Jan. 22-30, 2016 Deep South Founders Conf. “Effectual Calling [1689]” feat. Mbewe, Hicks, Fryer + more @ Laurel, MS.


The 2016 Founders Conference will meet at Bethlehem Baptist Church, in Laurel MS, January 28-30, 2016. We look forward to hearing our key speaker, Conrad Mbewe, proclaim the doctrine of “Effectual calling.” Opening with an Evangelistic sermon Thursday evening, the conference will include a full schedule of speakers including Ken Fryer, Tom Hicks, and Ed Wallen.

deep south founders conf


January 28-30, 2016

Thursday Evening: 6:30 pm

Conrad Mbewe | Evangelistic sermon

Friday Morning: 9:30 am

Ken Fryer | Grace and the Effectual Call

Conrad Mbewe | Effectual Calling and Predestination

Friday Evening: 6:30 pm

Tom Hicks | The Effectual Calling of Persons Incapable of Being Outwardly Called

Conrad Mbewe | The Affect of Effectual Calling on the Mind, Heart, and Will

Saturday Morning: 9:30 am

Ed Wallen | The Effectual Calling and Common Grace

Conrad Mbewe | The Agency of Effectual Calling (Word & Spirit)


Online registration is now open:

  • Early Registration: (Before December 1, 2015) $30
  • Regular Registration: (Before January 1, 2016) $35
  • Late Registration: (After January 1, 2016) $40

Conrad Mbewe on How to Pray for Africa [4 min. VIDEO]


Pastor Conrad Mbewe
Pastor Conrad Mbewe

In this four-minute video, African pastor Conrad Mbewe encourages us to make a place in our prayers for Africa. It is a diverse continent, which he divides into three major parts, with corresponding requests for prayer:

• The Islamic North, where the church is persecuted: pray for resilience and courage in the face of opposition and pressure.

• Urban Africa, where there is increasing development, young professionals, and Western influence: pray that God would keep the young, growing church’s focus on Jesus and his mission, rather than Western materialistic exports.

• Rural Africa, where there is poverty and lack of basic amenities (like running water, electricity, and ease of communication): pray that the church will not end up in syncretism, but embrace the gospel in all its purity, not as a covering for false religion.

Martin Lloyd-Jones film “Logic On Fire” available now + video interviews with Conrad Mbewe

Though Lloyd-Jones himself was not a 1689’r there are several 1689’rs who contributed to this project such as Geoff Thomas, Conrad Mbewe, and Jeremy Walker.

logic on fire

Logic On Fire


Banner of Truth:

More than simply a recounting of the man’s life, Logic on Fire examines Lloyd-Jones’s home life, his spiritual influences, the emphasis he brought to his two pastorates, the way he sought a union of “logic” and “fire” in preaching, as well as his continued relevance and influence in evangelicalism today.

Logic on Fire is a feature-length documentary with over 4.5 hours of special features, a 128-page book, and much more. View the “DVD Features” below to see all that is included in this 3-DVD special edition set.

You can find plenty of details at LogicOnFire.org


Trailer [2 min.]:

Conrad Mbewe on the Massive Impact Lloyd-Jones Had on His Understanding of Evangelistic Preaching [1 min.]:

Conrad Mbewe on How Lloyd-Jones’ Pattern Has Helped to Anchor His Own Ministry in “the Ancient Way” [2 min.]:

Logic on Fire film Panel Discussion with Jonathan Catherwood, Jason Meyer, and Conrad Mbewe [43 min.]:

Conrad Mbewe contributed to a new book to help address the “Prosperity Gospel” in Africa. Funding needed for distribution + more

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

Conrad Mbewe:

The prosperity gospel is wrecking havoc across Africa. A new book is meant to seek to address this. In this book, John Piper, Wayne Grudem, Ken Mbugua, Michael Maura and I come together as theologians and pastors to give a positive response to this travesty. Visit the TGC website & see if you can contribute to this book’s distribution. The aim is to distribute 50,000 copies free across Africa!

prosperity gospel
Click here for more details and how to contribute


We are partnering with African and North American authors and publishers to create a resource that will be distributed for free throughout the continent of Africa and beyond…

Once complete, this resource will be distributed for free throughout the continent of Africa and beyond. Also once complete, all donors will receive an email with a link to download a free ebook version.

Project Details:



Format: Softcover Book
Quantity: 50,000 copies for Africa

Give today and help TGC secure an all-or-nothing match of $50,000! By July 1, we are asking the Lord to provide 1) $30,000 for the below Relief Project, and 2) $20,000 in new Friends of TGC recurring support. If both goals are reached, we will receive the match.

In gratitude for your gift, the eBook version of this book will be provided for free.


Here is an interview from three years ago where Dr. Carson interviewed Conrad Mbewe about the church situation in Africa [6 min. vid.]:

Advice to Young Pastors [Conrad Mbewe & Ken Jones]

The Gospel Coalition ask:

In addition to Scripture and sound doctrine, what should young pastors today be studying? Is that any different from what you would’ve recommended 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago?

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

Conrad Mbewe answers:

I would urge pastors to study one vital area (other than the Scriptures and sound doctrine). That would be church history, with emphasis on Christian biography. I find that this practice answers a number of needs. First, as a pastor you learn from others who have gone before you on how to maintain personal godliness and domestic competence in the heat of a growing and demanding ministry. Second, you learn from others how to remain faithful to your calling in the long haul, despite the weariness of the fight of faith you must maintain. Third, reading biographies gives you a wider perspective of what you’re called to do. This could relate to the current stage in the spread of the gospel and thus help you put emphasis in the right place. The wider perspective can also make you consider your own mortality. Most biographies are on men and women who have gone to their reward and have left us their legacy. It begs the question: What kind of legacy do I wish to leave behind?

Ken Jones
Ken Jones

Ken Jones answers:

There are two directions that I’m inclined to take. The first is Christ-centered preaching/metanarrative. Greg Beale’s A New Testament Biblical Theology in conjunction with works like Sidney Greidanus’s Preaching Christ from the Old Testament and Dennis Johnson’s Him We Proclaim capture the sense in which I combine these two distinct areas of theological study. Much evangelical preaching tends to be either therapeutic or moralistic, regardless of theological persuasion. A firmer grasp on Scripture’s particular underlying and overarching message—centered on the person and work of Jesus—would change the substance of what’s being preached. I see that more clearly now than I did 20 years ago. The second direction is toward material that outlines different models for Christians engaging culture. In Reformed circles we talk about Abraham Kuyper or two kingdoms as expressing what it means to be salt and light; unfortunately the differences between the camps are so fiercely debated that the substance of the positions are often lost. Granted, much of our understanding of how the church engages culture is grounded in one’s ecclesiology, but a more thorough understanding of the prevailing positions would be useful, especially in light of the cultural and social issues of the day.

Repentance—The Missing Note In Today’s Preaching [Conrad Mbewe]

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

Conrad Mbewe:

I have observed with a growing concern how repentance is no longer a clear call in much of today’s preaching. This may not necessarily be true all over the world but as I listen more and more to various preachers on African soil this is certainly true here on our continent. The vast majority of preachers treat sin more like a disease than a state of rebellion. Hence, the remedial approach is that of “deliverance” rather than a call to repent. Was that the prevalent view in the Bible?

Read “Repentance—The Missing Note In Today’s Preaching”.

Now an eBook: ‘Foundations for the Flock: Truths About the Church for All the Saints’ by Conrad Mbewe

Foundations for the Flock eBook

[ Amazon: $9.99 / £6.44  | Publisher: $8.00 ]

Granted Ministries Press:

We’ve been hard at work converting Conrad Mbewe’s Foundations for the Flock: Truths about the Church for All the Saints over to eBook, and today we’re happy to announce its release. Please check it out over at our website.

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

A Brief Introduction to Conrad and this book

In recent years Conrad Mbewe has become well known as a preacher around the world. His clear exposition and powerful application of Scripture has earned him a broad and attentive international audience. But what many do not know is he is also a prolific author in his own country of Zambia. He has written numerous articles and booklets to address the spiritual needs of his nation and its churches. This writing ministry, together with his powerful preaching and his experience in church-planting efforts, have made him one of the leaders of African evangelical Christianity. From the wide assortment of his work we have gathered together his more substantial material dealing with the church. This title, Foundations for the Flock, is an effort to take some of his previously published material and make it available to the rest of the world. We are confident it will edify Christians of other nations just as it has done in Zambia.

This book is one of the very best on the subject of the church. Added to that is the fact that it covers some practical matters of church life that are only very rarely addressed, such as local church partnerships, etc. Any person serious about following Christ in a local church should consider reading this book. Please head over here to read our full recommendation.

What’s so special about the Granted Ministries ebooks?

Glad you asked. We’ve spent hours and had multiple people review and catch errors that may come from converting to eBook. And finally, as always, if you purchase at Granted Ministries you get both an ePub and Kindle version, enough licenses for your entire household and pay a lower price.

Now we encourage you to go get this incredibly unique, helpful, practical book for church life. A full Granted Ministries Our Take, pdf samples, and purchase page may be found here.

*While it is more advantageous to purchase directly from us, the book is also available directly from Amazon Kindle and from Apple.

Print Length: 354 pages

Is the evangelical church really glorifying God? [Conrad Mbewe]

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

Conrad Mbewe asks 10 questions towards “evangelical Christianity in Africa”, but these same questions could/should be asked worldwide:

As 2014 draws to an end, my heart aches. I am deeply burdened about what has become the dominant characteristic of evangelical Christianity in Africa. I have tried to wrap my mind around this by simply asking an honest question “Is this Christianity that has become pervasive across the African continent really glorifying God?”


1. Are we glorifying God when we claim that we are experiencing miracles that are actually not happening? […]


2. Are we glorifying God when we speak in “tongues” that cannot be interpreted? […]


3. Are we glorifying God when we reduce the benefits of salvation to more wealth and better health? […]


4. Are we glorifying God when we abandon the preaching of repentance for motivational speaking? […]


5. Are we glorifying God when we hide the rot of spiritual wolves preying on vulnerable souls? […]


6. Are we glorifying God when we reduce truth to a minimum for the sake of Christian unity? […]


7. Are we glorifying God when we reduce worship to senseless dancing to sensual music? […]


8. Are we glorifying God when commanding, declaring and decreeing replace humble petitions in prayer? […]


9. Are we glorifying God when we fill our church membership rolls with goats and kick out church discipline? […]


10. Are we glorifying God when we have women preachers while men sit in pews and listen to them? […]

Read “Is the evangelical church in Africa really glorifying God?”

Reformed African American Network interviews Conrad Mbewe [Audio]

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

From the Reformed African American Network podcast “Pass the Mic”:

Phillip sits down with Pastor Mbewe Conrad of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia at the 25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference to discuss his personal testimony, the history of the reformed movement in Zambia, and the importance of international missions.

Listen [39 min. mp3]:

[or listen on Soundcloud]:


Zambia Annual Reformed Conf. [AUDIO] “25 Years of Reformation: Running Forward, Remaining Faithful” feat. Mbwene, Baucham, Ken Jones

25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference

As announced, the 25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference was held from the 25th to 29th of August at Lusaka Baptist Church.

This year’s theme was “25 Years of Reformation: Running Forward, Remaining Faithful”Here is the audio from the key speakers [rss]:

 Voddie Baucham – Running forward (across Africa in missions)

Conrad Mbewe:

Dr Voddie Baucham attempting to preach with a megaphone last night at the Zambian Reformed Conference during a power outage. Welcome to Africa!

Voddie Baucham megaphone
Voddie Baucham with megaphone

Missions throughout the Bible

Missions and Worship

The Great Commission

Missions, Warfare and Prayer

Preserve, Proclaim and Endure

Ken Jones – Remaining faithful (to the Doctrines of Grace)

Ken Jones
Ken Jones

Conrad Mbewe:

Pastor Ken Jones walked us through “The doctrines of grace” with the greatest clarity and pastoral sensitivity at the just-ended 25th Zambian Annual Reformed Conference. His approach of stating the doctrine, proving it from Scripture, and then answering the various questions often asked, went a long way in making his sessions easy to understand. You could tell that this man is a pastor!

Features of Reformed Theology

The Doctrine of Total Depravity-TULIP

Unconditional Election – TULIP

The Doctrine of Limited Atonement – TULIP

The Doctrine of Irresistible Grace – TULIP

The Doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints – TULIP

Keynote address:

Conrad Mbewe
Conrad Mbewe

Pastoral Gratitude and Fears

All about African Christian University [Videos] feat. Conrad Mbewe & Ken Turnbull


“We have a dream. As Reformed Baptist churches in Zambia grow, a number of our churches have sensed a pull—we believe it is a divine pull—to start a university in Lusaka. God seems to have brought just the right team together in order to realise this dream.”

– Pastor Conrad Mbewe

Intro video from the African Christian University (ACU) website [3 min. video]:

Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ken Turnbull, describes the four fundamentals that guide and allow assessment of ACU’s progress and adherence to the founding biblical principles of its vision [3 min. video]:

Here is the first time we heard about ACU, Conrad Mbewe’s appointment as chancellor, and the school’s site which has details on how you can partner with them [via prayer or financially].

Lastly, here is a 15 minute video from three years ago on ACU:

Aug. 25-29, 2014 – 25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conf. feat. Mbwene, Baucham, Ken Jones

25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference



The 25th Zambia Annual Reformed Conference will be held from the 25th to 29th August this year at Lusaka Baptist Church.


This year’s theme is “25 Years of Reformation: Running Forward, Remaining Faithful“, and the key speakers will be:


Voddie Baucham – Running forward (across Africa in missions) […]


Ken Jones – Remaining faithful (to the Doctrines of Grace) […]


Plus there will be other local preachers to cover topics on life  (i.e. Worldliness, dressing, childishness, entertainment, etc)


  • Keynote address: Conrad Mbewe

At this year’s conference, we will have:


  • Thematic interviews over 25 years, plus Q & A in the afternoons
  • Testimonies about how the conference has impacted people in the 25 years (Some to be shared in public while others in the  conference bulletin) […]


How can I prove that the gift of prophecy has ceased? Conrad Mbewe answers

Conrad ACU ChancellorQUESTION: “…I have a friend from school and we are always at each other necks when it comes to the topic of prophecy. He says they still exist and I say they no longer exist. I have been trying to convince him for a while now but it seems like it is not working. I need help on how I can solidly prove to him that those things stopped existing immediately the Bible was complete. He is always saying stuff like the Bible is not complete and asking me why those other books were not included in the Bible. That is another point were I zone out and fail to answer.”


ANSWER: There are few areas in the Bible that Christians will always disagree on like the area of prophecy. Partly, this is because prophecy normally speaks about the future and we are not sure whether we are there or not. Hence, how to interpret prophecy will remain a point of contention until the Lord returns.


Another area that Christians will differ on until Christ returns will be the continuation or cessation (ceasing) of the extra-ordinary revelatory gifts that God gave to the early church. This includes the gift of prophecy. It is this matter that you are now asking me to address. This is easier to prove than the first…

Read the rest of Conrad Mbewe’s answer [3 min. readout]