Rob Ventura interviewed on “Knowing The Truth” Radio regarding “Going Beyond the Five Points” [Audio]

Going Beyond the Five PointsIn case you didn’t get enough info about the new book Going Beyond the Five Points: Pursuing a More Comprehensive Reformation from our last two interviews (part 1 | part 2), the general editor of the book, Rob Ventura, was interviewed on the “Knowing the Truth” Radio with Kevin Boling.

knowingthetruthThey cover TULIP, each chapter of the book (The Ten Commandments and the Christian, The Regulative Principle, Covenant Theology, The Church,The Legitimacy and Use of Confessions of Faith) and take a call about music in worship.

52 min. mp3:

Interview #89 – Going Beyond the 5 Points – Earl Blackburn & Rob Ventura [Audio Podcast] (2 of 2)

Going Beyond the Five Points


Pastor Rob Ventura
Pastor Rob Ventura
Pastor Earl Blackburn
Pastor Earl Blackburn

“I would hope that any evangelical believer would pick it up and read it.”

On episode 89 of our interview podcast we finishes up our two part interview with Pastor Earl Blackburn and Pastor Rob Ventura about the new book “Going Beyond the Five Points: Pursuing a More Comprehensive Reformation”.

Part 1 of the interview.


  • What is your disagreements with “1689 Federalism”?
  • What is the church and why is it so important?
  • How do you respond to those who disagree with church membership?
  • What kind of church should we be looking for to become members of?
  • Is it legitimate for us to subscribe to confessions of faith?
  • + more


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Interview #88 – Going Beyond the 5 Points – Earl Blackburn & Rob Ventura [Audio Podcast] (1 of 2)

Going Beyond the Five Points


Pastor Earl Blackburn
Pastor Earl Blackburn
Pastor Rob Ventura
Pastor Rob Ventura

“This book is by Reformed Baptists for Reformed Baptists.”

On episode 88 of our interview podcast we have Pastor Earl Blackburn and Pastor Rob Ventura back on  to tell us all about the new book “Going Beyond the Five Points: Pursuing a More Comprehensive Reformation”.

We first got to know Rob Ventura on episode #40 (he also joined us on episodes #64). We first got to know Pastor Earl Blackburn on episode #68.


  • Why this book?
  • Why shouldn’t we just stop at the “Five Points of Calvinism” (T.U.L.I.P.)?
  • The importance of God’s law in the Christian’s life
  • Why the Regulative Principle of Worship matters
  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid to dive into Covenant Theology
  • + more


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A Debtor To Mercy Alone [feat. Sandra McCracken] by Indelible Grace Music

Listen to part two.

New Book: ‘Going Beyond the Five Points: Pursuing a More Comprehensive Reformation’ feat. Barcellos, Waldron, Blackburn, R. Martin, Ventura, White

Out now as previously announced:

Blank bookcover with clipping path

Going Beyond the Five Points:
Pursuing a More Comprehensive Reformation

By Dr. Richard C. Barcellos,  Dr. Sam Waldron, Earl M. Blackburn,  Dr. Robert Martin

General Editor: Rob Ventura

[AMZ: $25/£16.34 SGCB: $17.50 RR: $17 | Kindle: $4.99/£3.23]


In recent years, a doctrinal shift has taken place among believers so great that even the secular press has taken notice. Christians across denominational lines are laying hold of the biblical truth of God’s electing love and saving grace in Christ, commonly called “Calvinism.” For many, this marks the beginning of a deeper study into the whole counsel of God in Scripture. A thirst to be thoroughly biblical in all areas of life is driving a more comprehensive present-day reformation beyond the famous “five points.” This book captures the voices of seasoned Reformed pastors graciously guiding and encouraging Christ’s beloved sheep to press on and to seek the “old paths, where the good way is” (Jer. 6:16). In this anthology you will be instructed concerning the abiding relevance of the Ten Commandments, God-centered worship, the masterful unfolding of God’s great plan of redemption through divine covenants, the identity, nature, and work of the church, and the help that confessions of faith lend to our grasp of God’s glorious Word.

Table of Contents:


Editor’s Preface | Rob Ventura

Foreword | Dr. James White

Chapter 1 – The Ten Commandments and the Christian | Dr. Richard C. Barcellos

Chapter 2 – The Regulative Principle | Dr. Sam Waldron

Chapter 3 – Covenant Theology | Earl Blackburn

Chapter 4 – The Church | Earl Blackburn

Chapter 5 – The Legitimacy and Use of Confessions of Faith | Dr. Robert Paul Martin


Fred MaloneThe rediscovery of “the doctrines of grace” among Baptists during the last sixty years has thrilled my heart! However, this welcome advance does not make a reformation. The further necessary questions of “what is the church?…how should we worship God?…what is Christ like living?…” stand before us still, begging for biblical reformation. Going Beyond the Five Points provides clear biblical direction for reforming churches today. Barcellous’ defense of the Ten Commandments for Christian living under grace is unassailable. Blackburn’s chapters on Covenant Theology and the doctrine of the church are indispensable to Baptist reformation. Waldron’s explanation of the Regulative Principle is greatly needed by Baptists to remind us of our foundational principle which needs renewed application to worship and government. Martin’s persuasive defense of why Baptists need confessions of faith today is irrefutable. To gather them together as Ventura has done provides a classic standard for further Baptist reformation today. Baptist pastors, students, and church members need to study this book to understand what it means to build biblical and Reformed Baptist churches today for the glory of Christ.

Dr. Fred A. Malone, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church Clinton, Louisiana

Pastor Jim SavastioGoing Beyond the Five Points is a wonderful pastoral resource to give to any brother or sister in Christ who has begun the journey of better understanding the doctrines of grace. If the Five Points are the appetizer for the hungry believer, these essays will provide a rich and satisfying main course to guide them in a deeper understanding of the truth.

Jim Savastio, Pastor of Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville, Kentucky

Jeremy WalkerSome truths lie close to the surface, others require more digging. In the substance of this book, you will profit from the groundbreaking labours of others, men who have begun to turn over the soil in order to expose the consequences and applications of a thorough embrace of God’s sovereign grace displayed in the salvation of his people, considered not just individually but together. Readers willing to put in the effort will find much to ponder and much from which to profit.

Jeremy Walker, Pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church in Crawley, England


Print Length: 260 pages
Text-to-Speech: Enabled [Kindle]

The comfort of the Covenant of Redemption amidst the rising specter of persecution [Tom Hicks]

Tom Hicks:

Pastor Tom Hicks
Pastor Tom Hicks

…As Christians consider the future, some feel fearful. They fear for the future and growth of Christianity itself. They wonder what the culture around them will look like when Christ is more and more openly ridiculed. They look warily at the rising specter of persecution. Some may even worry about whether they will be able to remain faithful to Christ in the face of such cultural hostility.

But the culture cannot crush true Christianity because true Christianity doesn’t depend upon the faithfulness of Christians or the tolerance of non-Christians. True Christianity depends upon an eternal covenant, established among the persons of the Trinity before the foundation of the world. That eternal covenant, sometimes called the counsel of peace, or the covenant of redemption, is the greatest hope and comfort for all believers. It is the reason we can have absolute confidence that God will save men and women from every tribe and tongue, that He will keep His own to the end, that Satan and his kingdom cannot win, and that one day, the Lord Jesus will return to make all things new.

1. Biblical evidence for the covenant of redemption

2. Christ’s work in the covenant of redemption

3. The comforts of the covenant of redemption

Read “Culture, Covenant, and Comfort”.

Interview #84 – Brent Ward – From “Word of Faith” to Reformed Baptist [Audio Podcast]

Dore Descent of the Spirit - Copy Header


Pastor Brent Ward
Pastor Brent Ward

On episode 84 of our interview podcast we have Pastor Brent Ward on to tell us how he took a church from being “Word of Faith” to Reformed Baptist.


  • Testimony
  • Defining Charismatism and “Word of Faith”
  • The nature of God-given revelation
  • The purpose of God-given revelation
  • Tongues as a sign of judgement?
  • How did the church take this change?
  • Instrumental resources getting into Baptist Covenant Theology
  • + more


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O Word of God Incarnate – Indelible Grace

Q&A with James White on Theonomy, Gay Christians, Islam, Covenants, Baptism, Cults + more [AUDIO]

Last week (March 25, 2015) Dr. James White did a Q&A at Sovereign Grace Family Church.


Although the event said he would be answering question on Islam and Christian Baptism the questions were much more varied.

Audio Timeline & Links:

Christopher Arnzen
Christopher Arnzen

• 00:00 – 03:54 Intro by Chris Arnzen (he fills us in that Iron Sharpens Iron will be relaunched in 3-4 weeks!)

• 03:55 – 10:16 James White’s opening words on focusing on Christ not any “celebrity” (here is the video he mentions “James White’s scary 5 year prediction for the church“)

• 10:17 – 18:51  “Do you believe Theonomy to be a heresy…?” (here is his “Holiness Code for Today” series that he mentions)

Justin Lee & James White Debate
Justin Lee & James White Debate

• 18:52 – 25:17 “How should we approach gays who call themselves Christians?” (here is the debate mentioned Debate: Can You Be Gay & Christian? – James White & Justin Lee)

• 25:18 – 29:00 “When a homosexual says, ‘We all have our pet sin’ how do you approach that?”

• 29:01 – 30:49 “While many Christians speak of it being a reality that same-sex attraction exist amongst truly born-again people, why is it that very few dare to say the same of some of the abominations recorded in the Scriptures such as bestiality and necrophilia?”

• 30:50 – 34:47 “What part, if any, do you believe that Islam plays in the end times?”

• 34:48 – 41:31 “If you agree that the Abrahamic Covenant is a covenant of promise to believers and their children and is an eternal covenant, so how is the New Covenant any different?”

Steven Anderson & James White
Steven Anderson & James White

• 41:32 – 45:49 “In an interview with a King James Only guy you made the comment about Paul quoting an Old Testament variant… would you please comment on how that would affect the Word of God being perfect.” (here is the interview that was being discussed with Steve Anderson)

• 45:50 – 51:38 “How great of a danger do you see presented by the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ as compared to other religious or spiritual movements?”

TrinityShield_300• 51:39 – 55:22 “How or should we condemn Unitarianism and Modalism as damnable heresy even if it maintains a view of Christ’s deity when at the same time many Christian apologist recognize that the majority of Evangelicals in the pew could not Biblically define the Trinity without slipping into a Modalist [or Unitarian] example.”

• 55:45 – 64:00 “How would you teach the best way to approach a Muslim with the Gospel? …”


65 Minute Audio [MP3]:

Interview #83 – Douglas Van Dorn – Covenant Theology: A Reformed Baptist Primer [Audio Podcast]

Covenant Theology A Reformed Baptist Primer by Douglas Van Dorn


Douglas Van Dorn
Douglas Van Dorn

On episode 83 of our interview podcast we have Brandon Adams guest hosting for us as he interviews Douglas Van Dorn about his latest book Covenant Theology: A Reformed Baptist Primer.


  • Testimony
  • What are the two types of covenants found in the Bible?
  • Is Covenant of Redemption in the Bible?
  • How do you respond to objections to the Covenant of Works
  • Overview of “Gracious/Legal Covenants”
  • What on Earth is the Levitical (Priestly) Covenant?
  • How is the New Covenant “new” but not “brand new”?
  • + more


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The Gospel by Citizens & Saints

AUDIO from “Baptists: Rooted in Covenant Grace” Conf. feat. James Renihan now online [5 MP3s]

Below is Dr. James Renihan’s audio from Grace Baptist Chapel‘s annual Theology Conference “Baptists: Rooted in Covenant Grace”.

Baptists Rooted in Covenant Grace


Session 1 “Genealogy Baptist Style” [MP3]

Session 2 “How Christians Have Put the Bible Together”[MP3]

Session 3 “How Christians Have Put the Bible Together (Part 2)”[MP3]

Session 4 “How Early Baptists Put the Bible Together”[MP3]

Lord’s Day Worship Service – “Haggai 2:10-19 The Nature of True Religion”[MP3]

Earl Blackburn interviewed on + more [AUDIO| NoCo Radio]

Earl Blackburn
Earl Blackburn

On the Feb. 25, 2015 episode of  No Compromise Radio,  Earl Blackburn “offers his pastoral wisdom and gives some biblical hints for a godly marriage.” Before that they get into:

25 Minute MP3:

Dr. Fred Malone on ‘Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology’ Now Available Online [VIDEOS | CBTS]

CBTS Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

John Divito, Administrator at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary:

We are excited to announce the online release of our latest course at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary! Dr. Fred Malone’ class on Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology is now available on CBTS Pathway

reformed-baptist-covenant-theology- Fred Malone

In this course, Dr. Malone considers covenant theology in light of Scripture. He also looks at modern-day issues which affect covenantal Baptists and explores the implications of a robust Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology. You can watch a sample lecture on our website for a small taste of our time together.

Would you like to learn more about the Bible’s central teaching of the covenants? Join with Dr. Fred Malone as he teaches about this critical area of theological study.

Even if you are not a CBTS student, we would encourage you to register as an auditor for only $20 to benefit from Dr. Malones’ lectures. Or you could consider becoming a subscriber to CBTS Pathway for $9 a month, which gives you access to all of the videos for every course on this site.

For another teaser check out our podcast interview with Dr. Fred Malone on this topic led by Dr. Sam Waldron.

How to Read Logos’ Baptist Covenant Theology Collection [Sam Renihan]

Helpful, timely tips from one who has spent a great deal of time in these works. Sam Renihan:

17 century booksWith the release of Logos’ Baptist Covenant Theology Collection (17 vols.) I thought it would be helpful and important to offer a few tips for those who are diving into these books.

If you are like me, it’s exciting to spend time in the writings of the Particular Baptists. Every now and then you feel like Indiana Jones looking for the lost Ark. There are even Nazis (Daniel Featley and Thomas Edwards) trying to kill you. This excitement and nostalgia, combined with your desire to find what you seek, may lead you astray in your reading of the sources. So, if this is your first foray into 17th century writings in general, and those of the Baptists in particular, then you should keep in mind at least the following things:

1. Keep in mind that you are from the 21st century…

2. Keep in mind the context in which the authors are writing…

3. Keep in mind that some of the authors later abandoned the faith…

4. Keep in mind that just because Baptist A held X belief, it does not mean that all Baptists, or any other Baptist held X belief…

5. Keep in mind that there are other works on covenant theology from the Particular Baptists. This is just a reminder that these works do not comprise the whole of Particular Baptist thought on covenant theology…

6. Keep in mind that some of these authors are not Baptists, though their works support Baptist principles and the Baptists appealed to them…

Read “How to Read Logos’ Baptist Covenant Theology Collection” in its entirety.

‘John Owen & New Covenant Theology’ appendix from ‘Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ’ now online [HTML | PDF] by Richard Barcellos

Covenant Theology From Adam to ChristOne of the appendices from the book “Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ” [from RBAP] is now available to read online (though we have featured it before on our NCT page, it is now available in HTML and an easier to read PDF).

It is the appendix by Richard Barcellos, “John Owen and New Covenant Theology: Owen on the Old and New Covenants and the Functions of the Decalogue in Redemptive History in Historical and Contemporary Perspective.”

If one reads some of the difficult sections of Owen’s writings, either without understanding his comprehensive thought and in light of the theological world in which he wrote, or in a superficial manner, some statements can easily be taken to mean things they do not. When this is done, the result is that authors are misunderstood and sometimes, subsequent theological movements are aligned with major historical figures without substantial and objective warrant. Two such instances of this involve John Owen and New Covenant Theology (NCT).

John G Reisinger
John G Reisinger

John G. Reisinger claims that Owen viewed the Old Covenant as “a legal/works covenant.” He goes on and says:

“This covenant was conditional because it was a legal/works covenant that promised life and threatened death. Israel failed to earn the blessings promised in the covenant. But under the New Covenant, the Church becomes the Israel of God and all her members are kings and priests (a kingdom of priests). Christ, as our Surety (Heb. 7:22), has kept the Old Covenant for us and earned every blessing it promised.”

The reader of Owen’s treatise on the Old and New Covenants in his Hebrews commentary, however, will quickly realize that Reisinger’s comments above do not give the full picture of Owen’s position…

Tom Wells is one of the authors of the 2002 book New Covenant Theology
Tom Wells is one of the authors of the 2002 book New Covenant Theology

Another NCT advocate, Tom Wells, claims that John G. Reisinger “has adopted John Owen’s view of the Mosaic and New covenants, without adding Owen’s ‘creation ordinance’ view of the Sabbath.”14 Wells also claims that Owen held a mediating position on the relationship between the Mosaic and New Covenants and that Owen’s position is substantially that of Reisinger and hence, NCT…

Read the rest online [HTML] or in PDF format:

Download (PDF, 655KB)

Logos’ Baptist Covenant Theology Collection (17 vols.) now out!

In ten days it will have been exactly one year since we made known to y’all that Logos may work on this great resource, which would feature seventeenth- and eighteenth-century covenant theology works by Particular Baptists, if it got enough support.

Thanks to Confessing Baptists (and many others) all over the world, we were able to make this resource happen. And better yet, if you got in before May 9, 2014 then it only cost you $18!

This collection is now out. If you missed the window above you may get it now for $169.95:

Baptist Covenant Logos Production

Whether you got it for $18 or $169, now that you have it don’t forget all the ways you can read this 17 volume 3,179 page work:

  1. Install the free Vyrso app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  2. Install the free Logos app for Windows, Mac, iPhoneiPad, or Android.
  3. Go to on your desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, or mobile browser.
  4. Send it to your Kindle.

Happy reading!

1689 Federalism responses to New Covenant Guy & Paul Flynn [VIDEOS]

It has been nearly two years since the site was made public. Brandon Adams has added many updates to the site since then. One of the most recent additions is the new Ask a Question page (self-explanatory). Beyond that, within the past several weeks Brandon Adams has been responding to interactions with “1689 Federalism” on YouTube.

You may watch these recent interactions below (video notes include links to content discussed):

1689 Federalism response to New Covenant Guy

Follow-up to Paul Flynn (of Megiddo Radio) on 1689 Federalism [mp3]