A Little Time with the 1689: Chapter 1 – Of the Holy Scriptures [Devotionals]

William F. Leonhart III:

Reformed Baptista has begun a series of articles to help women walk through The Baptist Confession. It has been a tremendous privilege to have her as a contributor on CredoCovenant. The following is a compilation of her study helps for the first chapter of the confession. Enjoy.


Preface: I have written that one of my goals for this blog is to go through the 1689. This year, Lord willing, I will do so. It is my hope that this devotional will appeal to women who may be new to the whole “Reformed Baptist” idea, who may find the idea of studying the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith overwhelming. While I have some trepidation in wading in such waters, the knowledge gained will be beneficial for myself, and I pray it will be for you as well. So let’s dip our toe in this stream, shall we? I will mainly use the facsimile edition for my work, copies of which can be found at RBAP.


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Christ’s Blood [J. Stephen Yuille]

Stephen Yuille @ Deus Pro Nobis writes:

The Bible contains blood. Blood circulates through every book – from Genesis to Revelation. It pumps through every chapter – large and small. And it runs through every verse – familiar and obscure. When we open the Bible, we behold a stream of blood flowing throughout. Why? The Bible’s principal theme is this: Christ makes peace by the blood of His cross (Col. 1:20).
We must grasp the significance of Christ’s blood. “On the matter of Christ’s atoning death, as the way of peace, truth is only one. If we are wrong here, we are ruined forever” (J. C. Ryle). We must make sure we understand what happens upon the cross when Christ dies. There’s no room for error.
We must also feel the significance of Christ’s blood. “Stand at the foot of the cross, and count the red drops of blood by which you have been cleansed. And if you do not lie prostrate on the ground before that cross, you have never seen it” (C. H. Spurgeon). We must take to heart why Christ’s blood is shed. There’s no room for indifference.
(1) Consider the Need for Christ’s Blood
We’ve placed ourselves where God alone deserves to be – on the throne. The Bible calls this condition sin. Sin is rebellion: against God’s sovereignty. Sin is arrogance: against God’s power. Sin is unrighteousness: against God’s justice. Sin is ignorance: against God’s wisdom. Sin is stubbornness: against God’s will. Sin is evil: against God’s goodness. Sin is transgression: against God’s law. Sin is hatred: against God’s love. Sin is murder: against God’s being. Sin is our chief problem – not poor health, not broken relationships, not financial woes, and not unfulfilled dreams. Sin make us God’s enemy, and brings us under the sentence of death.

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