which is scheduled for March 26-28 2015 in Florida…

Missions and Evangelism has been all but lost in Today’s Church, the idea that men should stand up and engage the culture with the naked truth of God’s Word is absolutely foreign in much of today’s evangelicalism. Pragmatism and Humanism have replaced the Gospel. We believe the proclamation of the Gospel, whether inside of the church or outside of the church is a Local Church ministry. This is why are hearts cry out for revival and reformation in this most needful time we live in…

There will be much to learn and apply. If your serious about soul-winning, evangelism and missions you need to come to this gathering in Florida…


See the full list of speakers, registration, travel info, and more.

2014 ‘1689 Conference’ AUDIO & VIDEO now online

1689 Conference Spurgeon

1689 Conf1689 Conference Planner:

This year we gathered to commemorate the 325th anniversary of the historic 1689 Baptist Confession.


Our hearts were lifted and our commitment to Scripture renewed as we reflected upon the kind providence of our covenant God toward His people.


The LORD was pleased to bless the conference with a precious unity of hearts and a single focus on orthodox confessional truths, that we pray will fortify and equip our gospel churches to proclaim the Lordship of Christ to all the nations.


In addition, the LORD through the working of His Spirit begun a confessing, reformed Baptist pastoral fellowship that will begin to meet bi-monthly in the central Indianapolis area.  If you would like to be notified of the date and location of the meetings do so by sending your request to:


We pray that the Lord will bless and keep you all, hope to see you again next year – LORD willing!

Baptist Confessionalism Providence 1689 Conference WIlliam Kiffin

AUDIO | VIDEO [Playlist]:

DAY 1:

Jim Savastio – 1689 Baptist Confession, 325 yrs. of faithfulness to the gospel [mp3]:

Video Part 1:

Please note that there are two videos in this list that were cut off short, however the MP3 audio of all the sessions are complete in length.

Video 2:


DAY 2:

Dr. Sam Waldron – 1689 Baptist Confession, outline, theology and distinctives [mp3]:



Bob Bolles – 1689 Baptist Confession and the Gospel [mp3]:



Doug Barger – Baptists, creeds/confessions and Silver Creek Baptist Church (Indiana’s first Baptist Church) [mp3]:

Video Part 1:

Video Part 2:


Steve Weaver – 1689 Baptist Confession and missions [mp3]:



Jim Savastio – How NOT to reform a church [mp3]:



Sonny Hernandez – 1689 Baptist Confession, the regulative principle of worship [mp3]:



David Williams – 1689 Baptist Confession and personal sanctification [mp3]:



Dennis Clark – Contemporary concerns for the church [mp3]:



Doug Barger – 1689 Baptist Confession, Family Worship and Cathechisms [mp3]:



Pascal Denualt – Covenant theology and the church. 1689 Federalism [mp3]:


Day 3:

Dr. Sam Waldron – 1689 Baptist Confession the Law and Gospel [mp3]:



Question and answer session – Topics include: law, future vision for confessing reformed baptists, hyper calvinism… [mp3]:



James Brown – Sermon of encouragement and exhortation [mp3]:


The 1689 Baptist Confession & Its Influence on Early American Missions & Church Planting [PDF] by Steve Weaver

Steve Weaver
Steve Weaver

Steve Weaver:

Today I am in Indianapolis, Ind. where I am presenting a lecture at 1:30 pm today on “The 1689 Baptist Confession and Its Influence on Early American Missions and Church Planting” at the Baptist, Confessionalism and the Providence of God, 1689-2014 conference. Some have expressed interest in seeing the paper, so I have uploaded it here in PDF format.


There are plans to post audio and video of the conference in the near future. You can check for the latest details on media availability.

[22-Page PDF]:

Download (PDF, 392KB)

Reformation Celebration 2014 ‘Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God’ [Audio] feat. Mike Gaydosh + more


Here is the audio from the 2014 Sovereign Grace Family Church Reformation Celebration:

Thursday, November 6:

Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God | Jesse Pickett | MP3]:

Friday, November 7:

Jesus the Great Evangelist | Andrew Smith | MP3]:

Saturday, November 8:

Evangelism Conference Q&A | Various Speakers | MP3]:

Sharing and Defending the Faith | Dr. M. Keith Foskey | MP3]:

The Evangelistic Heart of Brother Bryan of Birmingham | Michael Gaydosh | MP3]:

World Missions and Evangelism | Steve Jennings | MP3]:


Zambia Annual Reformed Conf. [AUDIO] “25 Years of Reformation: Running Forward, Remaining Faithful” feat. Mbwene, Baucham, Ken Jones

25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference

As announced, the 25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference was held from the 25th to 29th of August at Lusaka Baptist Church.

This year’s theme was “25 Years of Reformation: Running Forward, Remaining Faithful”Here is the audio from the key speakers [rss]:

 Voddie Baucham – Running forward (across Africa in missions)

Conrad Mbewe:

Dr Voddie Baucham attempting to preach with a megaphone last night at the Zambian Reformed Conference during a power outage. Welcome to Africa!

Voddie Baucham megaphone
Voddie Baucham with megaphone

Missions throughout the Bible

Missions and Worship

The Great Commission

Missions, Warfare and Prayer

Preserve, Proclaim and Endure

Ken Jones – Remaining faithful (to the Doctrines of Grace)

Ken Jones
Ken Jones

Conrad Mbewe:

Pastor Ken Jones walked us through “The doctrines of grace” with the greatest clarity and pastoral sensitivity at the just-ended 25th Zambian Annual Reformed Conference. His approach of stating the doctrine, proving it from Scripture, and then answering the various questions often asked, went a long way in making his sessions easy to understand. You could tell that this man is a pastor!

Features of Reformed Theology

The Doctrine of Total Depravity-TULIP

Unconditional Election – TULIP

The Doctrine of Limited Atonement – TULIP

The Doctrine of Irresistible Grace – TULIP

The Doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints – TULIP

Keynote address:

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

Pastoral Gratitude and Fears

Aug. 28-30, 2014 “This Grace Also: Excelling in the Grace of Giving” Grace Baptist Partnership Conf. feat. Barry King + more in London

grace baptist partnership

Annual Conference

A conference for church planters and those who support them

This Grace Also Excelling in the Grace of Giving Grace Baptist Partnership


This Grace Also: Excelling in the Grace of Giving

The theme will be developed in messages delivered by:

  • Barry King, General Secretary of Grace Baptist Partnership
  • Jimmy Millikin, Chairman, Department of Theological and Historical Studies, Professor of Theology
  • Jeff Noblit, Pastor of Grace Life Church of the Shoals in Muscle Shoals, Alabama


Grace Baptist Church Angel
Chadwell Street, London


28 August – 30 August

Sessions begin at the following times:

  • Thursday, 28 August: 6:30 pm
  • Friday, 29 August: 10:30, 2:30, 6:30
  • Saturday, 30 August: 10:30

There will be a bring-and-share lunch after the last session on Saturday to mark the end of the conference.


The conference is free of charge.

Audio from the 2014 Truth of the Gospel Conference ‘The Brokenhearted Evangelist’ [Jeremy Walker]

Check out his book for more on “The Brokenhearted Evangelist”

Audio from the 2014 Truth of the Gospel (July 4-5, 2014) conference were Jeremy Walker gave the following addresses:

Session 1: Biographical on Andrew Fuller [mp3]

Session 2: The Bow – The Cry of a Broken Heart [mp3]

Session 3: The Arrows –  The Man and His Message [mp3]

Session 4: The Target – On Conversion as Our Aim [mp3]

Questions and Answers [mp3]

Interview #61 – Brian Hanson – Abraham Cheare [Podcast]

Waiting on the Spirit of Promise Abraham Cheare

Brian L. Hanson
Brian L. Hanson

“I wanted to contribute something that would not only add to Particular Baptist scholarship… but in addition to that I wanted to be helpful  to the church at large in the areas specifically of spirituality, suffering, and church ministry and I think [Abraham] Cheare provides a good model and helpful guide in these areas”

On episode 61 of our interview podcast have Brian L. Hanson on to tell us all about his new book Waiting on the Spirit of Promise: The Life and Theology of Suffering of Abraham Cheare.

This leads us into topics such as suffering for Christ, children, discipleship, spirituality, the universal church, and more.


Subscribe to the podcast via RSSiTunesStitcherTuneIn or by Email.


All our post on Abraham Cheare

Featured Music:

Jesus, Lover of My Soul arranged by the interviewee

Evangelism, Church Planting & the 1689 [James Renihan]

How did our Particular Baptist forefathers view and do evangelism? James Renihan fills us in, with the help of some materials from his 1997 doctoral dissertation, “The Practical Ecclesiology of the English Particular Baptists, 1675-1705: The Doctrine of the Church in the Second London Baptist Confession as Implemented in the Subscribing Churches.” (also see Edification & Beauty):

church plantingIn order to account for the remarkable growth present among the Particular Baptists, one must remember this fact. Evangelism is at the heart of the doctrine of the church. New assemblies are planted as men and women are brought to faith in Christ. In these Confessions, practical theology is the necessary concomitant to ecclesiology. Doctrinal formulations are not merely theoretical constructions. They have very important implications and applications for life and ministry.


Historic Baptist theology brought together theology and practice. In the best puritan fashion, it was recognized that what we believe must influence what we practice, and that what we practice must rest on the theological truths we confess. These men and their churches sought to be faithful to that principle. As we strive to preach the whole counsel of God, and apply the principles of reformation in our churches, we must take hold of this perspective. Church planting ought to be at the very forefront of our agenda. In Particular Baptist Ecclesiology, the church was fundamentally the result of the personal and sovereign activity of Christ in calling sinners out of the world to salvation. From its roots in the New Testament, it was intended to be a holy community, separate from the world and focused on heaven. But, so important was the planting of churches that programs were established to promote their increase. Funds were raised, men were ordained and sent, and new congregations were organized. Does our theology of the church inform our evangelism? What more can we do?

Read “Church Planting and the London Baptist Confessions of Faith” [13 min. readout]