New (Free) eBook: “The Lord’s Day” by Sam Waldron

The Lord’s Day
Its Presuppositions, Proofs, Precedents, and Practice

by Sam Waldron

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Dr. Sam Waldron

The Lord’s Day is a thoroughly up-to-date consideration of the Fourth Commandment and its ramifications for modern Christianity. Its four sections include the Presuppositions that influence our thinking; Proofs at creation, by Moses, and in the New Testament; Precedents in the Apostolic Fathers and John Calvin; and finally its Practice. While precise and careful, the author avoids extremes and makes the nuances and complexities of the theological issues clear for most Christians.

Pages: 138

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“Biblical Elders & Deacons” by Nehemiah Coxe [Free eBook Friday]

Coxe Elders Deacons Book

Biblical Elders and Deacons
by Nehemiah Coxe D. 1688

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Chapel Library:

Christ’s will as revealed in Scripture is the pattern for the church, and Nehemiah Coxe unfolds aspects of that pattern that relate to church leadership. “The edification and beauty of the Church is much concerned in her order, not such an order as superstition will dictate, or litigious nicety contend for, but such as sets her in a conformity with Christ’s will; and particularly the filling up of the offices which He has appointed, with persons duly qualified for the administration of them, and the regular acting both of officers and members in their respective positions.”

Pages: 32.


I. Exposition

II. Appointment of Deacons

III. Appointment of Elders

IV. A Pastor’s Duty toward His People

V. The People’s Duty toward Their Pastors

VI. Conclusion


“Comfort for Christians” by A. W. Pink [Free eBook Friday]

comfort pink

Comfort for Christians

by A. W. Pink

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A W PinkThe work unto which the servant of Christ is called is many-sided. Not only is he to preach the Gospel to the unsaved, to feed God’s people with knowledge and understanding (Jer 3:15), and to take up the stumbling stone out of their way (Isa 57:14), but he is also charged to “cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression” (Isa 58:1 and cf. 1 Tim 4:2). While another important part of his commission is stated in, “Comfort, comfort My people, says your God.” (Isa 40:1).

What an honorable title, “My people!” What an assuring relationship: “your God!” What a pleasant task: “comfort My people!” A threefold reason may be suggested for the duplicating of the charge. First, because sometimes the souls of believers refuse to be comforted (Psalm 77:2), and the consolation needs to be repeated. Second, to press this duty the more emphatically upon the preacher’s heart, that he need not be sparing in administering cheer. Third, to assure us how heartily desirous God himself is that His people should be of full of joy (Phil 4:4).

God has a “people,” the objects of His special favor: a company whom He has taken into such intimate relationship unto Himself that He calls them “My people.” Often they are disconsolate because of their natural corruptions, the temptations of Satan, the cruel treatment of the world, the low state of Christ’s cause upon earth. The “God of all comfort” (2 Cor 1:3) is very tender towards them, and it is His revealed will that His servants should bind up the broken-hearted and pour the balm of Gilead into their wounds. What cause have we to exclaim “Who is a God like unto You!” (Micah 7:18), who has provided for the comfort of those who were rebels against His government and transgressors of His Law.


  1. No Condemnation
  2. The Christian’s Assurance
  3. Sufferings Compensated
  4. The Great Giver
  5. The Divine Rememberer
  6. Tried by Fire
  7. Divine Chastisement
  8. God’s Inheritance
  9. God Securing His Inheritance
  10. Mourning
  11. Hungering
  12. Heart Purity
  13. The Beatitudes and Christ
  14. Affliction and Glory
  15. Contentment
  16. Precious Death


I said it on our last Dunker Bunker and I’ll say it again:

Real Men Read Pink (3)

Deal: $0.99/£0.77 ‘Ready for Reformation?’ by Tom Nettles [Kindle]

Tom Nettles Ready For Reformation

“Ready for Reformation?”
by Tom Nettles
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Tom Nettles believes that Southern Baptist churches are still in the midst of reformation-reformation that began with the conservative resurgence but continues today. It continues because reformation requires much more that the recovery of biblical authority. Reformation must penetrate deep; it requires time, patience, sacrifice, and honest self-criticism. Modern day reformers must enact a serious reengagement with doctrinal and practical ideas of the past, for failure to do so may result in an aborted reformation.


Print Length: 164 pages
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group (December 9, 2013)

Now an eBook: ‘Foundations for the Flock: Truths About the Church for All the Saints’ by Conrad Mbewe

Foundations for the Flock eBook

[ Amazon: $9.99 / £6.44  | Publisher: $8.00 ]

Granted Ministries Press:

We’ve been hard at work converting Conrad Mbewe’s Foundations for the Flock: Truths about the Church for All the Saints over to eBook, and today we’re happy to announce its release. Please check it out over at our website.

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

A Brief Introduction to Conrad and this book

In recent years Conrad Mbewe has become well known as a preacher around the world. His clear exposition and powerful application of Scripture has earned him a broad and attentive international audience. But what many do not know is he is also a prolific author in his own country of Zambia. He has written numerous articles and booklets to address the spiritual needs of his nation and its churches. This writing ministry, together with his powerful preaching and his experience in church-planting efforts, have made him one of the leaders of African evangelical Christianity. From the wide assortment of his work we have gathered together his more substantial material dealing with the church. This title, Foundations for the Flock, is an effort to take some of his previously published material and make it available to the rest of the world. We are confident it will edify Christians of other nations just as it has done in Zambia.

This book is one of the very best on the subject of the church. Added to that is the fact that it covers some practical matters of church life that are only very rarely addressed, such as local church partnerships, etc. Any person serious about following Christ in a local church should consider reading this book. Please head over here to read our full recommendation.

What’s so special about the Granted Ministries ebooks?

Glad you asked. We’ve spent hours and had multiple people review and catch errors that may come from converting to eBook. And finally, as always, if you purchase at Granted Ministries you get both an ePub and Kindle version, enough licenses for your entire household and pay a lower price.

Now we encourage you to go get this incredibly unique, helpful, practical book for church life. A full Granted Ministries Our Take, pdf samples, and purchase page may be found here.

*While it is more advantageous to purchase directly from us, the book is also available directly from Amazon Kindle and from Apple.

Print Length: 354 pages

eBook Deal: $2.99/£1.93 “Beauty & Glory” Series Sale [Reformation Heritage Books]

Reformation Heritage Books:

Enjoy the spiritual feast served in these books, which are a compilation of the addresses given at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary’s conference from 2010-2013.

[Note: These contain several contributions by fellow 1689’rs]


The Beauty and Glory of Christ – EBOOKbeauty

Normal Price: $9.99/ Sale Price: $2.99

Enjoy the spiritual feast served in The Beauty and Glory of Christ, a compilation of the addresses given at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary’s annual conference in August 2010 at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Each essay sets before readers the unsearchable riches of the Lord Jesus Christ, the hope of our glory and the glory of our hope. Topics include Christ’s beauty prophesied and typified in Isaiah and Song of Solomon; Christ’s glory in His incarnation, earthly ministry, and death on the cross; Christ in historical theology and everyday life; and Christ’s glorious exaltation in His resurrection and in His triumph in the book of Revelation.

Contributors include David Murray, Iain Campbell, Richard Phillips, Gerald Bilkes, David Carmichael, Albert Martin, Joel Beeke, William VanDoodewaard, Ray Pennings, and James Grier.


beauty fatherThe Beauty and Glory of the Father – EBOOK

Normal Price: $9.99/ Sale Price: $2.99

The essays in The Beauty and Glory of the Father call us to stand in wonder of the First Person of the Trinity. Through an assortment of studies, readers are challenged to recognize the Father’s glory displayed in His Son, to adore His beautiful attributes, to know Him as a Savior, and to rest in His loving hands. This book, along with The Beauty and Glory of Christ and The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit, reinforces the ongoing necessity of cultivating a Trinitarian piety.

Contributors include Joel Beeke, Bart Elshout, Jerry Bilkes, Ryan McGraw, David Murray, Burk Parsons, Paul Smalley, Derek Thomas, and William VanDoodewaard.


beauty holyThe Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spirit – EBOOK

Normal Price: $9.99/ Sale Price: $2.99

The essays in The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Spiritboth exalt and revel in the third person of the Trinity. Through an assortment of studies – categorized according to their biblical, doctrinal, historical, or pastoral focus – this book sets before readers the inestimable ministry of the blessed Holy Spirit.

Contributors include David Murray, Geoffrey Thomas, John Thackway, Malcolm Watts, Gerald Bilkes, Michael Barrett, John Carrick, George Knight, Morton Smith, Ian Hamilton, William Shishko, William VanDoodewaard, Joel R. Beeke, Joseph Morecraft, Ryan McGraw, and Joseph Pipa.


beauty christianThe Beauty and Glory of Christian Living – EBOOK

Normal Price: $9.99/ Sale Price: $2.99

When the seed of life is sown in their hearts, God’s people grow up beautifully and gloriously. Taking up this botanical analogy, The Beauty and Glory of Christian Living opens by discussing the divine roots of the Christian life in being united to Christ in faith, being sanctified by the Holy Spirit, becoming spiritually minded, and living by the means of grace. It then explores how our Christian lives branch out to influence our families, our workplaces, and the world. Finally, a series of chapters deal with weathering the storms of life, when we are pelted with affliction, sexual temptation, negative thought patterns, hard times, sickness, and death. In all of this, we see a faithful God who causes His people to flourish for His glory.

Contributors include Michael Barrett, Ian Hamilton, John Tweeddale, Joel Beeke, William VanDoodewaard, Brian Najapfour, Josh Dear, Gerald Bilkes, Brian Croft, and David Murray.

Deal: $1.99/£1.54 Spurgeon’s ‘The Pastor In Prayer’ [Kindle]

The Pastor in Prayer

by Charles Spurgeon

[Kindle: $1.99 | £1.54 ]


When the American evangelist D.L. Moody spoke in the Metropolitan Tabernacle in October 1892, he recalled an earlier visit twenty-five years previously. He had come four thousand miles, he said, to hear C.H. Spurgeon, but what impressed him most was not the sermon, nor the singing of the great congregation, but Spurgeon’s prayer. Such was his access to God that he seemed to be able to bring down power from heaven. This was the great secret, Moody believed, of Spurgeon’s influence and success.


This collection of prayers drawn primarily from Sunday morning services at the Tabernacle will make a similar impression on readers today. In this book we see Spurgeon come into the presence of God with deep reverence, yet with unquestioning child-like confidence, to plead God’s promises in Scripture and to revel in the nearness to God into which Christ has brought all who believe. The Pastor in Prayer will inspire those who lead public worship and all Christians with a fresh sense of the privilege of prayer, and a renewed desire to ‘come boldly to the throne of grace’., there to ‘obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need’.

Logos’ “Baptist Confessions of Faith” edited by William McGlothlin currently $11 bid


Baptist Confessions of Faith
by McGlothlin, William Joseph • American Baptist Publication Society 1911

Currently $11.00 bid
Reg.: $18.95 | Print: $33.75


Grasp the content of Baptist confessions and study the development of Baptist doctrine with William McGlothlin’s Baptist Confessions of Faith. This classic resource collects Anabaptist and Baptist confessions of faith from the latter part of the Reformation through the early twentieth century. Analyze important documents such as The New Connection, First and Second London Confessions of Faith, and The Philadelphia Confession. Compiled into one handy resource, this work is a great reference, providing easy access to the essential texts of the Baptist tradition.

Product Details

  • Publisher: American Baptist Publication Society
  • Publication Date: 1911
  • Pages: 388

William Joseph McGlothlin (1867–1933) was professor of church history at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1894 to 1919, and president of Furman University from 1919 to 1933. He also wrote A Guide to the Study of Church History.

Banner of Truth now releasing eBooks

banner-of-truth-logo Banner of Truth:

eBooks are here! Check out the 10 new eBooks that have been released in both Kindle and ePub formats. Available only at [Check back weekly for new eBook releases.]

You can get both a paperback and a eBook bundled for a cheaper price. Check it out: Banner of Truth eBooks

banner of truthJeremy Walker gave some more details:

The Banner of Truth is entering the sphere of the digital reader! A first ten volumes have been released as ebooks, combining a mix of classics with more modern treatments. Among the ancients you will find Bunyan, Owen, Spurgeon and Brown. More modern volumes include Edward Donnelly’s outstanding Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty (the sections on Peter as a preacher and pastor make this an under-the-radar gem of pastoral theology), as well as books by Ian Hamilton and Garry Williams. Fans of The Valley of Vision will be delighted to learn that this volume is also among the first tranche of offerings. All of these are available as mobi and epub files. Order options allow buyers to obtain hard copies and electronic versions in a single bundle, a nice touch for those of us who don’t want to lose our ‘real’ books.

We are promised that further e-volumes will be rolling off the presses in fairly substantial chunks, so keep an eye on the catalogue…

5 Books on Credobaptism vs Paedobaptism (2 free online + more) [Jeff Riddle]

Note: Below is from Pastor Jeff Riddle’s blog. Links to the books were added as well as embedding of PDF and MP3 files:

A couple of young people who occasionally drive from Williamsburg to attend our church, recently asked me to recommend some books on a confessional perspective on believers’ baptism by immersion, as they are studying the issue of credobaptism versus paedobaptism.  Here are five suggestions (listed in chronological order by the year published) with a few annotations: order

1.  John L. Dagg, Manual of Church Order [FREE] (The Southern Baptist Publication Society, 1858; Gano Books, 1990). [Amazon]

This is the companion volume to Dagg’s Manual of Theology (1857).  It provides a classic defense of believers’ baptism by immersion (pp. 13-73).  Special focus is given to the linguistic argument regarding the verb baptizo with references to its uses in ancient Greek.

String Pearls

2.  Fred Malone, A String of Pearls Unstrung [FREE] (Founders Press, 1998). [Amazon]

This booklet, originally written in 1977, describes the author’s transition from being a Presbyterian to being a Baptist.  It can be read online here.  For a fuller treatment on the subject of baptism you can also read his book The Baptism of Disciples Alone:  A covenantal argument for credobaptism versus paedobaptism (Founders Press, 2003).


3.  Samuel E. Waldron, Biblical Baptism:  A Reformed Defense of Believers’ Baptism (Truth for Eternity Ministries, 1998). [Publisher Amazon]

This 80 page booklet from a leading contemporary Reformed Baptist systematic theologian provides a careful exegetical, theological, and practical discussion of baptism.


4.  Hal Brunson, The Rickety Bridge and the Broken Mirror:  Two Parables of Paedobaptism and One Parable of the Death of Christ (iUniverse, 2007).

This self-published book from… [one] who considered becoming a Presbyterian but who eventually became a confessional Baptist offers a creative take on the topic by imagining a discussion between the Presbyterian B. B. Warfield, the dispensationalist J. N. Darby, and the confessional Baptist C. H. Spurgeon.

From Paedobaptism to Credobaptism by W Gary Crampton

5.  W. Gary Crampton, From Paedobaptism to Credobaptism:  A Critique of the Westminster Standards on the Subjects of Baptism (Reformed Baptist Academic Press, 2010). [RBAP | Amazon]

A pastor and scholar describes his transition from the Presbyterian to the confessional Baptist position through a study of the Westminster Standards.  For my written review of this book look here

Download (PDF, Unknown)

(for the same review in audio look here). [10 min. MP3]

‘Honey Out of the Rock’ by Thomas Wilcox [Free E-book]

honey-rockWe’ve featured snippets of this work before, posted that it has been recommended reading, and even featured audio about it (see parallel session 3), but today we are excited to let you know that you can download the work for free:

Download in EPUB or MOBI (Kindle) format.


Thomas Wilcox was born in August, 1621 at Lyndon, Rutland, and probably was well educated. He was a Particular Baptist elder of a small congregation, which met at his house in London before the Plague. In those days of persecution, he was known for moderation, and preached frequently among the Presbyterians and independents. He was imprisoned in Newgate more than once, and suffered much for the sake of Nonconformity. After 1665, he pastored a Particular Baptist church, whose meeting-house was a small wooden building in Three Cranes Alley, Tooley Street in the Borough of Southwark. He labored lovingly, with pen as well as tongue, until his death on May 17, 1687 at the age of 65, leaving a widow and three children.


Wilcox’s well-known tract, “A Choice Drop of Honey from the Rock Christ,” often reprinted, and also translated, was much used of God…

Some pithy quotes from the book collected @ Feileadh Mor:

Thomas Wilcox Sin Break Heart
“Let sin break your heart, but not your hope in the gospel.”

 “Apply what you will besides the blood of Christ, it will poison the sore.”


“All temptations, Satan’s advantages, and our complainings, are laid in self-righteousness, and self-excellency.”


“Whatever comes in when you go to God for acceptance, besides Christ, call it anti-Christ; bid it begone…”


“Christ alone did tread the winepress, and there was none with Him, Isa. 63:3″


“You complain much of yourself. Does your sin make you look more at Christ, less at yourself? That is right, or else complaining is but hypocrisy.”


“In all your temptations be not discouraged Jam1:2.Those surges may be not to break you but to heave you off yourself upon theRock Christ.”


“…Christ is our temple, sacrifice, altar, high priest, to whom none must come but sinners, and that without any offering, but His own blood once offered, Hebrews 7:27.”


“When you mourn for sin, if you do not see Christ then, away with it, Zech. 12:10.”

[Free E-book Friday] A Love Found & Founded: Medicinal Meditations for the Christian Soul in Trial [Susannah Spurgeon & J.C. Ryle]

A Love Found & Founded
Download PDF

This book contains revisions of A Cluster of Camphire by Susannah Spurgeon as reprinted by Particular Baptist Press and J.C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts by J.C. Ryle as published by Grace Gems. Edited by Brian J. Mann.


Download (PDF, Unknown)

The collected readings in “A Love Found and Founded”, from the pen of two 19th century writers, are of inestimable value to the believer experiencing times of trial or who’s suffering down in the depths. J.C. Ryle and Susannah Spurgeon are brought into one volume to come alongside, as a tender brother and sister might, and address the reader as a family member enduring the trials common to man. It deserves a wide reading among believers in every condition, because whether you are in trial now or not – you will be. These seasoned saints can help.
~Dennis Gundersen, President, Grace & Truth Books

[source: Catherine Lake Baptist Church]

Free E-Book Friday: A Sermon on Christian Baptism [Adoniram Judson]


Adoniram Judson: Christian baptism. A sermon on Christian baptism, with many quotations from Pedobaptist authors. To which are added a letter to the church in Plymouth, Mass., and an address on the mode of baptizing (1846)

Mr. Judson resolved to examine it (baptism) candidly and prayerfully, let the result be what it would. No one in the mission family knew the state of his mind, as they never conversed with any of us on this subject. It was very fearful he would become a Baptist, and frequently suggested the unhappy consequences if he should. He always answered, that his duty compelled him to examine the subject, and he hoped he should have a disposition to embrace the truth, though he paid dear for it. I always took the Pedobaptists’ side in reasoning with him, although I was as doubtful of the truth of their system as he. After we came to Calcutta, he devoted his whole time to reading on this subject, having obtained the best authors on both sides. After having examined and re-examined the subject, in every way possible, and comparing the sentiments of both Baptists and Pedobaptists with the Scriptures, he was compelled, from a conviction of the truth, to embrace those of the former. I confined my attention almost entirely to the Scriptures, comparing the Old with the New Testament, and tried to find something to favor infant baptism, but was convinced it had no foundation there. I examined the covenant of circumcision, and could see no reason for concluding that baptism was to be administered to children because circumcision was. Thus, my dear parents and sisters, we are both confirmed Baptists, not because we wished to be, but because truth compelled us to be. A renunciation of our former sentiments has caused us more pain than any thing which ever happened to us through our lives. Since their arrival in Bengal, brother and sister Judson have been baptized. Judson has since that preached the best sermon upon baptism that I have ever heard on the subject, which we intend to print. I yesterday heard that brother Rice had also fully made up his mind upon baptism. Ann Judson (wife).

As none of us had conversed with brother Judson before he showed strong symptoms of a tendency towards believers’ baptism, I inquired of him what had occasioned the change. He told me, that on the voyage, he had thought much about the circumstance that he was coming to Serampore, where all were Baptists; that he should, in all probability, have occasion to defend infant sprinkling among us; and that, in consequence, he set himself to examine into the grounds of Pedobaptism. This ended in a conviction, that it has no foundation in the word of God, and occasioned a revolution in his sentiments, which was nearly complete before he arrived in India. William Carey

Source: The Best Sermon On Baptism That I Ever Heard

The Congregational Missionary Society was shocked when its first missionary, Adoniram Judson, adopted credobaptist views while on his way to serve in India. In this book, Judson demonstrates the nature of Christian baptism.Dr. James Renihan

To find out more about Adoniram Judson: